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May not be rocking full makeup today but i’m rocking a new face 💅🏼💅🏼💅🏼

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Happy friday lovely people! this weekend is supposed to be gorgeoussss (in the 90’s 😍 i loveeee the warmth #beingfromwisconsinprobs) and i am going mountain biking in sedona for a friends birthday weekend eyyyyy so excited! can’t wait to have a change up in my cardio routine.😊 hope your weekend is just as good, and that you have a wonderful easter!🥰✝️

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Before committing to @medicalmedium protocols, i was actually vegan, gluten-free, and somewhat refined sugar-free. for three months i followed this way of eating, however i pretty much ate whatever i wanted within those parameters. i ate a diet higher in fat, processed foods, salt, oil, alcohol, etc., and i lost no weight. it wasn’t until i dove into the 28 day healing cleanse outlined in mm’s first book that i saw real, sustainable change. through lowering my fats, being mindful of what ingredients i was consuming, and eating an abundance of raw fruits and vegetables, i was able to lose 75 pounds. not only that, but i was able to further heal myself from a slew of symptoms and conditions i felt challenged by. if you find yourself struggling with your health, i highly recommend implementing any of the @medicalmedium protocols into your life. whether it’s through making more smoothies or watching what ingredients you put into your body, there is something for everyone and every lifestyle. remember that you can heal and are deserving of living your best life possible. never forget that. 🧡
here we have cut up papaya and banana-pineapple nice cream. 🍌

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Zero carb meal-11 days to sign up!

reminder that the zero carb challenge sign ups are live! challenge is from may 1st- may 26th, ending the day before the unofficial weekend of summer!

what you get:
you get a meal plan with macros, support with a private facebook group and chances to win cool prizes from 8 different companies and 300 in cash prizes!
prices start at 50 dollars for the challenge but prices will go up after the first week so sign up before prices increase!

judging will be based on progress pictures and measurements, it is not based on who loses the most weight but the best overall transformation!
thinking about joining the zero carb challenge? here are some cool prizes that we are giving out to the winners with the best transformation!
1️⃣ keto fridge: you will receive a sampler box of a weeks worth of food that is prepackaged and has the perfect keto macros! @ketofridge .
2️⃣ keto farms: you know i cant get enough of these instant coffees especially the matcha. so we are throwing in a sampler pack of their meals! @ketofarms .
3️⃣ keto mojo: best way to test ketones hands down! they have always supported this contest and are giving out a pro kit with blue booth connector! @ketomojo
4️⃣ redmond real salt: sampler pack of these ancient salts. check out the individual daily packs! can’t get enough! @redmondrealsalt .
5️⃣ pili nuts: cool sampler pack! love their pili nuts nothing other like it! @eatpilinuts .
6️⃣ fbomb: cool sampler pack of macadamia nut butters! @fatissmartfuel
7️⃣ thrive creamer: some cool coffee creamer sample pack! they even are throwing in a cool mini whisk! @thrive.creamer
8️⃣ key nutrients: love their electrolyte mix which is really the only supplement i would recommend to use! you know how i feel about supplements and keto! sampler pack! @keynutrients
9️⃣ but best of call cash prizes 100 dollars to each winner! -
🔟 sign ups are now live and competition goes from may 1st to may 26th, ends right before the unofficial start of the summer!
💯 if you want to know more about the zero carb challenge or just, dm me! 🔵also access to a private fb group for accountability to inspire others!
💪🏼 www.ketoelitezone.com

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Somethin fresh... meal prep

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And they say keto is hard to stick to.
credit @jordansoketo

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Heyo! almost one year apart 🤠

this is me walking out of graduation lol. thankful for sam stayin’ by my side this whole time 😌

#flashbackfriday sksksksk (@sofiestrength )

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The truth about fruit sugar

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