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Y tú cómo duermes???💤💁🏻‍♀️ feliz noche del domingo y feliz inicio de semana para todos!! 🎉💕
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I haven’t showered in 2 days, i only wear stretchy pants, and i have bags for days. this isn’t what i thought postpartum would be like. in my head i thought this would all be so much easier. in my head i also planned to recover at home, and not in a hospital. very few things have went as planned so far. i never dreamed postpartum would be hard for me. i never thought i’d struggle. no one wants to struggle, but the reality is that so many do and no one talks about it. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
postpartum is hard, and it’s messy. your emotions are a roller coaster for the first few days or even weeks. i’m not typically one to cry, but y’all i must’ve cried 5 times a day for the first 2 weeks.
for me postpartum has been a lot harder than i imagined because i never got to bring my baby home. when you’re already an emotional mess, having to say goodbye each night to your baby girl makes it ten times worse. even though postpartum is really hard, i think it’s okay to cry. you’ve went through a lot. it’s okay to be a bit of a mess at first. but friend, don’t do postpartum alone. make sure you have a strong support system behind you because like i said postpartum is really hard. having a strong support system can make all the difference. if there is anything to plan for postpartum it’s making sure your support system is there, and they’re ready.
postpartum looks different on me. i now have a jiggly belly that isn’t flat. i can’t walk very fast now. my lady parts are in shambles. my body is different, but that’s okay. i’m learning slowly each day to love this body because this body is strong. this body grew a human. this body birthed a human. this body knows what to do, and it is far more capable than i ever dreamed.

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Where does it rain the most? i think i’ll be moving there! it’s just something about the pitter-patter of rain bouncing off your roof or even just a sidewalk 🌧

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I think a crazy when meet other crazy they can be happy,
and in this moment i was with a crazy friend, so we was happy 😊
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Where to get the best unagi in tokyo? 4th stop #hangrydiaryjapan
obana! they take unagi to the next level. it's the best unagi i ever had. it is tender, flavorful, juicy, and melts in your mouth. the sweet caramelized unagi sauce drizzled over the unagi and rice makes it perfection. don't forget to order the chicken yakitori as well! it is amazing! they open at 11:30 am, make sure to get there 1 hour before open to get a seat for the first round. | #hangrydiarytravel #hangrydiaryjapan obana 尾花 • オバナ
arakawa, 東京都 〒116-0003
japan (5-33-1 minamisenju arakawa tokyo)
🍱una-jyu (grilled eel with teriyaki sauce)
💲46 💴5300 
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Kamu tau cara membunuh aku secara perlahan???
dekati aku, buat aku nyaman, buat aku cinta, lalu tinggalkan aku dan pergi bersama orang lain.
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Watching a kingfisher from close was always been a fantasy to me since childhood not because of its skills but the colours in it's feathers. one of the beautiful birds in my frame today.
this picture was shot in the early morning hours. mild mist in the background make this frame appealing according to me. kingfisher in the frame appear to be in b/w texture due to morning light !
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Hanya ada dua pilihan untuk memenangkan kehidupan. keberanian, atau keihlasan. jika tidak berani, ikhlaslah menerimanya. jika tidak ikhlas, beranilah mengubahnya.
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Mi cabeza irá a diferentes direcciones pero con un poco de suerte llegará a su destino.

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" te dirán que rompo a llorar porque no se otra forma de recomponerme y nadie sabe que eso también es otra manera de romperse..." ✍ @suesmile_

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F l o r e c e r

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Long post ahead, but here is everly’s birth story:

the week of september 17th we were anxious. we felt like this could be the week. after all i was already 39 weeks. each night i went to bed wondering if this could be the night, and as the week went on, i woke up the next morning with nothing.
thursday september 20th we went to the midwife for my 40 week appointment. everything looked great, and we were just waiting on baby’s arrival. we joked on the way out that maybe we will be back the next day to have a baby! we had no idea how that joke would become our reality.
on thursday night i went to bed as usual, and nothing was unusual. i woke up around 1:30 with this weird feeling in my tummy. i thought to myself, “hmm. that’s weird. let me go back to sleep”. i was exhausted and didn’t think much about it. i woke up a few other times, until 3:30am. at 3:30am i knew something was coming. i couldn’t fall back to sleep, so i woke steven and said, “i think this is it!” steven jumped up with excitement and we both couldn’t fall back to sleep. we threw in a load of laundry around 4am just in case. we started cleaning, and getting everything ready. my contractions were only about 10 mins apart. as the day progressed, so did my contractions. i labored on my birth ball for a bit, did some walking in the house, and tried my best to rest in between.
around 12pm friday we finally called our doula and said this is it. she knew we weren’t ready to go to the birth center yet, so she kept giving us tips on pain management. she called us every hour to check on us. she suggested laboring on our dining chairs, walking in the backyard, birth ball, holding onto steven. we tried all the things at home, and they reallly helped!
by 6pm friday i couldn’t labor much more at home. i was in tears, and we called the doula again. she suggested we call the birth center to see-and sure enough they said to come in!
we got to the birth center around 7pm on friday to find out i was already 6.5 cm dilated. we were both excited and thought this baby will be here in no time! i slowly waddled to my birth room, and started doing some walking down the hall. **continued in comments**

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