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Whole30 grub! i make really delicious burgers & wings. 🍔🍗
-burgers - 1 lb of @butcherbox ground beef, chopped onion, coconut aminos, & garlic powder. i sous vide them with @anovaculinary for 1 hour at 130 degrees before throwing them on hot grill for a few moments.
-chicken wings - 30 chicken wings tossed with olive oil, chili powder, garlic powder, minced garlic, salt & pepper and baked for 1 hour at 375 then tossed in @therealfoodrds buffalo sauce.
-french fries - @thedefineddish recipe, but cut thin.
used @primalkitchenfoods ranch dressing & garlic aioli mayo plus a drizzle of @thenewprimal mustard bbq.
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I’ve been on a salad kick lately. trying to eat the greens before they go bad and really enjoying them🙌🏼 newest obsession is marinated onions by @nocrumbsleft so good. dressings i used: @tessemaes habanero ranch and balsamic vinaigrette and @primalkitchenfoods lemon turmeric. #saladaday #whole30 #whole30recipes #septemberwhole30

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October @whole30 online coaching now open 👏🏻 pre-holiday season is a great time to do a whole30 reset! the #octoberwhole30 will give you a chance to do a full whole30, eat something fun on halloween for day 1 of your reintro, and be done with reintro well before thanksgiving festivities begin! the group starts really soon, so head to melissasfoodfreedom.com/coaching to sign up- the link is also on my profile bio! ❤️
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What day is it?! #day20 . #sorrynotsorry it was worth it!
#septemberwhole30 #whole30forlife

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On repeat. i have 2 more portions of my sweet potato hash left. two. and i’m going to savor every bite.

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I actually kinda wanted to go out for dinner tonight... but all jokes aside, i can’t stand all the sodium in restaurant food now. i puff up like a 🐡 and i reminded myself of that 👆🏽😂 so i made a “throw whatever you have in a pan” meal 🤷🏽‍♀️ and it happened to be #whole30 cause i’ve been slowly brainwashed into putting real food in my body

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I'm so excited to introduce the #mindfulfatlossmethod! a free 5-day nutrition training e-course for those who want to lose f*t but also want to learn to eat mindfully/intuitively & not be obsessed with food. nothing like this exists. ✨
we start october 1, 2018!
this free program is rooted in unconditional love for your body. because loving your body and wanting to change it are not mutually exclusive. 💗
you all know i talk incessantly about how having a good mindset with food is top priority. nothing will ever stick sustainably if you don’t have your head right. but what about those who have spent time healing their relationship with food, and now want some structure & education surrounding body change? 🤔
this program is exactly that. it’s for those who feel duped, lost, and confused at the traditional model of intuitive eating and “just listen to your body”, i mean, where do you even start with that advice?! 🤬
years ago i tried that and gained twenty pounds. uncomfortable in my body and determined to find a better way, i slowly got back to a place where i felt comfortable. it was fun, practical, simple, and delicious. something i could do forever that changed my body in a healthy way. i’ve happily stayed there ever since. 🙃
if this resonates with you, i encourage you to sign up. i created this because so many of you have asked, and i listened. i know i can provide you with responsible and sustainable methods for change, with mindfulness and self-love coming first and foremost. 💕
because that’s the only way it’ll stick. no more yo-yo-ing ever again. link in my bio to register! 💫

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You can’t go wrong with this classic breakfast of fried eggs, avocado, potatoes, and bacon. 🥓 the perfect fuel for today. currently on our way to the mountains to enjoy some fall colors!

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Meat and potatoes your favorite food? you don't have to sacrifice while following whole 30! our steak and slaw potatoes are perfectly portioned and delicious to satisfy your craving!

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Two is better than one. 😎
our new #collagencollab power bundle features both of your veggie-packed, collagen-rich faves — kale avocado and pumpkin spice! 🥑🎃 this duo will have you finishing #septemberwhole30 strong, with 10 grams of grass fed collagen protein in every bottle. check out our stories to learn more and to shop!

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A day of wedding errands requires a big bowl of breakfast fuel 💪🏼 greens, balsamic dressing, crispy prosciutto (#whole30 compliant from @costco!), fried eggs and avocado!

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Yas, soup!
i swear that it was soup that saved me my first whole 30. and i’ve just grown to love it. this recipe is gooooood good let me tell ya.
••creamy thai carrot sweet potato soup••
what you need:
1 tbsp coconut oil
2 cups diced sweet onion
1 tbsp minced ginger
2 cloves garlic minced
2 tbsp red curry paste
4 cups vegetable broth
1/4 c raw almond butter
3 cups diced carrots
3 cups diced sweet potato
1/4 tsp cayenne
1/2 tsp salt
pepper, lime and basil if ya want and got! ;) easy peasy!
i got the recipe at this link by @halfbakedharvest :
#whole30fff #whole30 #whole30compliant #whole30approved #foodfreedom #vegan #paleo #veganfriendly #paleofriendly #cleanfood #eatclean

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Volunteering at the marine gift shop today means: break room lunch!

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Practical nutritional strategies for travel 🏝 // a few days ago i talked about the mindset for your travel eating, which, imo, is top priority. .
buuuut, what you eat does still matter, and there are ways that you can eat rich & indulgent foods you might not eat all the time & not have the way you feel compromised so much. while it’d be amazing to eat those foods all day every day, i’ve been there & done that, & it’s just not worth feeling like garbage the whole time i’m away from home.
1️⃣ hit the grocery store and have one meal per day at your airbnb or hotel: i’m notorious for bringing food on travel. i bring my mini french press for coffee, protein bars, nut butter packets, & collagen. i always eat at least 20-30g protein when i wake up through collagen and bars like @epicbar or @dnxbar along with 1 whole fruit & 1 nut butter packet. this keeps me full & satisfied for hours, as opposed to the days when i’d eat a pastry and be hungry 30 min later.
2️⃣ have protein at every meal: this is the most important thing. we want protein because it keeps us full and stabilizes our blood sugar. it also keeps our hunger hormones in check so we don’t feel like reaching for food all day. .
3️⃣ eat vegetables like it’s your job: vegetables can be found at almost any restaurant, and i always make sure to get as many fibrous ones as i can per day like greens, broccoli, cauliflower, brussels, asparagus, peppers, cucumbers, etc. fiber keeps you full but most importantly it’ll aid in keeping you regular & we know there’s nothing worse than being constipated away from home.
4️⃣ indulge mindfully: after you’ve had protein & veggies, eat what you want, but not without abandon. pay attention! get romantic with that bite. savor it fully. remember that the quantity doesn’t correlate with enjoyment.
5️⃣ listen to hunger & fullness: make it a point to not make yourself uncomfortable with how much you eat. it’s easy to go from satisfied to “holy s**t i just ate so much”. remember that quantity doesn’t equate to enjoyment. attention does. it’s not worth it to overeat & make yourself feel terrible. above all else, honor your body and balance your desires with self-love. 💕

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A super un-inspired but delicious dinner tonight! taco seasoned beef, roasted delicata squash and steamed snap peas #whole30👌🏼
had my last dress fitting today - fit like a glove 😍 7 days till the festivities begin!!

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