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It’s my first english easter in five years, which means i’ve been riding a sugar high for much of the evening now. you’ll have to eggscuse the late post, i just thought it’d be a sweet idea.

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|| sunset skies ||

there's a quote i really like that is perfect for this post.
“clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.” -rabindranath tagore-
have a great weekend πŸ’™

created using: @photoshop @lightroom & @pixelsquid360

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Photo of the day - "rest in his word"β €
β €
all original images by me. really just two pictures here - one of the bible and candles, and the other my wife under a blanket. i used a variety of photoshop tools to make the paper look like a blanket.β €
β €
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“art speaks where words are unable to explain”
lost in double exposures with me !! edited in @photoshop with #wacomintuospro
images credit: @pexels @pinterest

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Peter cottontail is real, and he’s way bigger than we thought!
randomly got this idea late last night and put it together pretty quick. just a fun little easter design. hope everyone has an eggcellent holiday!!! photos by
rabbit by piotr orlinski

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