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Looks like @sydney didn't get the memo that winter is around the corner! ☀️ with a top of 23°c and clear skies today, @visitnsw's capital city is certainly in denial. this photo is of #bronte, which is home to a lovely little surf beach as well as a 30 metre-long ocean pool known as the bronte baths. you can drive or catch a bus here from the city, or take the scenic bondi to bronte walk path from bondi beach. photo: @remygerega #wanderlust #travelphotos #ilovesydney #travelgram #visitnsw

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Em fevereiro tem carnaval, mas no meio do ano tem festival! a lista com os melhores?latam.com/vamos 🎤 . en febrero hay carnaval, pero en el medio del año hay festival! la lista con los mejores? latam.com/vamos🎸 . february has carnaval, but the middle of the year has festivals! the list with the best ones?latam.com/vamos 😎 . #vamoslatam #somoslatam #latamgram #festival #coachella #sonar #creamfields #lollapalooza #primaverasound #music #burningman #travel #instatravel #travelgram #tourism #instago #passportready #wanderlust #traveldeeper #trip #traveltheworld #igtravel #tourist #explore

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I'm currently obsessed with korean makeup and other beauty products. seriously, the key to looking good is spotless youthful glowing skin. i recommend @hellopurpletale to achieve this. seriously, you only need 5 steps to glowing skin. reviews on my favorite korean products coming soon. for discounts to this amazing product use the code "carlastacruz". #purpletale #5stepsfacial #facialwithpurpletale

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Route 66, the historic american roadway that linked chicago to the west coast, soon may be dropped from a national park service preservation program. a federal law authorizing the route 66 corridor preservation program is set to expire in two years, and with it would go millions of dollars in grants for reviving old tourist spots in struggling towns. @abc7leticia tells us what this could mean for local businesses along the route on eyewitness news at 5pm on abc7 and abc7.com/live. thanks to eyewitness @lavisualz for this pic of the road. share your route 66 pics with #abc7eyewitness!

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Amazing #forest views! 💚 'cabin at longbranch' is designed by jim olson and is located #longbranch #washington // photo by kevin scott #restlessarch

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"the bleak beauty of norwegian lapland. a coating of snow makes everything so perfectly calm." #earthcapture by @jamesaustrums share your beautiful images of nature by following the link in our profile

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Want to wake up every morning with this view 💙 #inlove #lovenature #labadira #morning #view

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Amazing picture of sharks and swimmers 🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈 stunning drone photo by @aerialworldofdrones @dronelibrary #shark #sharks ______________________________________________ use #stunningdronephotos for your chance to be featured ____________________________________________ __ #djiinspire #polarpro #droneshot #instafly #aerialphoto #mavicpro #dronepedia #dronegear #phantom4 #dronephotography #dronefly #quadcopter #droneoftheday #aerialphotography #dronestagram #drones #phantom #aerial #dji #drone #landscapephotography #beautifuldestinations #pictureoftheday #gopro #wanderlust #travel #picoftheday

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Lost kids in japan 🇯🇵 today's achievement : we could now navigate around japan on our own 😁 learned which trains to go to and now taking the bus to see kyoto 😊 . . . . . . . . . #travel #backpackers #kyoto #japan #kansai #asia #wanderlust #wander #igersasia #trip #like4like #follow4follow

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'you know that moment when you jump off a cliff? or when you jump off the plane and you're flying? that moment when you let go: let go of what you knew and what made you feel secure. the solid ground beneath your feet and the feelings that you carry with you everyday. it's so difficult isn't it, to imagine what it feels like on the other side. to even bring yourself to do it in the first place. but the irony is once you do, you don't care anymore. then you're just floating. - and so it is with many things in life. we get used to things. we get attached to people and form habits. and once we are stuck in them it's so hard to let go. but the only thing that makes this difficult is fear. the fear is not always of falling. it's not always of hurting yourself or even dying. mostly, it's just fear of the unknown. it's the fear of a foreign sensation and more importantly what you would be without what you are used to. it's a fear of losing part of yourself because you associated yourself with it to such a large extent. - so as i looked out over the horizon, i wondered why it was so easy to jump from a cliff but ordinary things are so difficult. i could jump from a waterfall but it was so hard to jump from one habit to a better one. it was easy to let go of things but difficult to let go of people. i didn't care one bit if someone stole my wallet and i had to figure things out with no money. but i could be somewhere for a few days and would feel upset like i was leaving home. or i would know someone for a few weeks and feel the sharp incisory pain of them cutting me off. - but that was life, and you just needed to jump off the edge. you needed to hold your breath and not think about why you couldn't do it or why it would be so difficult. so i'm trying to do it more, and think less. be more in my body and less in my mind. to put my feet where i tell them to instead of standing in the same place. because it's so easy to get caught up in your head and forget about freedom, to freeze yourself in fear and forget the sensation of falling; to keep staring into the horizon and wonder what your life would have been if you'd just jumped.'

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Sunny mondays are for exploring ☀️ #beach #ogmore #wales #summer #waves #sea #wanderlust

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Когда после затяжного периода статики и затишья совершаешь escape из своего привычного мира навстречу приключениям и новым впечатлениям, остановиться после - сложно. Обесценивается отношение к вещам, которые ранее имели значение, иначе расставляешь приоритеты; отныне ты addict! В твоей голове мысль одна - скорее окунуться с головой в новое приключение, скорее снова вырваться из рутины ради того, чтобы открыть для себя новый уголочек Земли, новую тайну. 🌍🌞🛤🗺 / fill your life with adventures, not things. have stories to tell, not stuff to show. #world #travel #goodvibes #mood #vscocam #vsco #barcelona #españa #wanderlust

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