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we get questions like this almost every day. to partly answer the question, we use sony cameras. want to know why? check out our recent blog post on our website linked in our bio or on our story.
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Reposted from @sjseto - the snow and the alpenglow - 2019.02.04
i wish i’d had time to find a different viewpoint (not because i don’t love this view from the middle of cambie street, but because i’ve shot it so many times before) but i got out the door late and i had less than 10 minutes to shoot this before the light disappeared. it takes me literally only a minute to get to this spot once i leave my building so it’s my go-to for a cityscape when i don’t have a lot of time.
fresh snow on the lower parts of the mountains has been rare this year, and although this was only a light dusting, it does look so amazing in the light of the setting sun.
edit: now that snowpocalypse: 2019 edition has hit vancouver, i might be able to get a more impressive version of this view tomorrrow.

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Light up your friday! ✨
photo: @mister_snuffleupagus - @vancouver

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These gatorade lakes in british columbia 🤩. berg lake is one of my favorite spots in #canada 🇨🇦

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