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Every bracelet purchased funds the removal of one pound of trash from the ocean & coastlines 💙 @4ocean you rock, nearly 1 million pounds of trash removed so far 🙌🏽

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Belief is literally be lie. don’t believe everything you read | hear | see ~ have faith in yourself, your unique journey and your own power ~ trust your gut instinct ~ follow your intuition ~ it will never lead you wrong 🦋 •
life is always a constant flow of imagining, planning, creating your thoughts into reality, watching them grow, reaching the peak, feeling blessed and flowing back down until the next magical spark of intuition guides you to start the next step in your journey • 4 weeks ago i was in a very different place to where i am now ~ life just happens and you have to flow with it ~ magic is everywhere and all we have to do is trust the universe 🦋

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Good morning sun-rays!!
yesterday i skipped dinner as i was fasting from 4:30 pm to 8:30 am this morning. so i woke up around 6:30 and i worked out until 8, i broke the fast at 8:30. my trick to stay fit is (i still have a road before i reach my body goals but i’m getting there) to do intermittent fasting daily and to work out in the mornings towards the end of the fast. i do that because the body will burn f*t faster in that state and the muscles will get stronger.
i broke my fast with delicious raw energy balls (the recipe will be on the page tomorrow) and a super nutritious thick smoothie.

- banana (use baby or burro bananas)
- coconut water
- blueberries - dates
- kale
- coconut meat
- avocado 🥑 *
all of these ingredients are from the dr. sebi nutritional guide. they are full with minerals and vitamins, they are going to boost your immune system and give you an energy kick!! it’s funny how many young people feel tried all the time when they are so young and beautiful, the reason they are so tired is due to what they consume. if you are still consuming animal products and you feel super tired?? and you are trying to make up for it with tons of coffee!! this is a warning sign my friend! your diet needs to be changed 💚😊 you were born to have lots of energy!!
make the first step! change your diet! peace and love

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Красотка @sashachistova ❤️

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The ideal turkish dinner made by my lovely mother for me 😁❤️

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Just £16 for a 50ml bottle of baby oil. three super nourishing ingredients suitable for sensitive skin #baby #babyoil #handmade #vegan #natural #grapeseedoil #avacadooil #romanchamomile

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Here’s my kickin’ caribbean vurger🔥 that’s right vurger. my burger will be going on @thevurgerco menu for a limited time only from the 30th june!! what an honour 🙏🏼 a j**k style patty, flavoured with scotch bonnet chilli, thyme & secret spices. then topped with fried plantain, mango ketchup, coconut ‘bacon’ and much more. i have followed @thevurgerco journey for 2 years and i’m so proud of how far they have come & to be able to work with them. check my new youtube video for more info. thanks for your support @gazoakley 👨🏻‍🍳

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Das streben nach natürlicher schönheit gelingt mit jamu no.1🌸
the pursuit of natural beauty succeeds with jamu no.1🌸

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Acabamos de fazer nos primeiros t****s com nossos sachês aromáticos...seu designer e composição, e venho dizer que foram aprovados ✅( podem sofrer variações nas cores e nas fitas, dependendo da disponibilidade)
e estamos a disposição, então venha fazer seus pedidos conosco!
via direct 📦💳
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The lions mane has gone. r.i.p
big thanks to @therootsfoundationexeter ✂️ love the barber shop, great staff, lovely coffee and a company that cares! gonna enjoy the handmade, #vegan @odouds hair product.
#exeter #barbershop #barber #haircut #vegan #handmade #exeterbarber #exeterbarbers #exeterlife #jeddahpeople #jeddah_now #jeddah_ksa #hair #style #therootsfoundationexeter #odouds #ksa #uk

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I have so much to say on this topic. being happy and finding the gifts in life is so important to me. even through my most difficult times i thrived, learned, and honestly became a better woman because of the situation. when going through tough situations it’s easy to blame someone or thing. i try my best to only concentrate on how i will learn from the situation, how i will do things differently, and be glad i survived the situation. i look to see what mirror is in it for me. i don’t have time to be angry or blame anymore. it takes too much of my energy and takes away my power. every action is “one of love, and the other the call for love.”- acim. i choose to show love, compassion, be an example, and be the change i wish to see in others. i’m not asking you to think like me. i’m just asking you to think! i am, 👁ne~ love 💞 praise 🙌🏾 gratitude 🙏🏾 #rawandawesome

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Thank you, @krimseys for killin’ it on this palm poboy salad with cajun ranch. “the world’s first cajun vegan restaurant” is on my top list of happy food. i’m obsessed. they are 💯 #soyfree and #vegan and have gumbo, chowder, poboy sandwiches, and fuggin’ french beignets . 🤤 (also thank you for being super close to the gym; you’re a hangry-vegan lifesaver 🤪) #layoffmeimstarving

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