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sto pensando di scrivere sul mio blog ( www.cuoredimela.wordpress.com ) da giorni, manca l’ispirazione. il gelato però è una di quelle cose che insieme ad un film riassesta tutti i miei pensieri. 🖋🍦🦋

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¿quieren conocerme un poquito más?!! "50 cosas sobre mi en mi" nuevo vídeo en mi canal maxvlogs (link en mi biografía) #themaxready #lui2dop #trap #vlogs #helado #vida

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Guys, i just had a dream that hannie got back together😭
ok so basically here’s how it went, annie and hayden were like within walking distance from each other yet they were texting each other and hayden texted annie: “annie” “i’m so sorry” “i should’ve never done that to you” “you mean so much to me, i can’t loose you” “please will you forgive me anns?” (there’s multiple things he said cause he sent them each as individual texts) and annie texted back : “hayden, what you did was really messed up” “but i can’t loose my best friend” and then hayden texted “i love you annie” and then annie texted him back “i” “love” “you” “too” and then they both looked up from their phones and were looking into each other’s eyes and then annie ran towards hayden and they had a really long sentimental hug.
and then i woke up. i was so mad and sad when i woke up cause it just felt so real😭😭 anyways that made like no sense, and if you read all of that, than thank you💜 welp i’m sad now bye

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Woke up early today because @betterbuzz is accepting members for their exclusive black card loyalty program! *i got anthony and i one #movestocaliforniaonce • if you’re in san diego stop by and get one, this event is happening today and tomorrow - its $30 to start and the benefits are amazing!! #betterbuzz #sandiego

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This was such a fun day trip, rockport is my favorite place in all of massachusetts. can’t wait til friday when i have a day off to travel. can’t decide on mystic, ct or going to the beach.
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I think the yellow top complements the brown of my skin perfectly 👩🏽

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