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“i have found the paradox that if i love until it hurts, then there is no hurt, but only more love.” - mother teresa

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Briar jude = sweet as honey 🍯

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As i’m churning through our homeschooling journey, i’ve realized what we need and that’s to keep homeschool simple. knowing how much is available to us can be vastly overwhelming. there’s so much out there, how could it possibly be kept simple? i’m gonna explain for those in the trenches of the fear of the seemingly complicated. i hope families who are starting out know that it is possible to homeschool while being a busy family. 💫
📚 essentialism. no need to go crazy buying all the supplies. all the fun stuff sitting in your space can leave you feeling as though you have to be doing it all everyday.
✏️ try not to focus and worry about what you don’t have. borrowing from the library works well to tone down that feeling. so do audiobooks and free read alouds online!
🏡 your kids will learn what’s necessary without that huge poster of information hanging in the school space. not having every homeschooling item is okay. they will learn.
🎨 if you use a curriculum, stick to it because that alone tells you only what you need. the core is fine! books. basic school supplies. basic art supplies. library card. basic developmental games. imagination!
🤸🏻‍♀️ realizing the importance of play. schools are killing creativity. make plenty of time for it.
📒 it’s okay to let go of what isn’t working, even if you’ve invested. not everything is meant for us.

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🌟 third age daily feature🌟
photo by @butnaturalphotography
🎊🎉 congratulations 🎉🎊
chosen by @cmoon795
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Running around the big city with my little dude is the best 🏙 [#ad] saving money on car insurance allows us to continue exploring + hitting up our fav city spots! check out @clearcoverinc for amazing rates on car insurance 👌🏼 link is in my bio! #coverwhatyoulove #clearcoveril

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I could eat her with a spoon 😍😍😍 can’t believe she’ll be 2 in a week! #eviejames

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Sweet goldie girl! ☀️ .
i’ve been flooded with messages asking for an update about goldie, giving helpful insight about what could be wrong and just letting me know you’re praying for her/us. i’m trying to get back to each message but some get lost in the process. if i missed you, i want to say a huge thank you for being the kindest of friends. 🥰
i made an appointment with our ent to check her airway this wednesday. the last 24-48 hours, she has improved in ways i can’t even tell you here! let’s just say, i believe prayer works and i know there are a lot of wonderful people praying for her. ❤️ thank you! thank you! thank you!
now i’m going snuggle this tiny girl because she’s wide awake and i just can’t help myself. 🥰
one piece: @lovelylittlesbasics
bonnet: @stellaandwilbur

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We have taken the pledge in our home to never use plastic grocery bags again 👊🏻✨ as of january 31st, @sobeys will have eliminated all plastic grocery from all their stores across canada. this will remove 225 million bags from the environment, that’s pretty incredible! ✨ what about you? will you join #ourpledge and use reusable bags? 👏🏻👌🏻🙌🏻 #sponsored

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This is the story of you || let this precious keepsake allow you to revel in the tangible and capture moments in their natural beauty so you may forever hold them. shop your very own stellarize baby book now, over on

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Something has been niggling at me for about a week or so now. we love our woodland walks and adventures. however, how an earth am i going to manage getting out and about with two on my own?!
molly is a complete wild child. nature and wildlife are her thing and she’s constantly running a head, full of curiosity. handing me sticks, and stones, and leaves and the odd worm. dragging me through thick brambles and hunting for the gruffalo. .
i don’t want to dampen any of that spark once baby 2 comes along. the early stages, i can baby wear, but i’m so anxious already about trying to manage two in the middle of a woodland, by myself. 🤦🏻‍♀️🌿
has anyone else had this worry?

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My big girl. as all her cousins went back to (and started!) school today, it hit me that she’s going to be in kindy in just a short 2 years time 😭 the mere thought of her going up a level in swimming to a lesson without a parent in the pool makes me feel anxious as hell. imagine that... but a full day?? of learning without me?? my heart can’t handle it #helicoptermum

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My 💛 👨‍👧
these two have the most fun together. he will not admit it, but mila totally has her way with her papa, papi, daddy 😄 yes, that’s how she calls him depends on the day. she will even scream papa car-los if she doesn’t get his attention right away; or papa herrera when she is being sweet and try to get something 😏 she will assist her papa to clean his diving regulator, wiping it clean almost every day. baby girl loves the nature and fun little adventure, picking up wild flowers with daddy and observing little insects outdoors.

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“vergeet straks geen doopsuiker mee te pakken hè!”. één van mijn standaardzinnetjes als er babybezoek komt. en toch... zijn er al veel mensen buiten gewandeld zonder 🙈. please forgive me en kom er nog snel ene halen want ze zijn zo mooi 😍. er vallen ook zeepjes, lolly’s en gin te rapen ✨
wat gaven jullie bij de geboorte? .
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Matching with dad! 🌴
my amazing mum got us flights to bali for our christmas gift and it is coming up fast! so now i’m on the hunt for recommendations of places to stay with a 1 year old 🙈🙈🙈 pleeeeease give me all your suggestions 🤗 we have 11 nights to find accommodation for, depending on the suggestions we might have to stay at a few different places 😜🍹👙
(a photo from earlier this week before we got sick 🤧)

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Anyone else get lost in their baby’s eyes? 😍😭🥰⠀

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An old photo at the louvre. didn’t mean to dress like the lady in the painting (italian renaissance painting by lorenzo di credi: the v****n and child with st julian and st nicholas of myra)⁣.⁣⁣⁣
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Never has a post been more true for me than this thanks to a house full of germs and colds, kids that seem hell bent on testing my patience and a million and one things to do and keep on top of. 👍 the joys of motherhood!!!

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𝒜𝓃𝒹 𝓉𝑜 𝒶𝓁𝓁 𝒶 𝑔𝑜𝑜𝒹 𝓃𝒾𝑔𝒽𝓉 ✨🌙 𝓈𝓌𝑒𝑒𝓉 𝒹𝓇𝑒𝒶𝓂𝓈

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#divein so many people reach out to me confessing how eager they are to get essential oils into their life but they just don’t know where to begin.
it’s something i can totally relate to - there’s like a lot of information out there and it can be pretty overwhelming to begin with 😳🤯
but that’s why i’m here 🙋🏽‍♀️ to help take away all the overwhelm and support you on your ōily journey 💕
when you join mamma members, you will be plugged into our private fb + insta communities, given access to a tonne of resources, ebooks, recipes and inspiration... oh and of course access to our brand new community website nourish & gather ⭐️
while we have all come together with oils, our community is so much more than those little brown bottles - it’s about creating a more well lifestyle in our homes 🏡🌈 and i love being able to support and guide my members through their journey while navigating my own 🥰
so, if you feel like taking the next step and rocking your world with some pure plant magic while getting the best support from me and my squad, slide into my dms 💌
all my aussie & nz enrolment kits are 20% until the end of january too 😉✨

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Old mate big red || ❤️🌹💯
this is as welcoming as my face was this morning waking up to old mate red. ⠀⠀
all week my body felt “off” stomach cramping, no motivation, mood swings, anxiety peaking, bloating. then last night i thought i had food poisoning was in sweats and thought i was going to vom. ⠀⠀
turns out my body is just adjusting to aunt flow moving in after 1.7 years of nothing. if there is one thing i enjoyed about being pregnant it was old mate red moving out of town! ⠀⠀
when did red coming knocking at your door postpartum? did your hormones hit you like a slap in the face? did it make you think about contraception? ⠀⠀
hit me with it all babes.... ❤️

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Life’s 💩 sometimes and i find it easy to focus too much on what i haven’t got, on all the hurt and the loss and what life should have looked like that i forget i already have more than i should, so this year i’ve challenged myself to find a beautiful moment every day, i won’t always post them but just the simple act of looking for those mundane little every day moments that make life beautiful when i take the time to find them, to practise a little gratitude and thank god every day for the blessings i have .
i didn’t start this as a challenge to anyone but me but to those of you that have joined in, thank you, i love that we are all in this together 💜

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Eight enchanting months of sam

epic, is a great way to describe life with you sam. you love: riding on the swings at the park, brushing your teeth, and making everything from playtime to diaper change a fun game of catch me if you can. you loathe: not getting enough sleep, being blocked off from danger zones, and when mom doesn’t have her stuff together. i can’t believe how fast you are growing and time is flying by sweet bebé boy! this month we had lots of doctor visits, your first & second bouts of croup, trips to the park, and celebrated many birthdays including dad’s. i’ll never forget: our first family trip to the snow, sleepless nights taking care of you while you were sick, and the joy on your face during a tickle battle. i can’t imagine my life without you in it sam, and i thank god for blessing us with you. you amaze me in every way possible. i’ve never been more exhausted, but i’ve also never been happier. being your mom is the most important journey i’ve ever embarked upon, & i look forward to what each new day brings. i love you with every fiber of my being, my beloved son. xomom

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Ездили в прошедшие выходные на наше любимое озеро bear lake, впервые зимой поэтому сильно удивились, что местный городок почти полностью вымерший 🙈 работает только одна прокатная контора, где можно арендовать сноумобили, а все вкусные кафе и рестораны закрыты до весны. И фестиваль ради которого мы туда ехали уже свернули к нашему приезду, вот и получилось 5 часов в дороге (туда-обратно) и всего час на озере. Можно сказать мы туда ради этого селфи приехали 🤣 так что не скупитесь на лайки 😎😘

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Hey guys, it’s been a while! just thought i would quickly jump back on and give you an update with what’s been happening;

it’s so hard to type this without tears building up the past two months have been so draining for us, brinley’s infantile spasms (west syndrome) has not only gotten worse but she’s having different types of seizures now, ones where we thought she was having a stoke! (later find out from her neurologist that these are called focal seizures/partial seizures) the whole left side of her body just shuts down and shakes uncontrollably... and now she’s having ones where she’ll just pass out.. i remember the first time i watched her go through this one (which still baffles her neurologist) she was just sitting down happily playing with her toy and all of a sudden it was like a switch turned off, she completely shut down and her head dropped slowly to her lap which lasted for 10 seconds and all of a sudden the switched was back on and her head came up like nothing happened! and now these new ones are happening quite a lot these past 2 months, we saw her neuro last week which diagnosed her with other forms of epilepsy... so now not only just she have a rare infant epilepsy (is) but now other epilepsies too! she now does 3 completely different seizures which affect 3 completely different spots in the brain! in the next 3 weeks she’s going to be having more brain scans, an mri, a 24/7 video eeg imaging again 🙄 a week at the hospital and a trial of different medications..

at the moment we are just praying constantly that she’ll be able to get through this, she is so so strong, beautiful and so intelligent! we just don’t want to see our precious girl slip away but now she’s in the risk of having autism or cerebral palsy and it’s heartbreaking hearing that... 😭 but god has chosen us for a reason and i know we can get through anything ✨ #infantilespasms #epilepsy


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I look at you and see your grandpa, who would be so proud of his daughter because you are perfect — i look at you and see your grandpas sweet heart & long fingers, and smile that made you feel like you were home. i know for a fact you will have the same bear hugs that grandpa mike had. i know he’s apart of you. i’m so thankful for you preston james michael ♥️
auntie misses you & your mama ♥️

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Last night, as gray was preparing for bed, he folded into me and said “mama, i want to be glued to you forever.” and then this morning dylan said, “i’m pretty sure you’re my favorite person. at least on this planet.” 😂😳 and it’s those tiny nuggets that keep the engine of parenthood running. it’s a thankless job a lot of the time, but when it’s good, it’s glorious.

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No hay duda que el segundo embarazo se vive de una forma súper diferente. por supuesto que siempre estará el temor de si nuestro pequeño va a nacer bien de salud, pero ya no somos esas inexpertas que nos preocupábamos por todo, haciendo caso a todos los consejos pedidos o no. ahora tenemos un poco más experiencia, sabemos lo que nos espera y la forma en que queremos educar a nuestro nuevo bebé. ⠀
en mi primer embarazo ni siquiera podía llegar al cambio de semana que marcaban las aplicaciones del celular, porque siempre iba adelantada, impaciente de ver qué tanto crecería mi pequeña de una semana a otra, ahora confieso que de repente tengo que entrar a la aplicación, para confirmar en la semana en que estamos 🙈

en este embarazo decidí que ya había leído bastante, que me iba a relajar y disfrutaría más, sus movimientos, la ilusión de tenerlo en mis brazos y compartir esto tan lindo con quien sin duda me enseñó a amar de una forma que nunca imaginé, su hermana. no voy a decir que todo ha sido más fácil, porque definitivamente el constante cansancio no ayuda mucho, pero lo que sí es un hecho es que es maravilloso poder disfrutarlo y vivirlo sin tanta preocupación...
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“i have found the paradox that if i love until it hurts, then there is no hurt, but only more love.” - mother teresa

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All of this car trash collected in 1 week😲 in 1 black hole car bin!

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This girl is my side kick right now. she’s all about me. do i get jealous when she chooses her aunt over me? yes. every time. but it helps to know when we are at home it’s all about me. i’m her girl. and when bailey and murphy have always chosen their dad over me i remember that this girl chooses me. 👯‍♀️

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V a c a t i o n s were a part of my self-care ~ until i became a mother !⁣

i never understood what parents meant when they insisted having children changes everything - including the very definition of a vacation!⁣

my family ventured to disneyworld and returned a few days ago. while our trip was nothing short of amazing- more fun than i could have asked for & memories for a lifetime - taking two children under 2 to disney is not for the weak or those foolishly seeking relaxation - it is a task unto itself & one which requires a follow-up vacation! ⁣

needless to say, i was utterly exhausted upon my return. i did, however, learn a lot about travelling with multiple b***s (which i will share later) as well as about myself, and my commitment to ensuring my children have a life they feel lucky to have. this, however, comes at a cost- to my needs, my sanity & ironically- my ability to engage in self-care so that i feel balanced & recharged. ⁣

it’s no wonder the day we returned from orlando, my partner & i decided to embark on a 30 day #sugarcleanse, in hopes of detoxing our bodies & finding a fountain of energy!!!⁣

today is day 4 of our challenge and while i’m still preoccupied with what we will eat next 😂 i have decided to focus on one of the lessons from of our trip ~ finding new ways to recharge & refresh which don’t include going on vacation, because that requires as much energy as an ironwoman competition 😂). ⁣

so, on this monday i plan to start off my week by finding an hour to take a hot bath, which i have not done in weeks now, and to begin a scrapbook of our trip.⁣

how will you bring calm and rejuvenation into your day so that you can start off the week feeling cantered, energetic & recharged ?⁣

#momoftwo #twoundertwo #disney #mindfulmama #gratitude #happiness #selfcare #mindfulness #kindfulness #kindfulliving #motivation #inspiration⁣
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Twleve months | lyla rose •
we made it! first of all we survived 12 months of making numbers on the floor in flowers (what was i thinking?!) secondly, we survived the first year of babyhood. an amazing year together! •
lyla girl now has 8 teeth, walks, runs & climbs, can answer with “yeah” to almost anything, loves playing with the puppies toys instead of her own, no longer wakes during the night, eats every fruit & veggie allll day everyday (little 🐷) loves to rough house, still nurses in the morning, and she thinks she is the funniest person ever 🤣 i can’t wait to see what the next twelve months bring her! #lylarosepuckett
swipe to see the year in review 👉🏻#12monthsold #babygirl #oneyear

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The classic baby bag in brown is r2950 and will make a stylish addition to your motherhood collection ❤️ it's made of 100% genuine bovine leather and handcrafted in south africa. to add functionality to this bag, it's also lined with a waterproof lining! 🥰

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When god sends you a sign to ℓσvε α ℓιттℓε мσяε, ᕼᑌǤ ᗩ ᒪᎥ丅丅ᒪᗴ 丅ᎥǤᕼ丅ᗴᖇ , ᎠᎥᎶ Ꭺ ᏞᎥᏆᏆᏞᎬ ᎠᎬᎬᏢᎬᏒ, and ㄥ丨ᐯ乇 乇ᐯ乇尺ㄚᗪ卂ㄚ knowing it could be your last, may you heed his voice and know every day is a gift!
тнε мσsт ιмρσятαηт тнιηg ιs тσ тяү αη∂ ιηsριяε ρεσρℓε sσ тнεү cαη вε gяεαт αт ωнαтεvεя тнεү ωαηт тσ ∂σ! (kobe bryant)
#bedeeplyrooted #godssigns # #habitandhome #mytinytribe #familyfirst #bemindful #thepowerofnow #momsunite #unitedinmotherhood #letthembelittle #inbeautyandchaos #motivationalquotes #abundancemindset #goodthoughts #godsvoice #maytheyrestinpeace

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☀️ backyard swim in the clam shell for my little water baby.

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I am beginning to learn that it is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all.
✨laura ingalls wilder

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[ sweet safari giveaway 🦓🦁🐘 ]

can we hear you say, 'raawr'? 😉 we've partnered up with the lovely @one.loved.mama to giveaway one of our safari buddies to a lucky little one! to stand a chance to win:

1️⃣ tell us which wild buddy is your fave and why
2️⃣ follow @jellycatza and @one.loved.mama
3️⃣ share the safari sweetness by tagging 3 friends

the winner will be chosen on friday 7 february and terms and conditions will apply 😊good luck, wild things!
jellycat kisses x

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How is it that this boy will be in kindergarten next year? and of course for this momma, kindergarten basically means college and college basically means gone forever. so when i say that, i’m really saying, “how is it that this boy will be leaving home for good next year?” because that’s how it feels. that’s how fast this train is going.

it is a strange thing to love them and care for them and tend to their every need and to do it in such a way that they don’t need me so much the next time, and the next. this is what we do in parenting. we work ourselves out of a job. we teach them that we will always be there, and certainly we will, but we teach them how not to come. we teach them to come to us with their questions, but soon enough they know how to answer themselves. we teach them to trust in our judgement and as time passes their own judgment becomes more reliable. it is a strange tension to see your child need you less.
the fall will come and i won’t be out of a job just yet. i look forward to this next big adventure with my biggest little. until then, we are enjoying our simple days together. #abennettlife

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Oh my lordy this girl is the most beautiful little thing ever. those dimples are my kryptonite i would have another but luckily my brain is switched on 😝 #givemealldababies
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I had a post planned out for tonight but sometimes life just doesn’t go as planned. today my anxiety got the best of my and i let other people get into my head and effect my emotions. the good news is i don’t have to hold onto this anxiety. i don’t have to let the devil keep putting these lies into my head. tonight i’m putting release over my living because anger and negative emotions can be held there. i’m putting joy over my heart and pro plus on my ankles. these three oils will help support my emotions and help me remember who i am. i am a child of god and my truth lies in him. i am repeating these words

jesus is my joy and strength.
i am letting go of anger and stress.
satan has no place here.
i am who he says i am.
strong, confident, and capable. •

what are your favorite affirmations? i’d love to hear more so we can all speak truth over our lives today.

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This flu season, i was so happy to get my hands on these natural vaporizing rubs from @mentholatumrubcan because i’m all for natural products when it comes to things we use on our bodies and around the house. my favorite was mentholatum no-mess vaporizing rub which has a roll-on applicator so no sticky, minty smelling hands. 🙌🏼 i always rub some some on my daughter’s chest when she feels congested and it works wonders. all mentilatum products are so mild that they are safe for use on children ages 2 and up! and as seen in this picture, imaan is totally obsessed with this teddy called tumbkewheeze. ☺️ #ad #breatheinrelief #rollonrelief #peerml1

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She has come a long way from her college franzia boxed wine days 💁‍♀️ #thankful.

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Ok parents. gimme all your ideas for a 5 year old’s birthday party. less than 2 months for this dude 😳 #howinthe
what did you do? did you have a party with their friends? just family? where did you go? 🤷🏼‍♀️
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I woke up this morning with a thought that continued to tug at my heart. “will vanessa get a meal train?” i saw more than one post today along the lines of “the other families deserve more media coverage.” i actually got off facebook because of a comment that diminished the bryant’s incomprehensible loss because of their celebrity. i don’t know them. my opinion doesn’t matter, really. yet i still wondered on and off all day if vanessa would have a meal train. the comfort of a village. a small tribe of people that would brave the media coverage around her. that would allow her to grieve deeply without scrutinizing the way she grieves. my world is wrapped up in my family. in the two faces that have taken over these squares. we are so fortunate we get to kiss our babies tonight. it’s heartbreaking what happened. not because of his celebrity, but because a family lost their husband, father, and daughter too soon. period.

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Bachelor night!!! who’s with me 🙋🏼‍♀️ nights like tonight when the kids have their activities and mama’s show is on, i want easy peasy dinner. we are a plant based family which makes eating out not so easy! buuuut @panago_pizza has the best plant based options, pizza, gardein plant based chicken tenders, organic juices and salads 🍕🥗🧃so you can have your pizza night and feel good about what you’re feeding your family ❤️. stay tuned for a fun little giveaway coming this week for your chance to have a family pizza night for free ✌🏼#bingewatchingbringpizza #panagopartner #paganopizza #panagoplantbased #bachelor #bachelornight

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Did a thing today! made to mother tees are being prepped for the first phase of production. so thankful you’re here!
what colors do you wanna see? i neeeeed to know 😉🧡
📷: @brandyleann

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Se vale ver la vida color rosa...y si es rosa con dorado mejor. 😉💖

me encanta la etapa del “rosa es mi color fav” caaasi siempre, es el primer color fav de las niñas, y después de la etapa del rosa, sigue el morado. 💜 ⁣

¿están de acuerdo? 🤪 🙋🏼‍♀️ si si, y si no, platícame tú versión. 😆⁣

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Do it all.
say it all.
don't be afraid to put yourself out there.
take risks.
get back up.
love again.
live. the journey is shorter than you think.💙 #beleck

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Prep 2020 📚 ⠀
the day he has been waiting for is finally here and you couldn’t wipe the smile off of his face 🥰 i can’t wait to hear how his day was! ⠀

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Only took him 2 hours to fall asleep 🙄 ..... surely he’s too young to be fighting me to sleep?!

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I adore this little lady. 🎀

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We survived strep throat and ear infections. we were well for a day and we made the best of it, we tobogganed and skated on the rink steph made in the back yard 💕. now we are shivering on the couch with sore throats and fevers. going on week 3 of illness and we are just about ready to throw in the towel. send any and all of your tips for getting through this flu season😭

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95% of women are deficient, it's often missing from prenatal vitamins, and most obgyns have overlooked the importance despite clear, clinically-validated benefits for mamas and babies. at the event, julie sawaya, co-ceo of needed (@nourishmentisneeded ), is empowering women to better understand their omega-3 needs through free nutrient testing, education, and samples of their omega-3 tailored for a mama-to-be.

tap link in bio to purchase your tickets! #socalmoms #scwsummit2020 #healthandwellness #wellnessevent #socalwellness

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She’s not much of a kisser these days so we do what i like to call the “much” kiss. 💋 she thinks it’s funny and i get to enjoy kissing those sweet little lips. 🥰

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Have you ever avoided something your entire life because it didn’t work once and you thought it just didn’t work period?
that was me with hats.
my super stylish friend christina at @christinagoredesignstudio encouraged me to buy this one and shocker! it doesn’t look too bad!
i might be a fancy hat person now!
try something you think won’t work,
you might be pleasantly surprised!
and tell me in the comments what it is,
maybe i wanna try something else new!

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Are we crazy? yeah probably. but sometimes life calls for random monday night slumber parties. .
#motherhoodunited #toddlerbedroom

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3 years ago i said yes!🙋🏽‍♀️ a yes that would lead me down a road of better health, community, a successful business and being more present with my family! then i said yes to coaching a year ago. the scariest thing i ever did but grateful i did.

so i am looking for ladies who are passionate about helping others, building a life around her dreams and her terms! 👯‍♀️
—someone what would love to create her own schedule and business hours.✌🏼
—someone that loves to travel and dreams about a business where you can work from anywhere!🏠🏖✈️
—someone who believes her story and struggles will help inspires others.💞
—someone who loves to give back and serving others.🙌🏼
no business background needed. no perfect body is needed. but she does need to have heart! 💗
this is an awesome time to join so you can go through our next coach training and learn how to help people! 👯‍♀️👯‍♀️😘 link in bio or message me! . can’t wait to have you and do life together!!!

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This past saturday we hosted the first mom social of 2020 and it was amazing. we had 25 amazing mamas in the room as well as 4 little helpers. what i love about bringing a group of women together is the connection that happens almost instantly. i loved how deep some conversations went and i loved hearing how some were sharing ——-how uncomfortable it is to be in this kind of setting but they still went. see the thing as humans we need community, we need to surrounded by people who are rising, growing and inspiring us, we need to be surrounded by positivity. saturday was amazing and i want to thank every single one of you for taking the time to take care of you 💛 .
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Say yes to one more toboggan, one more kiss, one more book. hug them tight and tell them you love them. this weekend has reminded me to be grateful for every second i get to spend with the people i love. life is so precious. tomorrow is never promised. .
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I offered to put the movie on the actual tv right next to them...they preferred to stay snuggled 🤗 hanging onto these moments because the next minute honour will be chasing her around the room as she screams in annoyance.
it’s the little things.
#homeschool #moviemorning #siblings #kidsofinstagram #family #intentionalliving #documentyourdays #unitedinmotherhood

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New day in the life tomorrow morning - from the moment our eyes pop open, 'til we flick the switch and go to sleep!
check out my highlights for our previous ditl's. 🥰

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Having a little girls week with my minis while ben travels for work. should be good because i have a very long to-do list this week and i know my kids will totally respect that and make sure we get everything checked off 🤪

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Loving big, working hard, remembering what’s important (and what’s not), spending time with loved ones & truly living. that’s what’s on my agenda. .
like so many, i am just sick over yesterday’s tragedy. i can’t stop thinking about the families who have suffered such unimaginable loss. life is so fragile so i’m going to stick to my plan of staying grateful, in love & always moving forward✨.
#worldofkenziemonroe #momandbaby #babygirl #unitedinmotherhood #motherhoodunplugged #oneyearold

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This is the face of someone who woke up late, didn’t get any of her personal “mama sanity” practices done, kitchen was destroyed, rushed to a meeting, who’s 4 yr old forgot how to put on shoes, and was knee deep in a mental war that negatively impacted her husband—all this after a few days of personally giving up on her weight loss goals by not eating her protocol.
this is her.
she is me.

the fact that as i write this i feel no shame, no judgment, no criticism—not even disappointment is a miracle.
there was a time when this post would be my subtle way of apologizing to myself for falling short.

i no longer apologize to myself for my own humanity.
i don’t demand that my 8 mos say sorry bc as he was learning to walk, he fell. i don’t ask him deep questions about his need to eat everything. i certainly don’t analyze every gurgle and grunt.
i don’t judge him. i’m compassionate. i’m curious.

he’s worthy of that, and so am i.

if you want to hear more about compassionate curiosity and what happened after all.the.shenanigans.... go follow @truthandtaylor
i’ll be posting all about my journey & how my client doubled her weight loss goal for the last week over there😮.

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He’s a wild o n e 🎉 so fun capturing this little guy turn one this weekend ☺️

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I truely cant believe it’s been just over 1 year since i started @prims_playnest! i sure didnt expect this little space to so quickly become what it is today... ive found such a kind, caring & supportive community; you guys make me smile big on a daily basis and i really look forward to another year inspiring & connecting with you on the gram ♡

elena @woodnutty tagged me to share 10 things about myself so i’m taking this opportunity to share some things the 7722 of you might find interesting!

ok ➡️ im a green thumb. i’m an indoor plant nerd & i grow a kitchen garden 🌱 i once grew a gigantic carrot that was 42cm long and 11cm wide, i kid you not. i also grew myself 8 wisdom teeth 🤦🏻‍♀️ yep! ➡️ i ride motorbikes. i pose nude for women’s empowerment photography projects & i’ve never known self love + acceptance (for myself and others) like i have since i began that journey. i love to dance & have learnt many different styles throughout my life. before having prim i achieved my second dan black belt in karate. i’ve always been a creative. i appreciate art, i love to surround myself with art & create art (of all kinds) when i can find time. photography being something i’ve always loved & one day want to peruse. ➡️ i love that i so naturally find inspiration & joy all around me, especially in the smallest, simplest of things. i’m a determined person, who can be completely carefree or a complete perfectionist. possibly due to being a true gemini - i’m always doing something new, however it’s not just a ‘phase’ it’s a way of learning, growing and encompassing what makes me happy and fills my cup at that time. ➡️ i have no grey area. what you see is what you get. i wear my heart on my sleeve. i don’t do fake, i don’t do lies & i expect the people in my life treat me with the same dignity. ➡️ i totally won the husband jackpot & the daughter jackpot - very soon to be two 🧒🏼👧🏼 i love being a mama 💞 we have a german shepherd called indi. we live on the south coast of south australia, where the country meets the sea - truely the best of both worlds!

well, that was waaay more than 10 things but there you go 😅 now please do tell me something cool about you!! x

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Just out here tryna teach him to eat healthy, lift the toilet lid, check for cars, appreciate 90’s rap music, and you know, just be a good human.

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