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How many people noticed the deer in the background? i think it took me about a year. #muledeer #elk #elkhunting #rmef #bullelk #estespark #visitcolorado #rockymountainnationalpark

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The largest dunes in north america can move up to 30 ft in a year, yet when compared with photos from the 1870s their overall shape has remained the same. apparently this is because the wind really only blows in two opposing directions across the dune field, cancelling any significant movement one way or another.

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Dogs doing dog stuff. woof.

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Amazing few days of food, exploration, and company! 🍣🏔✈️

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Meet me at the terminal bar 🍻 ordered a flight of local denver beer and couldn’t be more happy with my choices. my favorites..⠀
(1) denver beer co - ‘pretzel assassin’ amber lager⠀
(2) colorado cider co - ‘glider” dry cider⠀
(3) dry dock - apricot blonde ale⠀

link in bio for more must try things in denver.

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