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Motherhood is something we all have within ourselves, something indescribable and indomitable. no one can turn a hurricane on its head, or tell a rainbow to move elsewhere. likewise, we as mothers must be strong in our convictions. we all have challenges to overcome - be that depression, anxiety, a difficult mother in law (anyone hear me?) - but we can find a way to overcome. we were created for just such a time as this.

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Do you have a place you hold in your heart? a place that you are bursting with love for? a place you want to share with the ones you love? ours is always home.
this city, might not be much to you, but, it's our city. people who are from here, they get it. it has a hold on you. you feel a sense of ownership and pride for this place. you can't find pizza anywhere like you can here. it's this place, it's this city that we dream about. it's where we want to be. we want to be home.
we got lucky, and found this beautiful, customizable map from mapiful. now we can send a little bit of home to those we wish could be here with us. what more perfect than the gift of home for the holidays?
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Monday already 😭 take me back to the weekend ☀️🌊

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Spent yesterday feeling like i was in a disney hangover😂😂#somuchsugar
and back to work tomorrow means i have a million things on my to-do list today🙈but you know i made sure meal planning and prep is at the top!
after a week of vacation i have been soooo ready to get back to my usual eating habits🥗🍌🥕🍇so grateful for my bootcampers for holding me accountable through this! the motivation in our november group is high and i so need it to head into week two and make it count!!
that little bit of prep today means all of the grab and go options are ready to get me totally back on track and crushin’ it all week long💪🏼💪🏼how are you getting prepped for the week ahead today? .
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Maggie cannot wait to be reunited with her best aunt and uncle's there ever was! she was giddy the entire time with them last week. and she gets to spend thanksgiving with them this year!

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When you’re eight and you leave your hat on the sledding hill and your mom makes you walk back to get it even though you’re freezing and had already made it home...it’s just the saddest thing.

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Not all hero’s wear capes - some of them also wear dinosaur feet • happy monday - hope you get a hot coffee and a wee without children ☕️💃🏽♥️✖️

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My sunday sunshines.

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Have you heard of “thinkup”??? it has become a staple in my daily life and even though it’s sort of simple and obvious, it has had a massive impact on my day to day (so if you don’t have the app, go download it! it’s free! - this is not sponsored in any way i just think it’s 🙌🏽)..
it gives you several lines to input what you are grateful for and then record yourself saying these things... it reminds you 3 times each day (morning, lunch and night) and you can either read or listen to your list... it feels weird at first and i definitely don’t put that on speaker because i would prefer the world not think i am as quirky and strange as i actually am😂..
anyways, give it a try! it takes about a minute to shift your mind and interrupt those negative pathways and i definitely notice the more i am consistent the stronger and longer my “positive vibes” are compared to that go to negative “lacking” mindset that so many of us struggle with..
and i just updated mine today because i noticed i didn’t have one of my biggest blessings in there... cory. i have spent the last week (all day and all night) with my sick + overtired and very irritated little boy and he offered to take him while i went to the gym. who does that? he saw i was drained out and getting negative and down and out and he reached out a hand... i think this is the basis of our entire relationship and i constantly look for ways to make his life better... and he does too. so today, i am grateful for all the past relationships that didn’t work out, because it led me to him ❤️
what are you grateful for!? and try the app!! .
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I have never been a massive holiday season person but i will shamelessly admit i am so excited for the holidays this year and starting our own traditions with our little rainbow baby. what are some family traditions that you have? how do you celebrate the holidays?

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🖤white choc + macadamia #lactationcookies are back in stock 🙌🙌

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Have a great week! 😊💙🧡
hi 👋! i am wondering...what do you think 🤔 about this bag?
this is our newest model 👏👉 the fanny pack (raise the hand 🤚 the one who knows what fanny means).
the belt is adjustable so you can use it as a shoulder bag. it is bigger than the lazy.perfect for the next generation phones 📲 and for the sunglasses 🕶.
p.s. love to hear your thoughts!

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These are a few of my favorite things... i had such an amazing time at our mops favorite things party last night. so honored to be surrounded by such amazing souls. ————
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"my flesh and my heart may fail, but god is the strength of my heart, my portion forever." - psalm 73:26

he is our strength. let’s rest in that truth today. #hereosforher

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The weekend before thanksgiving we usually host a friends-giving. i love throwing parties, i love being with friends, i love creating and decorating and cooking for people i love. but. this year is different. jon and i decided to take this weekend and focus on us and the kids before all the craziness of family coming to town this week. the kids got to play in leavenworth, we found a real life nutcracker, saw the biggest christmas tree in the world decorate with lights, played / drank / ate at a new cider house and got to pick out our yearly christmas tree ornaments. slowing down and enjoying the little things is not something that comes naturally for jon and i. this weekend we made it a priority and our family is better because of it. ❤️ #fullheart

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Happy birthday mickey mouse! we can’t wait to celebrate you soon. .
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