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At any moment, you can decide to let go of any bad habits and work towards becoming the best version of yourself. make the most of today, tomorrow isn’t promised. 🌱💚

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Tuna melt with a f*t side of tuna 🤤
thanks to @plantsleadourway i can still enjoy one of my favorite sandwiches whenever i want with their vegan tuna!!
they have a bunch of other cool mock meats to offer as well such as bacon, beef chunks, shrimp and much more 🤠
use my code: “vdude” for 10$ off an online order from their store 😎
#vegantuna #tuna

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Aqua everything! ﹌

double tap if you adore all the colours of the ocean! ﹌

pieces in order...
﹌aquamarine dream drop
﹌”v” for vegan lariat
﹌amazonite gem bar necklace ﹌button message necklace ﹌floating ocean necklace

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From our summer menu photoshoot on monday, crispy “chicken” tacos coming soon!! sesame kimchi coleslaw, chilli miso sour cream, corn, cilantro and korean style salsa roja. it’s all gluten-free 👌📸 @uryelle

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so proud to rep @peacebyvegan ‘s clothing brand @clothesagainsthumanity once again!
this is his “not a burger” shirt!
the cow in this printed photo is panda from @rowdygirlsanctuary ! 💕
each of these shirts are uniquely printed. the colors came out differently on each of them, so they are all pieces of art!
@peacebyvegan ‘s line is 100% vegan (printing and all) and up-cycled! this means each shirt was thrifted and individually picked by him secondhand before we printed on them. this way, there were no resources wasted in their production.
this design is extremely limited, so if you would like to support all the work @peacebyvegan does for the animals, go to the link in his bio, and get yours asap!
(p.s. i have had a few people ask about my shirt in public. wearing activism apparel is a great way to start vegan outreach conversations 😉🖤✨🌱)
📷: @peacebyvegan .
#expectliberation #thrifted #veganapparel #veganshirts #whatveganslooklike #socialjustice #earthlings #voiceforthevoiceless #animalliberation #animalliberationnow #stickeractivism #veganfortheanimals
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****xxx grilled cheese****
this monster is part of our special menu that we prepared for @ocveganfest on june 2nd in santa ana. we have an entirely new and fresh menu prepared for the event so make sure you don't miss it!

the x*x is a triple decker grilled cheese with 6 slices of melted american 'cheese', 3 servings of 'bacon', grilled onions, tomatoes and an entire ground and grilled @impossible_foods patty! add jalapenos for a little 🔥🔥🔥!
#theblackbean #actlikeyouvebeanherebefore

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these lemon crusted soy “chicken” nuggets from @seasonedvegan bring you right back to your childhood. they are so good, i could probably eat them every day & not to mention their homemade “uptown” tangy sauce. if you were ever a chicken nugget lover, you need to try these asap

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⚡️ new ⚡️ on the menu! fried chikken skewers with peanut satay sauce 👀🧡 enjoy either as a starter or level up to a sharing plate for two 😍😍😍 ⁣⁣
#vegan #unitydiner

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We’ll spell it out for you - v.e.g.a.not into using animals. come #experienceveganism in chicago, miami, toronto and nyc at #vegandale. we’ve got your ticket in the bio!

📷 @victoriadevall

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