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Hey everyone,
have you missed me?
on the set of my new tv show i was a little nervous for meeting everyone knowing that it would be a new cast and a new type of work i would be doing. i had just got myself together and got dressed and had hair and makeup done in the trailer and one of the workers came to the door to tell me that there was someone to see me. turning around i saw flowers in someone’s face all i could see was a beautiful figure and petite womanly hands as the person stepped closer the flowers dropped down and i saw my love.
my heart danced and i felt happy
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4x16 & 4x17
this is: ugly
ac. ouatvibe // cc. daenays
- leslie

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They will be endgame in an au
yo dudes it’s robyn @hybridsparrilla posting an old edit for phoebe:pp omg insta fix this quality🥺
ac/cc; mine
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