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✨the ultimate self-care sunday goals with tons of herbs of course 😊 🌿 🙌🏾 @spiritedpursuit -
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New week mantra i am brave! i am fearless! i am bold! i am strong!” and repeat ..... 👌🙏❤️✨ #newweek #newweekmotivation #newweekgoals #iambrave #iamfearless #iambold #iamstrong #wellnessjourney #ican #believeinyourself #trustandbelieve #believeandachieve #believeandcreate

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Yummm......the star side on your thanksgiving menu. i know it. it knows it. it’s time for you to try it. orange rosemary sweet potatoes. check out my instagram live story for a healthy scoop what this recipe has going for it. click over to the blog for the recipe. ☝🏼
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I slowed down my workout today so i could complete all the box jumps at this height. anybody who knows me knows i'm terrified of box jumps and regularly trip over them. but today i did it!! added height and did a 21, 15, 9 s****h & burpee box jumps with running intervals. super happy with that. and i'm even happy with my time being 30 minutes.

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Sunday’s are the best day of the week to set yourself up for success 🙌🙌 we got our groceries (thank you @aldiusa ) & when everything is prepped and ready to go there isn’t an excuse as to why you can’t eat healthy! 🤷‍♀️ of course we plan to indulge and have some of our favorites at thanksgiving 🦃 🥧 but will stay on track the rest of the week!
it’s all about balance 🤸‍♀️

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Who loves to shop?? 💳

who loves to shop at home in your pajamas instead of fighting crowds in the cold??? 🙋🏼 who loves to shop at home in your pajamas when your favorite products in the world are on sale? 🙌🏻 black friday and cyber monday are almost here!!!! so tell me, if you could choose one product to be on sale this year, what would it be??????

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Rattled? scared? sad? nervous? so this sweet boy asked me today why sometimes we are so rattled going to church and why this is so hard for us and not for anybody else (oh wise little one). we’ve had this conversation many times in our house we struggle with anxiety and fear on a daily basis. so my guys know that sometimes things that are easy for others take us a bit more time & that’s ok we are just as god made us.
i told him today sometimes the reason they get scared or sad going to new places is because they have such big hearts, they feel a lot and it’s the best part about them and at times can be tricky because they feel so much. but they can do hard things and they have worked so hard to fight back against their fear. they are the realest kind of brave and as rattled and as hard as some situations can be for us i wouldn’t change it for the world.
these kiddos are true anxiety warriors 💪🏻 💕

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I fell in love with this beautiful jacket last night at @target ❤️ and another nsv!

so, if target wants to give me this cute jacket for an after thanksgiving birthday gift.

i will love you forever ever eva and we will bffs ( which we already are, lol)
my birthday is this friday, and i’m celebrating all week until sunday!
😊😊😊😊😊😊😊 🎯
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Why is this week the best time to get started with essential oils? because hello - flash sale! 💖🎉🙌🏻 the premium starter kit includes 11 of the most versatile essential oils (think sleep, immunity, beautiful skin, teething, happy tummy, soothing muscles, buh-bye stank, the works) a beautiful diffuser, a million resources provided by my community, and a bunch of friends for life.
here’s a little breakdown of each oil in the kit and one or two of the many things they do:

lemon🍋: detoxing, tasty water.
digize🤢: tummy anything
lavender💜: sleep, skin.
copaiba🍂: skin, muscles, baby teefs
thieves🕵🏼‍♀️: magic, health keeper.
purification 👃🏻: bye stank, fresh laundry.
panaway💪🏻: happy muscles + joints.
frankincense🙌🏻: skin, calm, meditation.
rc. 🌬: breathing is fun.
northern lights black spruce 🌲: walking through a forest into the deepest sleep you’ve ever had.
peppermint🌱: breathe, muscles, brownies ^ we use these babies to make all sorts of creams, roller balls to carry with us, sprays, and delicious diffuser recipes (adios, toxic fall candles… we’ve found something so much better). they’ve paid for themselves a trillion times over. ♥️ you will also get a free bottle of christmas spirit (literally christmas in a bottle🌲) + $25 back from me + a welcome package that will have everything you need to get started on your oily journey + you will be entered into a draw to win a free diffuser!! whaaaaat?! 💖
friends, it doesn’t get better than this!
i truly want to bring happiness & wellness into everyone’s home with help from young living. you need to see the magic for yourself! 🦄💜 i’m here to help and educate you every step of the way! 🤗

www.smiledrop.com/bmaunu .
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Can’t go to @smorgasburgla and not get the @amazebowls coconut açaí bowl🥥🌺
this photo is admittedly from a couple weeks ago because today is filled with other, perhaps less ‘grammable things😌 i actually went to my first @trainingmate class this morning (loved it!) and am about to attempt making pain au chocolat! although, that would mean i have to get my b***y back outta bed and stop binge watching dancing with the stars😂 hope you’re all having a beautiful sunday!!💕

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Do you always follow through on the self-care that you promised yourself during the holidays?!
take a few a few minutes (or hours!!) to take care of yourself during this holiday season. it’s so important for your mental health and can be whatever helps you unwind.
ps. second picture is 😂😂how hilarious are face masks?! they’re my fav 👍🏻 for unwinding.
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Test me

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In our workshops one of the questions we ask people to define for themselves is "what actually makes a human, a human?"

while it's possible to generate a whole list of possibilities, it's fun to learn that almost all of them can be debunked in one way or another. •
one of our fave definitions, though, is "the ability to feel emotions like love." some people say this definition isn't accurate (because animals! 😽🐶) but we love it's inclusion, and encourage people to incorporate love into the tech that they build.

❤️ feel the love, and build on! 👷🏾‍♀️

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After a few treats fri n sat ive had a really good sunday on plan!!!!today all tracked!!!!!#novemberbluedotchallenge ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖
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Choose the journey of wellness. ✨ eat whole and fresh foods (those with one ingredient). make time for cooking. eat intuitively and don’t forget to treat yourself, too. buy organic. if you eat meat, eat less of it. meditate daily. move your body. write down your gratitudes each day. take time for self care and self love. indulge in skincare. have a curiosity for learning. commit to working on your career and future.
nourish and nurture, and you’ll flourish. 🌳 and this is as much a reminder for myself as for anyone reading. 💫

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Dry skin spray

anyone else have trouble with their skin as the seasons change?? with the colder weather, my skin ends up sooo dry and itchy. this spray has been amazing for providing relief! i just spritz it on and start feeling better!

🌱 tea tree
🌱 lavender
🌱 peppermint
🌱 purification
🌱 witch hazel
🌱 distilled water

this spray is so easy to make! i also love knowing that young living has no artificial fillers with their “seed to seal” guarantee, so i don’t have to worry about using toxic chemicals!

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