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Ocean sunset

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The squad argentina take to brazil for copa america this summer 🇦🇷

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"let's make you handsome. i love dinner." @chloewise_

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Epochs ago, our goblin friend was a measly little fish off the shores of pangea. this, he remembered, for how could anyone forget the mollusk-rich panthalassic ocean of yore?⁣

but how he got to this point, a boil-ridden, bipedal swine, standing in the heart of the yucatán, he could not recall. much time had passed, but few clues were left. what a strange world, he thought.⁣

at that moment, without reason or provocation, a meteorite tore through the firmament, blotted out the sun, and caved into earth with such tremendous impact that at once, all meaningful life ceased to exist. ⁣

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“ o cacto e o balão “ link na minha bio 🌵🎈🖤☁️
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