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We’ve been studying nesting birds for the past couple of weeks. we get a lot of our nature topics from exploring nature with children, but we don’t do all of them, and we do a few out of order. my daughter is not yet four, so we do the topics that are more exciting for her age. but the book suggestions in this curriculum are awesome! i look up her book suggestions and then find related books in our library catalog. @raisinglittleshoots has inspired me so much in my goal of nature journaling. i’ve been terribly inconsistent, journaling about twice a year, but now my daughter is old enough to enjoy a real art lesson now! she loves copying and tracing right now, so i decided it was time for her to have her own nature journal! i drew three eggs for her, mixed up some colors, and told her which colors to use. then she outlined the eggs with a pen. she loved it! she did really want to paint the whole page orange, though. i let her paint a different paper orange, and i give her tons of open-ended art time, but this journal will be just for nature art. she did an amazing job and i had way more fun with a buddy!

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When i checked-out our stack of bee books at the library, the librarian went on and on (...and on🙄) about how interesting bees are, and how we would reeally enjoy learning about them because they’re so fascinating. now, as we are wrapping up our bee lessons, i can’t wait to take these books back, hunt her down like a homeschool mother on a mission 💪🏼, and go on and on (and on 😉) about how rad bees truuuly are! 👊🏼

this moment brought to you by 6 little kiddos, gathered around our messy, yet cozy dining table, munching away on honeycomb cereal crumbs and glueing their beeswax cells together. a bee-utiful sight. 🐝💛🖤 #thegoodandthebeautiful

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I may be a bit quiet around here for awhile as our family is facing some major life choices. our future looks bright no matter what, but opportunities have made their way into our lives and we need to focus on making some big decisions. i am so excited to share with you all what some of our plans are here soon, but for now, i need to pause my space here for a bit.
also, we spent the weekend in colorado for the biggest national wrestling tournament. my oldest took 3rd!🏆 both my boys wrestled their hearts out and they had some incredibly tough and talented kids they got to wrestle. i am so proud of my boys.
today, we are trying (yet again) to find our rhythm with our day. traveling so much is so hard! yet, i find us to be so blessed we have this opportunity. no matter where life takes us, the fact that we are always together as a family is home.
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Happy belated st. patrick’s day from us! we took it yesterday if that counts! in this pic, i had two doing the floss, one lifting his shirt up, one doing some kind of shouting dance move, the b**e climbing up me because he wanted down, where he eventually ended up, and an exhausted hubs after pouring it all out in ministry and preaching before this. life is crazy and challenging and frustrating and yet so good and beautiful and wonderful. i’m in a women’s bible study through our church and we’re doing “it’s not supposed to be this way” by @lysaterkeurst and she says, “what would happen in our lives if we really lived in the absolute assurance of god’s love in the midst of our disappointments?” ok that is so good. how often do i, in the midst of a disappointment, ask god why instead of knowing with certainty i am deeply loved by him. i hope you can understand that today and, if not, i’d love to chat with you about it ❤️ have a great monday! what are some goals or challenges you have this week?
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*book recommendations*
last year i asked for some recommendations for my young readers. they were all wonderful and i’m back to ask for more!
at the moment they’re enjoying these vintage readers collected from various antique stores. the illustrations and text are so sweet and charming. one of their favorites is the one that is pictured entitled the seasons pass. it’s a mixture of fiction and nonfiction and is just delightful. its a part of a series and i’ve actually seen it in numerous stores. i’m adding a peek inside to my stories.
other books and series they have enjoyed for independent reading have been:
billy & blaze
the horse diaries
adventures of sophie mouse
american girl series
beatrix potter books
elsa besko books
what about your children? what books do they enjoy reading independently? i’d love to hear!
i’m also adding a peek at some items we use to help us organize our school room. i’ve been asked about what we use and where we find it so i’m adding that info if you’re interested.

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Ellie loves birth probably as much as i do 😆 she watched a whole lot of call the midwife with me during herschel’s pregnancy and i was pretty sure she would be a part of herschel’s birth. she ended up sleeping through most of it though, and stumbled out of her room around 4am just about 2 minutes before he was born. this time around she asked if she can be there the whole time and catch the baby. 0 hesitation. yes. absolutely.
last night she was hugging my tummy and whispered to her brother “i can’t wait to meet you and catch you”. 😆 now we need to brush up on all the call the midwife again and obsess over newborns and the birth process 😆 #homebirth

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We were going to wait until after our road trip to get baby chicks, but it just doesn’t feel like spring without them! it’s been a long winter, and there is so much hope and happiness when there are babies on the farm! 🐥 🐥 🐥

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