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@laurinconlin from @1stphorm

she cleans her room every morning and is at the top of her hierarchy

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It’s #freakyfriday and there’s nothing quite like looking good and feeling strong from the back_________________________________

the back muscles known as your posterior chain are essential to train for your true athleticism, regardless of your age, gender and fitness level___________________________________________________________________________
these are my favourite posterior chain exercises & great to finish your strongest week! of course technique, timing and sequencing are very important for effectiveness———————————————-. these are 10 of my favourites to try with a coach on hand to supervise your form—————————————————————————————————
1. kettlebell swings
2. t- rows
3. deadlift to high pull
4. reverse flys
5. pull ups
6. weighted pelvic thrusts
7. walking rdl
8. kb cleans
9. sumo deadlift
10. single arm bb row .

have the best weekend all!

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Ya’ll....i know what it’s like to not be motivated

i get the comment often from people saying “must be nice” to always be motivated to workout, eat the healthiest foods, etc etc etc.

guess what.... i’m not. i don’t always feel like going to the gym or even getting up in the mornings to get things done, but i still do.

discipline>motivation. the difference?
motivation is temporary. motivation is your reasoning. discipline is the act of changing habits to do or bring out your best.

motivation will not be there every single day, if we don’t have a big goal in mind. discipline, will always be there. ✨
motivation is equivalent to a fad diet (it’s only temporary). discipline is equivalent to living a healthy lifestyle-you change your habits. ✨
if you strive for success, you have to master being disciplined to catch you when your motivation fails! changing habits, changes lives. 🙌🏼 i swear by this.

we are all human and we all will have moments of low motivation. if we master discipline, we will always have the ability to succeed at whatever we want to. ✨
comment below your favorite way to get motivated! i love drinking @blackstonelabs_official hype and playing some pump up music 🙌🏼😆

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🙃 know your strengths and stand in your power. go get ‘em tiger! grrr
but i’ll bet nobody’s gonna hold them accountable 🙄 content by: absoluteactivism
♥️ find us by @womennasty

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I can’t wait to share the live podcast that we recorded in portsmouth, new hampshire last weekend! how has it only been one week? i’m so thankful for you sarah @runfargirl, for inviting me out and trusting me to be a part of your greater vision with @riserunretreat to bring women together through empowering things like running. you’ve created an amazing thing and i’m so proud of you for that and also proud to call you my hard working friend. (side note, i also got to stay at sarah’s cozy, beautiful home while i was in nh and i kinda sorta want to move in)
so friends- make sure you’re subscribed to my show so you don’t miss this live show that will drop tomorrow with the amazing @msfitrunner, @debagardner & @mountainlionpython. don’t miss it- i guarantee there will be something positive and uplifting you will take away from this conversation whether you are a runner or not. this thing ain’t all about running ya’ll.
ok- who was at the show? who’s been to one of the live shows and which one? i want to meet you all! who wants to come to one in 2019?! there will be plenty!
link to subscribe to the podcast in my profile!
photo cred: @rayaonassignment *
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I tend to lift heavier here... 225 for the last two sets... #naturalbodybuilding #strongwomen #briseboisbodybuilding #backontrackcanada

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Congrats to kristin b. for reaching her 100th class milestone! we're all so proud of you for sticking with your goals, kristin. "i first decided to try pure barre edina with my good friend, megan l, because we had been talking about trying it for some time. over the years i have had acl surgery on both of my knees, have a plate in my wrist from a car accident, and have some sort of trick hip that is probably due to having three babies in 4 years. pure barre seemed like a great answer for low impact exercise.
i was incredibly nervous for the first class because sometimes i have a hard time following along to classes because i can be easily distracted… "squirrel"! i quickly fell in love with the class format, the music, the burn, and of course… the fabulous instructors! i finally have found a workout that i am excited to go to and feel so much stronger than when i started. it’s an ongoing challenge and pure barre edina keeps me engaged with challenges and fun activities like wine down wednesday, my favorite! 😉 cheers to a great community of strong women!" cheers to 100 classes strong! next stop, 250! ❤️ #100club #strongwomen #greatcommunity #purebarreedina

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For all of my “soon to be” and new mums please check out yoganic in willoughby. they do lots of things for birth and beyond... and also hold amazing mindfulness and active birthing classes! clearly my cat is super interested! @yoganic @mindfulbirth_australia #birthpreparation #healthypregnancy #sydneydoula

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From the archives of @takudzwa_50 #modelme#contemplation#tb #model #modeling #modelingagency #strongwomen #womenempowerment

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Nothing comes easy but if you work a little each day you’d be surprise where you end up in a few months! critical mass is a gym located in tinton falls new jersey. our gym offers general membership, group classes and personal training. you won’t find another gym in the area that has all the cool tools like we have! #tintonfallsnj #jerseyshore #criticalmassnj #newjersey #strongwomen #redbanknj #monmouthcounty #shrewsburynj #njfit #fitness #deadlift #tsc #kettlebellworkout #fitnessworkout #unconventionaltraining #trackandfield #centralnj #findyourstrength #dowork

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So thankful i get to share the herbalife opportunity with so many amazing people!!! welcome my two new business partners @sge_fitness and @paralegalme ! cheers to new beginning’s!!! swipe left to see @paralegalme amazing results!!!! ready to make positive change in your life?? message me🤗🤗 #loseweight
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Feels so great to be back at my home gym😍💪🏼 there’s no place like home☺️

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