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🧞‍♀️ i know what i feel is real 🧜🏾‍♀️ tag your favorite queen 👑 one of my favorites is @sheacoulee 🥧
this is one of my favorite @rupaulofficial songs ever, and i love the music video that the top 3 season 8 did to it 💜 fun fact: this is actually the first song i did an instagram tutorial to, if you scroll long enough you’ll find it lol
products used:
contacts: @vceebeauty contacts in acme white-gray
eyeshadow: @colouredraine vivid pigment palette, @myomakeup neon pigments on the lid
facepaint: ccbeauty flash color palette (found on amazon) 
lashes: custom made by moi 💋
shirt: @stanstitchwell #mooselovesu .
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Day 4 of the @whatittakes_mua #manifestingmuachallenge action! this makeup is a reimagining of sally from the nightmare before christmas, i wanted to try to put the character in more of a real life setting. i can't say it went exactly as i hoped but that's part of getting where you want to be, trying, trying and trying again! i thought about not posting this but i know that falling and getting back up is part of the process, so sally will definitely be revisited, i really like the concept so i'd like to get the execution to a level i'm happy with! i created the scars with @kryolanuk @kryolanofficial collodion and @alconefx 3rd degree silicone, the corpse like skin is @skinillustratorofficial alcohol paints and a torn sponge paired with a @nyxcosmetics_uk blue smokey eye and red lip! #whatittakesmua #manifestingmuachallenge @amberico @freakmofx @frendsbeauty @outofkit @glamcorofficial @getsetgobags @crystalwrightlive @haskhair

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Day 1: dream
✨ to learn and work with @therealve in any capacity would be such an honor. i fell in love with horror and fx watching the lost boys. was afraid to say beetlegeuse 3 times for fear he would emerge from the earth. and there is such a special place in my soul for edward scissorhands, sweeney todd, i remember being absolutely mesmerized watching batman and robin. i’ve always loved fantasy and fx and the way she combines the two in such a perfect way is pure genius. 2 years ago when i attended @monsterpaloozaofficial for the first time, i had the chance to meet her, and to have my @ppipremiereproducts @skinillustratorofficial palettes signed. these were my first ever, i had always been afraid to buy them because they were and are such professional products, truly i didn’t think i was worthy. i remember she asked to see my ig page and told me not to give up...i haven’t and i won’t. 🤘🏼
@whatittakes_mua @amberico @freakmofx @outofkit @glamcorofficial @getsetgobags @frendsbeauty @crystalwrightlive @haskhair •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
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Day 3: goals/intentions
i will admit, this is probably the hardest. i’ve been feeling so overwhelmed to the point where i’m randomly trying to hold in tears. some good some bad, and i wish there were some way to just have more..time. i have a long way to go and this list is not even half of half of all that i need and want to do. i need to be honest, and it’s hard to be honest but i’m spread thin. but then i think of where i used to be and how i can’t imagine where i am and i’m not settling but still...the view from this “top” is worth it ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
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• h u s s a r •
i’m so excited to share this look. i’m in love with @michael_hussar work, and attempted to take bits and pieces of inspiration to create this. this look is a definitely something out of my comfort zone, though it may not seem like it. another venture into vulnerability...if you’ve ever felt like you’ve never really fit in, i hope you know what i mean and feel what i feel when i see hussar’s work. to do this was cathartic in so many ways, without much plan, but truly letting myself go with the flow. i feel like it’s been so long since i’ve done a look for pleasure, without it feeling forced. and don’t get me wrong i love getting gigs, and work. but it felt good to do this for me. •••using @thekatvond @katvondbeauty outlaw inkwell liner @meltcosmetics @danabomar @lora_arellano lovesick shadow and bloodshot liner @blackmooncosmetics @little_munster_13 blood shadow @timelosangeles @ashleyswagnerxo crimson liquid lip @glamgothbeauty @glamgothh agony glitter @nigelfx @alconefx 3rd degree
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This quote hits me so hard. i have always thought this way- and i really hope we all make it in this industry (hence my creation of this platform lol). ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
the moment we all start to think there is not enough work for how many artists there are and that there is so much competition...what we really are doing is telling ourselves that we aren't worth the jobs that are out there. because the truth of it is.. there is a ton of work out there. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
we live in a digital world now...anyone and everyone can make content. this opens doors for so much! think about it. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
i genuinely hope we all make it in this industry. i definitely have had my times of being envious or jealous of certain people who got a job that i so wanted to have. but the funny thing is whenever this type of thing happened to me, something bigger or better came my way.
trust that there are plenty of jobs out there. that we all will make it if you believe you can. your success all comes down to one person: yourself. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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We have chills! thank you colorwiz @empty_artistry_ for this amazing entry into our contest with @colourboxmakeup @kerryhertamua @whatittakes_mua ❤️❤️❤️
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hey guys! this is my entry for the #mpkerryahs makeup contest. my jaw hurt after opening so wide. i drew the tongue on paper and then stuck it to my lip with spirit gum. i also edited the background to better match the poster.

be sure to follow @kerryhertamua @colourboxmakeup @whatittakes_mua and @moonplay_cosmetics for updates on the contest!

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Don’t continue to say “someday” “tomorrow” or “maybe later” when it comes to achieving your dreams as a makeup artist! get yourself out there! let it be today that you are actualizing your dream of being wildly successful ❤️✨✨ comment below what you want to start doing to get closer to your dreams 😍✨ #mua #makeup #inspiration #inspo #quoteoftheday #someday #today #startnow #motivationalquotes #whatittakes #whatittakesmua #passion #lovewhatyoudo #sfxmua

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Day 2: visualize
it’s such an intimidating thing to put out what plays out in my mind. i feel exposed. but it’s also kind of liberating. challenge success? anyways, one of my main goals would be to collaborate more. these past few months, i’ve had the opportunity to work with artists who’s work i fangirled over in the comfort of my home, artists, who, like myself have such a passion for what we do. it’s been always such an experience to learn from them, to learn how they work, see their process, take note on tips and tricks. i’m an incredibly, incredibly, shy person but working with others, i can draw from their energy and i feel as if i can come into my own as well. there have been many plans set to bring some concepts to life, an i cannot wait to share those when the time comes. i also want to venture back into sculpting, and expand in other areas of art-painting the skulls that i do, being more present at art fests/ art walks. along with that comes collaborations with artists of other kinds. photographers, painters, clothing designers, jewelry designers. i want to fully immerse myself into this world.
my eyes have been opened up to all that is out there and i’d love to work on breaking out of my comfort zones and taking control of my passion. it’s not going to be easy but with the start i’ve had so far, i definitely know it’s not impossible. collaborations, networking, creating....endless possibilities •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
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