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I've been trying to find new things that bring happiness to my life and a couple months ago i came across a post on visible mending and something just sparked. it's a revived movement for repairing and mending the things you own instead of throwing it away and buying new. you use darning, patching, embroidery and hand stitching to mend clothing. it's taking a mistake or problem and instead of trying to hide it, you enhance it! and i'm living for it!! here are a couple of examples that i've been working on: my favorite shirt (that literally has been worn to pieces), reusable grocery totes, and even the seats in my car, jack! i am excited to get my hands on some of the latest books on this trend: mending matters & make do and mend. what do you think?!

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Okay... this is for all of you who have asked to see how the mini loom darner works. this is only my second attempt with this thing, so bear with me as i've still got lots to learn, but i'm sharing with you so you can see it in action. mending an army jumper i thrifted over 20 years ago. so i guess that works for today's #mendmarch prompt of historic, as well! (that's serendipitous, i didn't realise that was the prompt until this second). enjoy!
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Apparently this is a #visiblemending blog now, sorry. lots going on in the daily workings of @flaxandsage but cutting out pieces of cloth and sewing them together isn’t always particularly photogenic nor makes the most visually interesting grid, and of course we’re all slaves to the algorithm here, aren’t we!!
anyway, here’s some progress on my six year old yard sale jeans that seem to spring a new hole as soon as i’m done patching the last one (and having invested so much work in them, i can’t give up on them now, can i?!) the larger green patch is one i did a while ago, but the rainbow under the knee is recent, supporting a new internal patch. and structurally necessary rainbows are the best kind, obviously!
i’ve also sat down with these jeans and replaced a couple very high contrast inner thigh patches (that seemed like a good idea at the time) with something more subtle. then i need to shore up a patch to strengthen the weakening fabric on the backside (trying to pre-empt a major repair down the line) and they should be good to go for now!
i’m honestly having a lot of fun playing with different mending techniques and am starting to consider ways i might work it into my actual business. stay tuned, maybe!
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Kevättä olkapäällä 🐝 pienenä mulla meni ruotsi ja suomi sekaisin, humla + kimalainen = humalainen. huusin että apua mun ympärillä pyörii humalainen. nyt mulla on humalainen olkapäällä. onnistui yli odotusten, oon tosi ylpeä ittestäni! siitä että tästä tuli niin hieno ja siitä ett vihdoinkin korjasin tän reijän👍#visiblemending #embroidery #kirjonta #paikkaus #broderi #korjausompelu #lappaochlaga

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I've been adding some sashiko visible mend patches to my jacket over the past few weeks. i thought this was going to be a quick upcycle project, but i didn't realize how many "distressed denim" holes this jean jacket actually had 😆 one day this jacket will be filled with colorful patches 🌈🧵also, if you’re wondering, i’m using some of the new @dmc_embroidery colors to create this spring color combination.

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“do not wait for holes to develop. it is better to darn as soon as garments begin to wear thin. imitate, as well as possible, the texture of the fabric being darned. when darning a big hole, tack a piece of net at the back and darn across it, this will give an extra support for the stitches” mrs. sew-and-sew, board of trade ww2 leaflet.......prompt 4 of @visiblemend #mendmarch • historic.... #visiblemending #makedoandmend #darning #mending #mendingmatters #sew #repair

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What we do to the earth, we do to ourselves. so what we do to ourselves, we do to the earth. i’m feeling inspired by these ideas from a deep ecology workshop that i went to today. and they made me think of mending, and in particular this jumper, my eternal work in progress. when i choose to value this jumper and mend it, instead of throwing it away and getting a new one, i am committing to caring for little bits of this earth. tending to them, not throwing them away. valuing them. even if they look a little bit scruffy. even if they aren’t my favourite. taking responsibility. saying no to the lure of shiny and new. saying no to fast fashion, throw away culture, environmental degradation. and saying yes to meaningful connection. embracing creativity and wabi sabi beauty. saying yes to loving this earth. in small but practical ways.

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Der stopfapparat in aktion 😁 ich muss gestehen, ich bin noch ziemlich ungeübt darin. es hat sich auch ein fehler eingeschlichen 😉 aber dafür hat mir meine tochter geholfen, den hebel immer umzustellen 😊 im letzten bild seht ihr auch die (leicht verfilzte 🙈) innenseite. #mendmarch #visiblemending #mending #darning #darner #speedweve #stopfapparat #miniloom #mindfulmending #mendingmatters #stopfen #weaving #webstopfen #sockenstopfen #sockdarning

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A little #mondaymendingmotivation: how to darn a sock!!!
a few additional tips:
• use an apple, an orange, an onion, a rock, a old-fashioned lightbulb — or a darning egg if you have one!!
• it helps to choose yarn that is similar to the weight of the yarn that the sock is made from — which is hard to discern if you are darning a machine-made sock, like the one in this tutorial, in that case choose a yarn that seems similar, not too bulky but not too thin (you want to be able to fill the hole with the new yarn!). you don’t necessarily need to use wool yarn to darn, though it is a good option because it will ‘felt’ together and become even stronger. but other yarn types work fine too!! we encourage you to seek out yarn that is not brand new - you don’t need much for most darning projects! keep the leftover scraps from your knitting projects, ask your knitter friends for their leftovers, check out thrift stores and yard/garage sales!
• be very sure to keep the yarns that span back and forth across the hole very close together, this will ensure your finished mend is a tight weave. if you finish and you realize your mend is airy - you can see through the yarns, yikes! - don’t fret! keep weaving back and forth, even diagonally, to fill in any holes. it’s better to have more yarn woven in and a very sturdy rewoven area than a flimsy one. be sure to still anchor your stitches on either side of the hole as you sew & weave back and forth across it.
• to start/finish: don’t use a knot! start by poking your needle up from the inside of the sock, leaving a tail (about two inches long) inside the sock (you won’t feel this like you would a knot). similarly, when you are finished, push the needle to the inside of the sock and cut the yarn leaving about a two inch tail again.
• have fun!!
• (if you’d like to share this tutorial, please tag us!)
• you can find this tutorial and others in our zine: the mender’s companion, available in our shop! link in profile. 🔻🔺🔻🔺
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