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✨ n e w ✨ personalised wedding favour coasters will be available on the website soon! email info@polkadotpaper.com for a quote 💛

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Good morning to you all from these minions trapped in a box wanting to get out 😆

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My nikkah was probably one of my most favourite events amongst all the wedding functions. this was because not only was i marrying my best friend that day, but because it was such an intimate gathering with my family and my closest friends. basically, it was a beautiful day filled with the presence of the people who mattered the most. ❤️ so, in order to let these lovely people know that their attendance made the world to me, i decided to present them with a small token of gratitude in the form of this lovely bird cage i had designed by @tdrstudio while it was quite a bit of work getting to coordinate things with them (i’m assuming because of heavy orders flowing in) and i was almost about to give up on the entire idea, things eventually did fall into place. 👏🏻
since, i was already spending so much on those little but essential things for the wedding, i wanted these favours to not be so heavy on my pocket. which is why i decided to do the chocolates myself. 🙈
i asked my brother to grab a pack of @hersheys kisses from duty free and i had loads of #ferrerorochers already in hand. next, i went to @instaprint.pk and requested one of the graphic designers there to sit with me and design 4 stickers. within literally 8 minutes, we had four different designs and in less than another 3 minutes i had a huge a4 size sticker in my hands. and would you believe me when i tell you this cost me a mere 100 rupees? yes, no kidding!! 💃🏼
while i will admit that having to sit down and actually cut each sticker in that perfect circular shape was quite a tedious task, i honestly did not mind it considering how much i was saving on doing these favours myself. and if you have a whole regime of cousins and friends willing to lend a helping hand, this could actually be a pretty fun activity. ☺️. so the next time you want to be a little extra but don’t want to over-spend, why not give these hacks a go. i’m sure you’ll end up with a great favour at literally half the price 🤫
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Christmas giveaway! we have a few sample leather bookmarks lying around the studio, so we thought since its xmas why not do something fun. see your name or your friends name in this image? comment below tag your friend. first to shotgun a name will receive a dm from us asking for your address, then we'll pop it in the post for you. ready, set, go... .
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