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Sunday thoughts on motivation ✨
last week i received an interesting question about how i am able to maintain my motivation all of the time. i thought this question should be addressed in a feed post because the truth is that no one is constantly motivated all of the time! it constantly fluctuates and being forced to take a break from work this week due to a physical illness has got me thinking about my motivation to get back to work!
when we lack motivation we start looking for sources of inspiration to motivate us to regain that focus and energy. personally, i needed to be physically forced to take a break, in order to have new motivation to get back to work. however, if you’re struggling with the motivation to study your subjects the best advice i can give you is to intrinsically enjoy what you’re learning. if you can trick your brain into thinking that what you need to study is interesting or new information that you didn’t know before, it can help you with finding the motivation to continue! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
when we lack motivation we start looking for sources of inspiration to motivate us to regain that focus and energy. it’s different for everyone and what works for me may not necessarily work for you! i do hope that this helps to understand that there are times when i lack motivation myself! i hope you’ve all enjoyed this post and had a great weekend!💕
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Squad goals🦅💪🏼🦅💪🏼🦅💪🏼🦅 #onlyatyonsei
a yonsei freshman tradition is to get matching varsity jackets embroidered with your department and logo. looking très bon, new french language & literature majors! | 📷: @minbro_2556

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How to be a morning person ?

i will give you some tips to become a morning person and so achieve all your goals of the day.

1. find a motivation.
2. prepare your to do list the day before. [...] you can find my 6 tips to be a morning person in my last article available on my blog.
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Aqui está um estribo que eu mesma dobrei, meu curso é 95% pratico então é muito mais fácil de aprender pois você está fazendo e tem o direito de errar é fazer novamente, nos vemos uma obra inteira do começo ao fim, com cronograma de obra, data de início e fim e cada dia que passa eu tenho certeza que escolhi aquilo que gosto pois engenharia vai muito além de simplesmente vistoriar a obra, eu amo o que eu faço 💖
e vocês realmente são apaixonados pelo que fazem ? 🏗👩🏾‍💻

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