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We always have such great adventures together. my dad told me if i married john, i would never be bored. he definitely knew what he was talking about! #wanderingtogether

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Back to work today after an epic getaway. just trying to remember what being warm felt like - adelaide... you are bloody freezing!!!

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Happy is an understatement!

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Our stunning accommodation on lombok island - feels like indonesian palm springs! 💕

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We spent the day riding scooters from beach to beach in lombok with @bushtobeaches ... and we made some new friends along the way!

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We’ve had an amazing week with some of our best mates (and some new people who wanted to join in the photo). thanks for the amazing memories legends 💕🌴🐢

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My jellyfish bodyguard, @benjamingarwood9 💕

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Gili trawangan has had some of the bluest and clearest water we’ve ever seen! absolutely stunning!

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Warm palm tree skies 🌴

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See you under the sea 👋

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We spent the day swimming with sea turtles 🐢 such an awesome experience!

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Island life is tough 🌴

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Un afortunado!! 😘

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