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Honours student @ncwychandra caught up with @justinbaldoni after his #tedwomen2017 talk - thanks for the shoutout justin! 👍

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Justin’s @ted talk was just released! i couldn’t be more proud of him for doing this. he tackles a topic that is so relevant today and shows up, not as an expert, but as a human. on that day he stood in front of over a thousand women and shared what it’s like trying to be #manenough for everyone. it’s not easy to stand on a stage like that and be 100% honest and authentic, but he did it. it’s not a pity talk for men, it’s rather a call to action for men to redefine masculinity and to stand up for and celebrate women. i’m gonna stop talking, click the link in my bio and watch it instead. ❤️ #tedtalks #tedwomen2017 #redefinemasculinity #proudwife

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This just happened. words can’t express how crazy i am about you and your brilliant heart and mind @justinbaldoni #ted #tedwomen2017 #genderequality

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I love u new orleans⚜️💋 thanks for capturing this moment @dee_fab #tedwomen2017 #tedtalks @ted #imeverywoman #dancewithsomebody #goodvibes #doyou #neworleans #nola #living

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Ted women’s conference 2017, nola. french market place dinner decor. #tedwomen2017 #gloriosiaspecialityevents

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What do you think the world will look like without more prisons? do we put the price on the problem or fund the solutions? for one jail, multiple restorative centers could be built instead. find this inspiring #tedtalk by deanna van buren at www.ted.com . . . 📷 stacie mcchesney / tedtalk #tedtalktuesday #tedwomen #tedwomen2017 #education #restorativejustice #findsolutions #stopfundingproblems #proactive

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Ted translators masako kigami and meriç aydonat at the translators brunch at #tedwomen2017. (photo credit: stacie mcchesney/ted.) #tedtranslators #translation #neworleans #nola

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There’s never a bad time to give a shout-out to #womensempowerment. hence, this #tbt photo of ted translators representing at #tedwomen2017. (photo credit: stacie mcchesney/ted.) #tedtranslators #translation #neworleans #nola

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This is a great holiday because it represents love. commercialized or not #love is still the theme. one of my favorite podcasts about #love is 3 lessons of revolutionary love in a time of rage by #valariekaur #tedwomen2017 #revolutionarylove #selflove #sharethelove #happyvalentinesday

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Tough emotions are part of our contract with life. you don't get to have a meaningful career or raise a family or leave the world a better place without stress and discomfort. discomfort is the price of admission to a meaningful life. #tedwomen2017

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Have you watched luuvie ajayi's ted women talk yet? brilliant, self proclaimed ‘professional trouble maker’ reminds us to "get comfortable with being uncomfortable” #wednesdaywisdom #wcw #tedtalk #tedwomen2017

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Redefinamos la masculinidad y termínenos con los roles y estereotipos de género!! @justinbaldoni aborda un tema que es tan relevante hoy y compartió lo que significa ser #manenough para todos. un llamado a la acción para que los hombres redefinan la masculinidad, defiendan y celebren a las mujeres. (haga clic en el enlace en biografía para ver video completo)💥 #tedtalks #tedwomen2017 #redefinemasculinity #justinbaldoni @laterceracom @ted

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#tedwomen2017 must watch #justinbaldoni live life in hedonism but with a good mindview❤️ . humble request to everyone to watch that episode 🙏🙏

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Deb willis and hank willis thomas! interview was taped early november 2017 in new orleans for the laura flanders show 11/17 and released on youtube: https://youtu.be/pyjjd6yvxpa “broadcasting schedule: ​the show will air on cunytv at: friday, february 2 - 5:00pm saturday, february 3 - 2:00pm sunday, february 4 - 10:30am it will then continue to air ​on linktv, freespeech tv​ and manhattan neighborhood network. the podcast for the episode ​is also available on itunes, spotify, and google play.”​ bravo!! #debwillisphoto #hankwillisthomas #lauraflandersshow #tedwomen2017

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In case you missed it...my little sister’s ted talk is now up at ted.com. go check it out. and then share it. and then share it again. it’s amazing. not that i’m biased or anything. . . . #proudsister #stalkinggod #tedwomen2017 #ted @itsanjalikumar

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It’s heeeeeere...my little sister’s ted talk is on the ted homepage today and it’s her birthday today! so go check it out at ted.com. and then share it. and then share it again. it’s amazing. just sayin. #proudsister #stalkinggod #tedwomen2017 #ted @itsanjalikumar

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"tough emotions are part of our contract with life. you don’t get to have a meaningful career or raise a family or leave the world a better place without stress and discomfort. discomfort is the price of admission to a meaningful life." we highly recommend you take 15 min today and watch this motivational #tedwomen talk @susandavid_phd gave. working with her was such a wonderful experience, for both her speaker reel and book trailer, and we can't wait for our future endeavors with her. (📸 by stacie mcchesney photography) go to http://go.ted.com/susandavid

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Вот это впечатлявший меня Мужчина. Ювелир @patrickmavros. soldier - baker - earing maker. Патрик живет в #harare, он местный. Живет в большом доме в большом саду, где в старых зданиях из белого камня находится его ювелирное производство. «Я был в госпитале и сделал серёжки своей жене, она показала их владелице салона красоты, та очень похвалила и я сделал серёжки и ей. Через неделю она заказала ещё две пары и начала продавать их по 6$. Так начался мой путь». Вечно увлечённый, щедрый, полный историй и желанием ими поделиться, постелил свой семейный основательный мир. Мир, в котором сыновья развивают семейное дело, все женщины в доме носят крашения отца, 7 довольных собак бегают по лужайке, 30 местных ребят зарабатывают, работая в ювелирном цехе. Я тут начала думать, что есть одна чарта, отличающая всех супер успешных людей. Знаете, какая? #tedwomen2017 #kolesotravels_zimbabwe #kolesotravels #womantravelsalone

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Colleen osborn, a member of ted’s mobile team, and brazilian portuguese ted translator raissa mendes at the translators brunch at #tedwomen2017. (photo credit: stacie mcchesney/ted.) #tedtranslators #translation #nola

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This is the most amazing #tedtalk by one of the modern heroes @justinbaldoni ! i am a little feminist and deep within i’m praying for a world where women have a voice and there’s no harassment and s****l abuse. harassment is a part of daily life of every woman, it’s happening on the streets, in the tram, online. and what we can do as women is living head up high and against all odds standing strong and keep on going with breaking the mountains. why today i can’t go against men and blame them all the way is because most of them never learned what it really means to be a man. our society is teaching us b******t about femininity and manhood. i appreciate every single man who stands up for women, who supports women in his life to be bigger, to be more of who they are. chapeau to every man who is courageous enough to be vulnerable, to open up, even if it hurts and who isn’t afraid showing “weakness” and asking for help. i stand up for every man who want to change the “man-up-you’re-a-big-boy-be-a-man” illusion. if somebody is interested in this topic i recommend an excellent documentary on @netflixde called “the mask we live in” and i highly recommend to watch the project of @justinbaldoni called @wearemanenough - the series are world-changing! in the past i used to write for a wonderful magazine called @goodmenproject which also discusses all topics around manhood, masculinity and the role of a modern man in our society! i’ll never lose hope that men will feel that their power also lies in love, care, help and kindness! thank you dear @justinbaldoni and everybody who contributes to a better world! #justinbaldoni #metoo #themaskwelivein #netflix #düsseldorf #chirkolateur #powerwoman #manhood #masculinity #superman #magicfox #tedxtalks #tedx #whatmenwant #mensfashion #menstyle #mensweardaily #menshealth #masculinity #masculino #hombres #tedwomen2017 #tedwomen

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@luvvie romping fun beach read. good advice on how to avoid being a terrible. #tedwomen2017 #imjudgingyou

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Board of directors announcement eden veins ny-fl is pleased to announce the appointment of dr. liza eden giammaria to the board of directors for the american college of phlebology foundation (acpf). dr. liza eden giammaria is acknowledged for her unique blend of global initiatives and vision, expertise, dynamic leadership and innovative technologies, combined with her passion and strong commitment to health and education. congratulations dr. liza eden giammaria on this incredible accomplishment! #mobilizewomen #tedwomen2017 #tedxwomen #tedwomen #tedxwomen2017 #shesunmit #csuite #gamechangeagency #gacstudios #csuiteexecutives #womenseday #womenentrepreneur #investinwomen #sentientjets #netjets #businessjets #flyprivatejet #varicoseveintreatment

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