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🌿 kullanimi: yüzümü temizleyip iyice yıkadıktan sonra kurulayıp ince bir tabaka halinde cildime yediriyorum. çabuk kuruyan bir yapıda olduğu için hızlıca uygulamanızı öneririm. başta kokusu biraz keskin ama birkaç saniye içinde koku kayboluyor. öncesinde ve sonrasında başka herhangi bir ürün uygulamıyorum.
🌿 sonuçlari: sadece sivilcelerim için aldığımı söylemiştim ama bu #teatreeoil serumu son 2-3 senedir burun kenarlarımda oluşan güneş lekelerimi ve çillerimi gözle görünür şekilde azalttı hatta büyük bir kısmını tamamen yok etti. sivilceleri maksimum 2 uygulamada söndürdü. gözeneklerimde de ciddi anlamda bir sıkılaşma ve küçülme oldu.
🌿 kullanim alanlari: benim kullandığım alanlar dışında bu ürün antibakteriyel olduğundan yaralara, mantara ve enfeksiyona karşı da sıkça kullanılabiliyor.
🌿 siz de ürünü kullandıysanız lütfen fikir ve görüşlerinizi yoruma yazın.

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مجموعة شجرة الشاي العضوية والغنية بزيت الشاي تضمن لك بشرةً أكثر نقاءً وجمالاً🍃
جربي الغسول و التونر يومياً و ستلاحظِ الفرق👍🏼
want to discover the ultimate skin-clearing trio? our cleanse, tone, and target steps work brilliantly together to combat pesky skin imperfections.
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#selfcaresunday have you tried this diy to help with longer & stronger hair and nails?! the full video is on my youtube channel!
#almondmilk contains lots of protein that will strengthen your hair & nails and reduce breakage. almond milk may help with hair loss prevention and is perfect for deep conditioning and softening hair because of the fatty acids it contains. it can even help brighten and clear your skin! try adding almond milk to your coffee too!
#almondoil contains omega-3 fatty acids, phospholipids, vitamin e, and magnesium, all extremely beneficial for your hair and scalp. it helps keep your #naturalnails from cracking and peeling!
#lavenderoil strengthens nails and has antibacterial properties for a healthy scalp & stimulates and improves hair growth
#teatreeoil unclogs hair follicles and nourishes the roots & stimulates hair and nail growth
#pimentooil stimulates blood circulation and can help with the generation of new cells.
*you can use whatever essential oils you want to really personalize this recipe! tag me and use #hif3liciahelped if you try this!! song- hyde hip hop instrumental
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Tea tree skin clearing facewash @thebodyshoppakistan 🍃
🍃 it removes excess oil from your face and prevents acne. 🍃i love its fragrance 😍 🍃 has a cooling effect! ❄️ 🍃 it's more suitable for oily skin compared to dry skin! however, even if someone with dry skin (like me) uses it its fine as long as you properly moisturize your skin. 👩🏻 all body shop products are of good quality and have amazing fragrances! therefore, they never dissapoint me! .
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Does tea tree oil have enough antiviral activity to combat hsv-1 and papilloma viruses, the causes of cold sores and common warts respectively? watch the rest of the video "benefits of tea tree oil for warts and cold sores" on nutritionfacts.org: http://bit.ly/2yrdaey (link in bio) #hownottodie #nutritionfactsorg #lifestylemedicine #teatreeoil

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“phase 1” of my morning skincare: cleanse and prep.

i find my morning routine is more elaborate than my nighttime one, because it has to meet requirements of cosmetic elegance and appearance all day, compared to the greasy mask i can slap on before bed, when only my cats are there to bear witness to my slugliness.

bioderma’s classic sensibio micellar water does what i like from a cleanser: it removes residue from the skin while “leaving it better than i found it.” not drying, never irritating, this actually seems to soothe and reduce redness in my skin when used regularly.

@whamisaskincare x @glowrecipe green tea serum toner is the ideal first hydrating step for me. it contains no niacinamide (my niacinemesis) as most excellent toners do, but it still plumps and juicifies my skin.

currently my skin is rebelling against any and all acid use (if this is what california winter does to my body, can you picture me in canada...) so my primary acne treatment is ultra-diluted tea tree oil. i alternate between using a drop on a water-saturated pad as a post-cleanse step, and mixing with this @drlinskincare hydrating gel. it sinks in quickly but not *too* quickly. heavier than a toner, lighter than the creams that come next.

stay tuned for phase 2: oils and creams!
• • •
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i still get alot of questions about how to workout without ruining a fresh wash & go so i’m reposting this video!
1) use 2 @goodyhair ouchless forever elastics ( use 1 if your hair is thinner) and pull my hair through halfway leaving my ends out. for extra security i use 2 spin pins. (in my amazon store)
then i use 2 clips (1 in front, 1 in back)
to refresh:
1) carefully take your curls down (try to not let them stay up for too long after a workout)
2) i like to massage my scalp with an essential oil mix then i’ll lightly spritz with lavender water before i b**w dry my roots! 🎶 jcole workout
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Jenis kulitku emang ga sensitif ataupun gampang berjerawat, tapi kulitku cenderung oily di daerah t-zone, dan akhir2 ini karna sering makeup jadinya komedoan dan muncul jerawat2 kecil. pas pertama kali nyobain @thebodyshopid tea tree series ini langsung jatuh cinta dehhh! aku pake lengkap mulai dari; skin clearing facial wash, skin clearing mattifying toner, tea tree oil, drops if youth concentrate, skin clearing daily solution, skin clearing lotion (daytime), dan blemish fade night lotion (night time) 💚
pertama untuk cleanser dan toner nya sihh juara. abis pake ini berasa kulit bersih dan bebas minyak. terus ada youth concentrate dan serumnya, kedua ini teksturnya ringan dan cepat meresap dikulit, jadi kadang aku suka pake ini sebelum makeup. lanjut lagi aku tap2 bagian kulit yang ada jerawat/bekas jerawat pake tea tree oil, rasanya dingin2 gitu dan ngebantu banget sih buat ngempesin jerawat n memudarkan bekas jerawat. terakhir aku pake moisturizer-nya antara yang day lotion atau night lotion, ini juga membantu banget untuk melembabkan kulitku tanpa terasa minyakan! luv bgttt! #thebodyshopindo #teatreepower #teatreeoil #teatree #clearskin

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