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Wow🙌 thanks for sharing this epic picture @andrew_weddell! durbs double tap if you agree?! #whatsondurban #durban #umhlanga

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When it's so hot, you just have to swim! ty carol malley - "we had a c*****r of a hot day yesterday with temperatures reaching 40 degrees. my brother sent me this video of the local troop of monkeys having fun in his pool in la lucia, durban. 😊 too hilarious how they actually swim underwater." #whatsondurban

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Prawn di mare pizza(limited) - many have gone nuts over our ad hoc prawn pizza but this weekend its available for everyone.

grilled cajun prawns with a bit of cajun mayo fired up in the incendio clay oven with our crispy thin base

competition: tag a friend to try this with and like this image. winner wins a prawn pizza to share with a friend
limites quantity available today and tomorrow only at the icendio store @coweyfoodpark
123 cowey road

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#durban help us spread the amazing news! tag a few mates, like and share this post🙏

the legend is back, yes @spigadurban is officially opening next week at 465 innes road!
we cannot wait to visit and devour some of our favorites from the menu👌

keep on eye on our account for more details.

pic 2: @tastyphoto.co.za
pic 3: @thebrunchgirls_
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#durban stay safe these holidays! send this post to your mates... #whatsondurban #share
some useful information...how to deal with a rip current

a lot of people are kind of aware of what to do if caught in a rip, but there are a lot of people too who aren't aware of what a rip actually looks like or where the safest place to swim at the beach is if there is no flagged area.
many drowning fatalities are rip-related. here are a few things that will help you and your kids stay safe this summer. we have also put together a few images that show what to look for.
1. the easiest thing to remember is that often the safest/calmest most enticing looking area along a beach is usually a rip. a rip is usually the area void of wave activity and appears darker and deceptively calmer. it can sometimes appear milky or turbulent, but it is always pretty much void of wave activity. all that water coming in via waves has to go back out somehow, this is what a rip is. (see pics). 2. always take 5-10 mins when you get to the beach to observe surf conditions and identify where these areas are.

3. if you are caught in a rip, do not panic. go into floating mode and raise one arm as a distress signal when possible. see which direction the rip is taking you, is it straight out or at an angle? once you have determined this, and if you have the energy, swim to the right or left of the direction of flow, never against. some rips can move at 3 times the speed of an olympic swimmer, you won't win! if you cannot swim out to either side of the rip, just go with it. most rips won't take you out very far, and will usually spit you out not long after they take you, so keep calm and save your energy for the swim back to shore.

4. if you have kids, show them these pictures, educate them and make them aware. you can't always be watching them, and it is only a matter of a few metres each way of the point of entry to the water that could mean them being safe, or instantly caught in a rip.
obviously the safest place to swim is always between the flags on a patrolled beach, but this isn't always practical given the immensity of our coast line and number of beautiful beach.

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The cloudy weather every single afternoon has been making it super hard to get photos recently 😭 we have a million photo ideas but all of them seem to need a sunset..
we realized that we’ve been waiting for the sun for far too long, so instead we went to this little waterfall. it’s only about a 15 minute walk from where we stay, although we scarcely visit it. it’s a beautiful spot for a picnic, but be sure to drown yourself in mozzie spray before going 🌿

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Good morning #durban and happy fathers day to all the awesome dads out there! the dolphins are in town and we love this pic of the real locals at umdloti🤙 pic cred: @diannelynngold17 #whatsondurban

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Part 1/2 #durban have you visited @umngazi river bungalows and spa?! it’s roughly 5hrs from durban just past port st johns on the wild coast.
we have been fortunate to travel to many places around south africa and internationally. @umngazi is like no place we have visited before. we cannot believe it has taken us so long to visit this picturesque part of south africa.
we really have “discovered paradise”. from the moment we arrived we have been blown away by the resort. everybody is super friendly. we have two young kids and always struggle on holiday. not @umngazi it is a family owned resort. our kids are living their best life, with the help of the local pondo caring nannies and endless activities. mom and dad also get to have a relaxing holiday - thanks to the wonderful ladies who love our kids so much🙏
we have just passed the halfway mark of our holiday and already have so many highlights.
. the local nguni, brahman and pondo cows, they are real beach bums and love the rolling hills of the transkei.
our bungalow is beautifully decorated with a splash of traditional color. it’s a decent size and has an unbeatable view out over the lagoon and sea. our kids have their own little room. we have slept so well with the sounds of crashing waves and a very comfortable bed👌
the food, oh my gosh the food is delicious, every single meal has been spot on - usually at a resort by the 3rd night you over the food. not here, it’s one the things we look forward to daily - what’s on the menu!
you can check out our featured storyline “umngazi” for all our pics. we would love to hear from you about your holidays here and if you agree?! part 2 coming soon.....
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Thanks @ajayramlall for sharing this video of a local zambezi cruising around the harbor😱 “still think the harbour is safe! have a look what’s lurking in the waters !! just a precaution be careful of paddling in the harbour and wading in or fishing !! the zambezi’s are around !! they are the apex predators of the harbour !! these sharks are not shy and are coming in very close to feed!

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