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!!!giveaway!!! to start off your year on the right foot i am giving away something that is literally part of my body now. i never step out of my house without @watertogo and i believe that it is a necessity when travelling as it helps to reduce plastic pollution. this bottle filters 99.9% of all microbiological contaminants from any non-salt water source. i personally have been drinking tap, river, waterfall water everywhere from asia to africa and minimised my plastic bottle usage by at least 70%, which is huge taking into consideration i used to buy at least 5 bottles daily when travelling around developing countries.
i really believe that this simple step of having a water bottle with a filter can reduce plastic, help environment and of course save your money that is why i am giving away 3 of those magic bottles to 3 of my lucky followers!
everything you have to do is tag your 2 friends in the comments below and make sure you are following me.
it has never been easier to do good for nature.
1. make sure you are following me
2. tag 2 of your friends in the comments
each comment with 2 new friends is an additional entry, so the more comments the more chances to win. this giveaway is for europe only. 3 winners will be randomly selected and announced on sunday 20th.
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◇ beach cleanups are sexy ◇ #shetravelsgreen
photo credit: kier mellour @ecobikinigirl

this girl is saving the world one bikini beach-clean at a time. 💚 she has huge following and using her influence for good. such an inspiration!

kier 💬 "i started my page to inspire. i wanted to make it cool, sexy, and fun, to care. it seemed to me like pictures of dead or suffering animals wasn’t/isn’t getting people’s attention.

so what would? hot girls 👙 🧜🏽‍♀️ obvi. if you want to sell anything, make it sexy.

so that’s what i’m doing. making beach cleans sexy. getting people’s attention... using one of my gifts, my appearance, to wake people up. there are a lot of girls who are gorgeous with massive influence who aren’t using it to better the world... that is so sad to me 🤷🏼‍♀️... i want to be the one who does use my influence for good. i want to grow my page to millions of followers who #refusesingleuse daily, who #beachclean as often as they can, who want to #beglamandgiveadamn because it’s 2019 and we can do and be both 🙌🏽"
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Ready for lunch while saving the world? these eco-friendly drinking and eating buddies are ready to help save the world with you!!
cut your single-use and plastic waste and create a simple steps towards helping the environment. what a win win indeed! our marine buddies would be very happy for this!! 🐋🦈🐳🐢
go have them now with our bambaunan back in stock! just go to the link in our bio. 😆💚🌳🌱
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#repost @paulapbedran ・・・
garden goals @rootsresort ...nesse mar de hortênsias de 👗 super romântico @bossaaporter pra combinar #rootsresort #bossaaporter #achadosdapaulinha .
wearing a slow fashion brand that has won my heart @bossaaporter to match this hydrangea heaven #hydrangeas #monteverde #sustainabletourism

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The joy of running free is hard to beat (add in some amazing pups and a remote caribbean beach of course)⠀


and so ends our grenada photo series! it’s such a beautiful place, we really feel at home on this hidden gem. ⠀


thanks again to all the epic friends we’ve met here. looking forward to coming back and seeing you soon! ⠀


and the next adventure? think the opposite of a black sand beach...but equally beautiful. so exited to share this one! stay tuned!⠀


eco thought of the day: the black sands of our ever changing world. ⠀

in the wake of kilauea’s (hawaiian volcano) most recent volcanic eruption, a new black sand beach has been created (and is now open to the public). ⠀

it’s a stark reminder of nature’s ability to create beauty (as well as take it away).⠀

have you been to a black sand beach?⠀

🖤 ⠀

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The penguin project that i am doing is completely unpaid. i paid for my flights, accommodation, food etc, after mentioning it a few times here, i started receiving messages from people saying that i must be rich if i can do unpaid work for so long and also a lot of people wished they could have gone, but they don't have money. let's start with explaining that i make most of my money via instagram- photography and promotions, which i still do here in cape town after my work in penguin rescue (double working hours yaaay!) this year i could have made around 50k£, but i didn't... i didn't because i do not want to sell merch, presets, courses on how to become an influencer. at the beginning of the year i was overwhelmed with the fact that i can make money here and was taking too many meaningless jobs and by the end of the year i had to say no to 80% of the offers, as i don't want to advertise unethically, unrelated products just for money (and most of the companies with money are exactly that) and spam my page, because i do value your respect and support. so, no i am not rich, i make just enough to make my ends meet, opposite to some people who would promote absolutely anything if that pays. also my spendings are minimal as i can travel for free exchanging my services for tours and accommodation.
so, how could i afford to live and work for free in south africa? drum roll...i saved up like a normal person saves up for a dream trip! it took me a year to save up enough, to finalise everything and to make my volunteer work happen. there are no excuses when you have a goal and passion in life. if you don't have money for your dream today, it doesn't mean that you cannot do it.
i hope people will stop looking at me like i am living a dream that was easy to reach like i am getting paid just to wake up in the morning and like coming here was easy because someone organised everything for me (i didn't use any organisations who helped me with my placement). i am no special, no different than any of you, and if a girl from a country that no one can point on the map can do it! so can you!
use this post to ask me any questions you might have about volunteering.

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Hot summer safari | summer b***s | two blue crane parents are very proud to show off their new chicks while feeding at a dam on gondwana. the blue crane is the national bird of south africa. photo credit - yoka wright
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A microcosm of kerala’s culture. that’s the best way to describe @cghearth coconut lagoon in kumarakom. as we travel through kerala with cgh earth, we are finding that the company’s promise of giving guests not just a hotel stay, but an experience, is certainly true. at coconut lagoon, you get an authentic experience of the backwaters, in a comfortable and naturally luxurious setting. all of the beautifully carved, teak buildings are heritage structures, saved from demolition by the cgh earth team and transported here. the menu presents authentic flavours and dishes, full of local herbs and spices. as cgh earth founder jose dominic once said, “we don’t want to serve anything our grandmothers wouldn’t recognize.” local musicians are hired to play, a local woman paddles a boat in every afternoon to serve chai and snacks. the entire place is an homage to the rich culture of the backwaters. and the commitment to sustainability is part of the way in which they protect this fragile ecosystem. we toured the backend too, and saw the many ways coconut lagoon ensures it is a zero-waste facility, from composting, to creating biogas, to collecting rainwater. coconut lagoon is impressive in a multitude of ways. plus, it’s gorgeous, relaxing, and inspiring. i loved my stay and am already planning to return as soon as possible. a new favourite place.
photo by @andrewadamsphotography
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