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Finally feeling the christmas feels over here 🎄 it’s taken me awhile to get into it but after putting up the tree, listening to christmas music and baking cookies i think i’m starting to feel that christmas spirit. i just hope i can slow it down and make it last a little while longer. a couple years ago i wrote an article for @thevillagemagazine about simplifying your season. i re-read it today to remind myself to take it easy and keep the festivities simple. i put a link to it in my bio if you feel like you need some inspiration to slow down this time of year. ❤️ it’s sad to think that we spend such a special time in a tizzy of doing and consuming. here’s hoping we can stop and simmer and truly soak up that holiday magic ✨

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Featured artist: alexander ilichev
title: portrait
medium: acrylic on canvas
if you would like to be featured visit www.toyastales.blogspot.com and click on the contact me tab for submitting instructions.
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“the past is not the mirror but the frame. it can only set the stage for your reflection. but you determine who stares back at you.” i learned to live with my past this last year, relearned how to be comfortable in my own skin. and decisions i had always hesitated on gained a sudden sense of urgency. as they always say, “it’s not the end, it’s just time to turn the page.” see you on the other side. ✌🏻💕

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