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So pumped to announce that we'll be at the @syracusecrunch game selling shirts, hoodies and more saturday december 8th as the crunch take on the @amerkshockey

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Corporal saenz with the san bernardino police department, providing genuine feedback of his experience in our chino magnus session. learning to understand yourself and others helps not only in your professional life—it’s a complete lifestyle improvement. bravo, cpl. saenz, you are magnus! #magnusmovement #knowyourworth

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Enfim especialistas em micropolitica da gestão e do trabalho em saúde - uff 🤓🤓🤓
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🗣 basketbol takımı antrenörümüz ceyhun cabadak, artvin belediye ve düzce belediye karşılaşmalarını değerlendirdi. 🏀
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🗣 basketbol takımı antrenörümüz ceyhun cabadak, artvin belediye ve düzce belediye karşılaşmalarını değerlendirdi. 🏀
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Bu oyuncu takımdan ihraç edilmiş. komple, spordan ihraç edilmeli! 😡
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As promised, part 2 from yesterday’s video (suspect being taken into custody after murdering his ex-girlfriend in front of their children). talking points: 1) less-lethal options are not miracle pills (first taser deployment failed). 2) always a good idea to have lethal coverage when deploying less-lethal. 3) i’ve talked in the past about bringing a beanbag with you if you know you’re responding to a suspect armed with a knife. it’s good to have the additional standoff distance over a taser. if i know i’m going to a suspect armed with a knife, i’ll sometimes have the beanbag out in my lap while en route. (there are cons to this; going into foot pursuit while toting a long gun in your hands is 👎). as always, not here to monday morning qb; these are general talking points that come to mind when watching these videos. suspect was taken into custody without further death; officers went home; it’s a win. be safe, be effective, be respectful and civil in the comments. ———————————————————-
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Video 1 of 2 i will be posting. suspect who stabbed his ex-girlfriend in front of their child is held at gunpoint by a ccw citizen, and oc’d by another. very recently, a security guard was shot and killed by a responding officer in cook county after stopping a drunken patron who was shooting up the bar he worked at. going to use this video to talk about off duty actions. 1) you are your own first responder. it takes uniforms minutes to get to a scene after being dispatched typically. be situationally aware, carry your gun and have first aid training. 2) try to have dispatch put out your description for responding officers. 3) try to have your badge visible. 4) listen to what the officers that arrive on scene are saying. if you’ve got your gun out, put it down or holster up immediately and put your hands up. you might get cuffed; deal with it later. 5) know what’s worth intervening for, and what could make things worse. (shoplifter running away with a stick of gum might be a situation where you should just be a good witness). as a reminder, these comments are general comments that don’t necessarily pertain to this situation; just things to be reminded of. the good samaritans did awesome here. the cook county incident is tragic. please be civil and respectful in the comments. ———————————————————-
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Всем спокойной ночи!✨
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