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After the rain, comes the rainbow 🌈
stretching it out on melrose ave where all the fashion bloggers were doing their thing. i loved walking around this part of la - there were so many cool shops, restaurants, & incredible wall murals, like this one by @madebylondon which was made entirely of yarn!! 🙌🏼
check out my stories for a closeup of this mural and swipe left for the video of how i get into this pose. 😍
loving this diamond outfit by @flexilexi_fitness ❤️

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Nyc! stretch class this sunday.. link on my page “ get tickets”... your friend comes for free.. see y’all soon...

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Ask someone to tell you about themself and see how quickly they reference their job over most other information. people are fascinating and have hobbies, passions and really cool f*****g stories which are what actually define them... not how they pay their rent. just an actual thought to go with today’s pretty picture😈.
📸: @dimlitesnotwits

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Grab my hand and bring me wherever you go.. ·
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Хотели бы вы уехать из своего города?
Я думаю не каждый может похвастаться тем, что живет именно в том месте, где ему действительно хорошо. Я например с детства люблю Казань. Люблю ,но в то же время периодически хочу переехать в другой город. Но пока есть обстоятельства из-за которых я этого сделать не могу. Но кто знает , может когда нибудь я и решусь 😁

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