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Intenté no perder ese toque amateur y conservar la sensación de la fotografía callejera cruda y desprolija. supe que las imágenes que estaba registrando quedarían como fotogramas de la vida diaria, un testimonio de lo que fuimos y lo que somos. la gente, sus gestos, la crisis social... una búsqueda sin ensayo entre luces y sombras.

para estas fotografías elegí el blanco y n***o porque no hay color en la historia. solo quería centrarme en los temas de los que estoy tomando fotos.

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It’s back to school season and this could mean for some families, back to routines. this undeniably could also mean for some kiddos, meeting new teachers, getting accustomed to seeing new faces among classmates and adapting to a new learning environment. i had the chance to read “maggoline: the story of a girl and her nanny: adventures, transitions and goodbyes” right before my daughter transitions to the pre-kinder class next week.
katie my sassy little buttercup was feeling overwhelmed and got teary eyed as steve and i broke the news to her that she will no longer be in the same classroom with her beloved teacher, ms. linda because she’s growing up. as i read this book aloud to her, this storybook illustrates and words it perfectly that change is eminent, with the good times and fun times shared between a caretaker and a child… the strong connection of that fierce and mighty bond will forever be there. this book got katie thinking what relationships are all about. and as how every parent sees it, i just want to see her be happy, fulfilled and valued.
this beautiful story meets my daughter’s emotional needs. it has helped me to find a balance between nurturing her emotions and coming to understand those temper tantrums she’s going through lately. i was so blown away that this story by @the.megan.mill hands down helped me through this journey called motherhood. that is why i’m super excited to tell you guys to check this out because this book is written for any household with a mini, from tiny tot throughout childhood years.. we can’t wait for the school year to officially begin and to know what other new friendships she’ll discover next! (#ad)

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Sunny day in belgrade 🤗

most people would say they know all there is to know about belgrade. they would describe the serbian capital as a city with a rich culture, monuments at every step and a buzzing nightlife. but that’s not even the half of it! to this day, this intriguing metropolis manages to surprise not only tourists, but the people who spend every day walking its streets.

did you know 🤔church of saint mark belgrade was build upon model of the church gracanica, endowment of king milutin, and shows some elements of serbian-byzantine architecture.

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Timelines : boston, ma 2018 #fromstreetswithlove

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Portal to another world or just an ancient door? ... i love these details

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Places like this provide me with an inescapable sense of calm, a lever and pulley for all the whatever piling atop my shoulders. a place to be present, to listen to the echo of space, of nature churning, ticking, changing. an alarm of birds singing to the air, wind disrupting the reflection of calm, icy water needling weary muscles, light dancing, kissing, coloring. if you stop long enough to feel part of the world, your world becomes a glass half full of whatever tonic suits you. it gives perspective and shape to what you might otherwise miss.

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