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It’s hard not to feel a little blue when monday appears but life is all about choice and today i choose to feel orange! 🧡🧡🧡🧡 . . #succulents #lifechoices #bright #beautiful #orange #not #blue #uplifting #seizetheday #mood #makegoodchoices #monday #succulentlife #colourmehappy #suculentas #thriftysucculents #tiny #terracotta #plantlove #succulove #spiritlifting #soulfood

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You may need a tissue ... or two. via @lovevolution ☀️ follow @globalpositivenews and add positivity to your life daily! ✨

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This kid has heart. everyone can learn from this little kid. he wanted to achieve something and he did. even though he failed numerous times he still got back up and tried again until he finally got it. this is what real successful people do. never give up when you fail, keep pushing because you never know maybe the next attempt can be your lucky one.. - 👇tag a friend👇 - don’t forget to follow @theelitegrind for more motivation👍

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Touch ups finally finished on this 24x48” piece i named “journey into yourself” | acrylic on canvas.... i think this one makes me really feel calm and adventurous at the same time...😌🌊 ... . . . will be available in april.

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Stay humble, stay kind! 💕 ☀️ follow @globalpositivenews and add positivity to your life daily! ✨

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3 llamas is unheard of😲 follow us @steam.bros for more! • • creds @fortnite.media • • • tags #llama #llamas #fortnite #happy #uplifting

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These are some of the motivation messages parents have painted on the school bathroom stalls of mary moore elementary school in arlington, texas. the school strives at creating a positive learning environment, picking “happiness” as their campus theme this year. + “it’s to remind them that they can do anything they want if they try hard enough,” principal tyson jones said for cnn. ••• ☀️ follow @globalpositivenews and add positivity to your life daily! ✨

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There’s nothing particularly exciting about this photo. there’s no wow factor. i’m not all dolled up, but my skin isn’t terrible either. instagram likes extremes. it loves pictures that create a buzz that will get people talking. but, life doesn’t always come with a shareable story.⠀ ⠀ i woke up this morning and showered. i brushed out my super tangled hair and let my dogs out to the bathroom. i heated up leftover rice pudding for breakfast and answered some emails. rio started barking like crazy, and i asked him to stop. later i’ll make lunch and dinner. i’ll go to the bathroom and maybe go to the grocery store. i’ll watch some netflix, answer some more emails and then go to sleep. ⠀ ⠀ shareable? not exactly. relateable? i think so. we all do these things. yet, we look to social media and feel in inadequate. ⠀ ⠀ let’s interrupt that for a second, shall we? ⠀ ⠀ what super not instagram worthy things did you do today? share below! 👇

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Black betty bought a jar (bramble jam) . . . . . . . . . . . . . #humor #instagram #puns #pun #lol #uplifting #upliftingquotes #needmore #coffee

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Borrowed this post from jill. how fitting for my life the past few days and thanks to those tagged for your support. . . #friendship #friend #respect #life #lifequotes #deservebetter #youdeservebetter #upliftingquotes #uplifting

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This blend of uplifting essential oils has a revitalizing aroma, and is perfect for creating a stimulating atmosphere. when you need a natural pick-me-up, elevation is the ideal solution. #getmoving #uplifting #quickerpickerupper

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I think i will ☀️

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Hope and expect are different. . nice quote from @millionaire.dream . 👉follow @bensweet.online 👉follow @bensweet.online .

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