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Photo by 📸 : @jackharding
location : the dark hedges
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From the contrast of indonesia’s white sand beaches to the intoxicating verdant centre, viceroy bali is always the perfect place to head back to after exploring what this beautiful land has to offer...
📸: @thelosttwo

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The perks of living in north london - there’s s bit of snow left after yesterday’s short snowfall😍 i took a similar photo last year and it was more impressive then - i’m hoping for more snow this time around too!

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exeter is...
...that little corner of exeter!

🇬🇧 last year, i was literally followed by the snow no matter where i went to! this year though, i kind of have the feeling that it tries anything possible to run away from me! i don’t loose hope though! it almost happened yesterday night so who knows??
🇫🇷l’année dernière, j’étais littéralement poursuivi par la neige peu importe où j’allais! cette année en revanche, c’est un peu tout le contraire: on dirait qu’elle me fuit comme la peste! je ne perds pas espoir cependant! on y était presque hier soir alors qui sait??

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Doyamadığım mekanlarda bugün: the bridge tea rooms....ne şehre ne binanın güzelliğine bakmaya doyabildim... gözlerimden şunların çıktığını görebilirdiniz 😍... yes, so english it hurts #bradfordonavon

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