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"he is dragon‘s blood,
the color of fathomless fire,
can’t be ruled over.
an enigmatic male,
who takes pride in all that’s part of his being.
lives life like a king,
boldly, loudly, and lavishly.
want nothing but the best,
that life has in it.
never hesitate to boast,
shows off all his prized possessions.
everything has to be,
larger than life.
not superficial & shallow,
but a daring & fearless king.
so shall he be,
in his demeanor.
on the contrary, she belongs to the lineage of mermaids,
all shades of wild waters.
stronger than she appears,
powerfully unrestrained.
an enchantress,
a beautiful dream.
she’s gentle,
a sensitive being.
filled with love,
selflessness & compassion.
take pleasure in fulfilling the needs of others,
rather than focusing on herself.
she has a savior's mentality,
believe in kindness but know how to combat.
lives in the world of dreams & fairy tales,
believing in true love’s first kiss,
and a happily ever after.
both nowhere close to each other,
in terms of attitude toward life.
her aloofness makes men,
leave the road leading towards her.
but the lion like him,
enjoy the challenges.
she’s to him,
like catnip to a cat.
her innocence, intelligence & the whole dreaminess,
that lies in her demeanor enchants him instantly.
she’s also swept off by his charm,
his larger than life character.
he enjoys being praised & honored like a king,
and she does so out of pure love.
she loves talking about her dreams & fantasies,
while he shows her ways, those desires can be fulfilled.
he tends to get offended quickly,
refusing to bend or adjust.
with her gentle and sweet talks & tactics,
she converts his roar into affectionate purrs.
she enjoys his smiles,
and the way he communicates.
he is stone fixed,
and she fits perfectly,
to the container, she’s poured in.
both quite unpredictable in nature" - maroof

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तुमसे मिली तो जाना मैंने
कितना ज़रूरी हो तुम मेरे लिए,
कहाँ मैं एक वक़्त पे सिर्फ़ इस उम्मीद में रहती थी के शायद कोई है ही नहीं मेरा,
पर जब से तुम हो तब से मेरे होने का एहसास है मुझे, तुम मेरी आदत हो, जो कितना भी दूर चले जाए लेकिन मेरे अंदर हमेशा रहेगी..
तुम वो एहसास हो जिसे मिलने के इतने वक़्त बाद भी मैं महसूस करती हूँ।
तुम मेरे दिल में कुछ इस तरह शामिल हो जैसे किसी ने तुम्हें वहीं क़ैद कर दिया है।
यू स्टेइंग इन माई हार्ट, हमेशा! :’) ❤️
- anjuri.

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When u sincerely want to do something, even sky is not the limit. believe that you are infinite and you can do anything. every deep thinker is more afraid of being understood than of being misunderstood. so shed the fear and chase the dream

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"a vibe that attracts like a magnet,
an aura warning to stay far away from her.
the red rose for love triumphant,
her madness is lethal.
besides a gentler crest like rose petal,
the core is as hard as a rock.
her passions burn with intensity,
stronger than a thousand suns.
those eyes are flames of fire,
word the firestones.
beyond your reach,
her dreams ignited a new fury within her.
transcending the continent of reality,
oceans of her imagination flow.
she recognizes no other beat to dance on,
except for the one, she created on her own.
her mind – a boundless ocean,
both wild and calm.
she swims at such a great depth,
that shallow ones have never known.
her heart – an eternal wildfire,
beauty and danger merged.
fierce and uncontrollable,
hurdles possess no power over her.
a woman who loves every breath she takes,
stay uncrushed in the fiercest battle.
fearless – she is unafraid of fall,
she felt the ground in the past & rose.
from wrestling alone with her demons,
to conquering them & healing her soul,
she grew wings that sparkle bright wonders,
a million times stronger than before.
needs no man to save her,
she’s a complete military alone.
no longer does she desire to be adored,
wear her wildness as the most precious jewel.
a blazing fire,
she makes the brightest flames.
has no fear of rough seas,
she sings on the breath of a storm.
a frightening riddle,
an intriguing truth.
art of fearlessness she learnt,
her soul is now free to soar.
head of a rebellion,
the diamond in the rough.
back in all her glory,
the lady of fire & thorns.
darling! she’s a hybrid,
beautiful herculean monster." - maroof

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کافه برعکس همیشه، سوت و کور است؛
هوای بیرون هم ابری و دلگیر.
می رود سر میز همیشگی شان.
کتابش را از کیفش در می آورد.
قهوه ی مورد علاقه اش را سفارش می دهد.
منتظر بماند؟ صبر کند؟ تا کی؟ اصلاً ارزشش را دارد؟
نمی داند...
آهنگی از coldplay شروع می شود و همزمان قهوه اش را روی میز می گذارند...
رویش طرح قلب بسیار زیبایی با شیر زده اند.
لبخند غمناکی بر لبش می نشیند، قاشق را بر میدارد و قهوه را هم می زند. قلب در هم می آمیزد؛
با خودش می گوید "حالا شد!"
"این بیشتر شبیه قلبِ خودِ من است..."
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comment 23 star 2,310 December 2017

" #handsel " (5/365)
"...maybe it's not real maybe it's all running in my mind
maybe be there's no one ahead or no one behind..." ✍🏻️✨ - #theseptemberman .
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I wish i may
i wish i might
explode to the fog
emerged in smoky night ... ✍🏻️- #theseptemberman .
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#winterformoon .
am night 🌑 she's bright 🌙
am dark 🌑 she's light ⚡️
am lethal ⚔️ am blight
she's the diesel of this flight 🛩✨... ✍🏻️#theseptemberman .
in frame : the man himself 😜😊

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