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Já viram o post de hoje? ☺️✨

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People need some more knowledge💡

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Too many mouths🗣 .
less talk and more work💪

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It’s been too long... it was a pleasure catching up with an old brotha👊🏻💯🔥 .
talking about business, life, and just how everything is going. kelvin is one of the chillest people out there to talk about business and life with. my dude keeps it real all the time👌 .
keep in touch with great friends because they’re hard to find!
btw the two ladies behind us are already taken😂

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I see you... pull up, pull up, pull up in a camry yah🔥😎💦🏎

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Glam can be mixed with casual. love a sparkle sandal with outfits🌠💁‍♀️

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