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Porzingis or wiggins? 🤔#usbankcollegenight

comment 28 star 237 December 2016

Date night at the wolves game #usbankcollegenight

comment 3 star 121 December 2016

One of my favorite fans. of course she also says "dad take a picture of me while i dab". #powerofthepack #usbankcollegenight #gradstudentstillcounts

comment 1 star 110 November 2016

Feels good to be back in minnesota #usbankcollegenight

comment 10 star 170 December 2016

I'm harden i don't miss nothin'. #usbankcollegenight

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We drove 6+ hours and climbed like 50 flights of stairs to watch 48 minutes of basketball...totally worth it! #usbankcollegenight

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No better way to spend a monday night than watching a wolves win #usbankcollegenight

comment 2 star 165 November 2016

We don't just come here for dance #businesswomen #usbankcollegenight

comment 1 star 105 December 2016

Spotted wiggins and lavine hanging with lebron, westbrook, and penny hardway in st. joe! who knew they were such good pals? #usbankcollegenight #skiumah

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We finally made it to see our wolf pack play tonight. 🏀 #usbankcollegenight #wolves #dates

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Lets go wolves! get this w! #usbankcollegenight

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Happy birthday to my beautiful roommate and best friend! i have sooo enjoyed getting to do life with you! you are amazing!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ #gotimberwolves #usbankcollegenight

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Taking a break from homework and enjoying some timberwolves basketball! #usbankcollegenight #powerofthepack

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Taking advantage of college id night, $10 for seats in the nosebleeds? we'll take it! #coolhatbro #timberwolves #bball #powerofthepack #usbankcollegenight

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Cheerin' on our wolves 🐺 #usbankcollegenight #powerofthepack

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