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Немного моря никогда не помешает. Даже холодного. 🌊

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/ palm trees & high heat /
📷: @dupersupercarla

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#late 🕛
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Explore the unknown.
thrills don’t exist where chase lacks;
the congestion of roads most taken
always leaves ends dead.
familiarity lulls lives to sleep
in a bed of roses,
i’d rather be outside in a rainstorm
where my retinas view the world
with newborn eyes, soaked in serotonin,
drowning in dopamine.
📷: @nolank808

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Goodnight precious planet

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Oh hi sunset

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My favourite hour

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Can we keep summer forever?

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Insert cheesy caption here

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Diggin these @converse 💘

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Ice cream from @blackbearicecream 😍

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Katie + michael dean’s beautiful rsm wedding. 💕😍 check out my igtv for the full video!

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“to this day, i can clearly recall seeing the cinco de mayo p-rod 2’s on display in 2008. i loved everything about the design; the mint padded interior, the black swoosh slicing through the white body and just the right amount of red. times were different and i was able to purchase a pair of 11.5’s in-store at msrp with somewhat ease. i wore those into the ground and anyone who knows the p- rod 2’s knows how difficult that can be. they went with me to class, on dates and were a staple in my travels around the world. fittingly, the last time i wore that pair was at mardi gras. it was the viking funeral they deserved.
fast forward 6 years from my first acquisition and many sneakers later, i was excited about a pair of tiffany dunk highs’ that were releasing. i went through all my normal strategies and could not acquire the pair however. it was clear to me how resellers and bots were affecting the sneaker community. within 24 hours of their release, it seemed as if the entire inventory was on ebay for multiples of msrp. hundreds of pairs being scooped up without a care in the world for the sneaker itself. fed up, i spent the next 10 months searching for and finding a brand new pair of cinco de mayo p-rod 2’s and the pair that truly started it all for me was the last pair i added to my collection.”
special thanks to @matthew.s.stevens for sharing this #snkrstory. there’s no doubt that that resellers and botting have become rampant within the sneaker industry. anyone who has tried to buy sneakers in the past 5 years or so has had a very frustrating experience at least once. while i’ll always appreciate the rarity of certain sneakers, giving everyone a fair chance to acquire them should be top priority. here’s to hoping companies like nike and adidas combat botting and people like matt re-join the sneaker community.

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Semua karya dibuat dengan smartphone.

merdeka itu, keadaan dimana individu maupun kelompok mendapat kan hak hak nya.
apapun makna kemerdekaan menurut kalian kita sebagai penerus bangsa harus menjaga bangsa ini yang telah diperjuangkan oleh para pahlawan kita dulu.
selamat hut-ri ke 73
#17agustus #agustusan #hutri #kemerdekaan #indonesia #harikemerdekaan #hutindonesia #dirgahayuindonesia #merdeka #dirgahayu #merahputih #hutri73

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