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Happy monday ☀️ for all of you that answered my poll a few weeks back, thank you for your votes and for helping me pick out these amazing @ted_baker glasses 😍

but what i really wanted to share with you was the experience that i had at private eyes optometry bc it was unlike any eye exam i’ve ever had... 👀

1. they gave me the most thorough/detailed eye exam and actually took the time to make sure my prescription was 100% right ✅
2. they did multiple tests to include what’s called “retinal imaging” where they took a detailed picture of the back of my eye to detect damage and even diseases that would otherwise go undetected 🤯
3. they gave me lenses that block blue light so i can wear them while on my phone and computer without getting a headache 💻
4. their lens technology also reduces eye strain when you switch from looking out at a distance to looking up close 😅
5. they had a killer selection that took me 40 mins to pick from and i’m still tempted to go back and get a second pair 😎
6. their staff is the nicest group of people you will ever meet and i mean that 100%👌🏼
for those of you that don’t know, my eyesight has been a struggle since i was 11 and having a good pair of glasses makes all the difference. i’m not going to lie either, this is the first pair of glasses that i have owned that fit my face perfectly, that don’t strain my eyes or irritate the bridge of my nose, and that actually have the proper prescription as well as the blue light blocking and i am just so happy with these glasses that i want all my local oc folks to know about it 🤷🏼‍♀️
if you live in southern california and you care about your eyesight or eye health at all, please go check out @privateeyesoptometry (they have offices in mission viejo and orange) and tell them you found them on my page (i don’t get paid if you do i just really love them and want them to know that i sent you) 💕
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When the weather starts getting nice but the only outfits you look good in are all black🖤 happy easter! 💐🌹 #ootd#happyeaster#berniemev#fierce#happysunday#blackoutfit#newhair#whodis

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When i’m not wearing scrubs or workout clothes... 😂 #chickswholift #playdressup #backlessdress #whodis #crossfitchicks #cleanup #fitchicks #gunshow

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New oven, who dis?

ok so we moved to richmond and i’ve been a bit off my baking game. i’ve been baking yes, but getting used to a new oven is tricky. i was pretty into our gas oven in brooklyn (@kaitlinmcnabb + @readkev don’t take that thing for granted!), and now we’re on electric down here. finally figuring this thing out! cameo appearance of a tiny piece of @idlehandsbread on the back corner of the table. rva, buy their bread! it’s the best around. #dognamedcat soon. she’s ready for a comeback. but maybe don’t call it a comeback, please? #sourdough #rva #richmond #bread #whodis #noseriouslywhoareyou

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