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What's your favorite?😍
by @_reina_yamada_
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Нарисовала ещё раз здание администрации Ростова. В октябре серыми маркерами его рисовала. Кто-то узнал? Какой вариант вам больше нравится?

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Nine simplest ways to paint a christmas tree.🎄(here is one of them)
this is the next topic for our challenge. christmas tree and wreath - shape gift tags.
watch the full tutorial-video (with nine options) on link in my bio.
dear friends! you made so many amazing postcards.
thank you everyone for your participation. i have no words how happy i am to see your progress.🤗🤗🤗
just keep in mind our challenge #zenartchristmaschallenge ends on december the 22th.
happy painting💫

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