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Fase di riscaldamento prima dell’allenamento 💪🏻
affondi alternati in equilibrio per gli arti inferiori, il movimento coinvolge anche la schiena ed il cilindro addominale 🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♂️ ⚡️for fit life! for your health!⚡️

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I remember feeling so anxious about originally posting the photo on the left here on my instagram 6 weeks pre op.. still soaking in that surgery is over and this is my bod. holy. it’s so many details.. like how weird does it feel to lean over and not have loose skin hanging from my abdomen?! so amazingly weird. emphasis on amazing. also, the other day i went to scratch an itch.. somewhere i used to have to lift up my loose skin up to reach.. yeah no skin to lift up.. such a “wtf?” moment.
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High volume to exhaust the glutes 🍑
20x straight leg lateral kicks
20x bent leg lateral kicks
20 banded crab walks
20 banded dumbbell hip thrusts
- 4 sets -
yep ouchhhhhhhh 😅
credit: @racheljdillon

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These beauties are back! // get yours before they sell out again!
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Kneeling squat with barbell.
the kneeling squat maximizes glute activation.
the target muscles are the gluteus maximus and quadriceps femoris (red).
keep your back straight‼️
maintaining a neutral lumbar spine.
the fully flexed spine is associated with strained posterior passive tissues and high shearing forces on the lumbar spine. (mc gill, low back disorders, 2007)
the movement is through the hip joint. keep your back straight!
tell your trainee to "squeeze the buttocks", not by creating hip extension.
then, once the activation has been mastered, the trainee begins extending the torso through the hip joint.
in video number 4 we can see another variation: the target muscle is the quadriceps femoris (red)!
if our aim is to strengthen the knee extensors muscles and not to work on the gluteus maximus, we will not bend the torso forward.
start your transformation today by visiting the link in my bio 👇👇👇
for more videos like this one, login now to the strength training app, enrich your knowledge!
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Look at that face!!!!! 🤪
haven’t done squats for a few weeks possible 5 weeks but today 50kg to start 5x5 and then did 10x 5 at 40kg not heavy but felt good. .
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Happy tuesday fit fam
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my new fitness account. i will stop posting here soon. thanks!!!!!!!!!
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Squats🏋🏻‍♀️ getting back into a groove after being sick.

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