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I love this! there isn’t one thing wasted in the kingdom of god. he uses all our story - not just bits & pieces.

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Especially when you are praying for him. 😊 some of us grew up with nicknames or street names and those names have developed for some us our character, personality and principles. if you search the scriptures, the lord was in the business of name changing. 😀 why? he saw pass who we were “now” and saw and knew who we would become. i’m developing a habit of calling my husband by his birth name, which means “warrior”. for years i’ve used his nickname. i know there is purpose inside of him. i simply have to change what i call him. (praise break)🙌🏽 what you speak makes a huge difference. wake up and call forth the man of god inside of your husband. god knows his name ❤️ #celebratehim #tuesdaytransformation #mytestimony #manifest #miracles #husbandandwife #callingforthkings #marriagelife #covenantkeepers #marriageworks #marriagegoals #marriageadvice #marriagematters #yourmarriageisyour1stministry #speakinglife #chosenforgreatness #becomingabetterme

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My starlight,

may you one day realize just how much you light up my life. #willowstarlight

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Good morning 😉 could it be you? we, including me, could make a list of things our spouse isn’t doing that is hindering growth. but what about what god told you to do that is not being done? we can be quite stubborn and actually tell god no, “i’m not doing that” by our actions toward our spouse. their lifestyle could be out of order but so are we when god tells us to be patient and instead we’re easily frustrated or offended. or not to be rude and we sound off. or not to revisit the past mistakes but every argument we’re back down memory lane. it’s not easy continuing to do right when you are done wrong. but jesus is our perfect example that in the midst of mistreatment (not abuse) you still do good. learning to take on the characteristics of christ can be challenging but it’s doable. your #breakthrough is in your #obedience! ⬅️ that was for me 🙌🏽 #riseandshine #saturdaymotivation #yourmarriageisyour1stministry #becomingabetterme #husbandandwife #marriageworks #covenantkeepers #marriagematters #wisdomoftheday #encourageyourself #marriagelife #speakinglife #spreadinglove #marriageadvice #

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Ladies, is this true? #ebrahimaseem #speakinglife to college men. book me: aeaseem@gmail.com

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So here i am on stage doing a training on marketing.

specifically how to use social media, blogging, and email marketing to build sustainable businesses.

no matter if you are a lawn care service, painter, or accountant... being able to use marketing to extend your brand, and message to the right people is always needed in running a business.

this was to about 300 people in new orleans. the audience was made up of stay at home mom's, serial entrepreneurs, college kids, family men... you name it .. they were there.

there isn't a specific type of person who wants #timefreedom or to be #financiallyfree ... we are all the same.

one day, we wake up to a life we didn't actually want as it doesn't check out the key ingredients that make us happy. ❌ decide when to take vacations
❌ when i can be sick
❌ how to spend my days = time freedom to watch a movie or work with a client. who gets to decide?
❌ determining which customers you work with
❌ location you live in
❌ income cap/ceiling ❌ seeing coworkers more than family members (who wants that life?) so as long as you are working towards your goals #goalsetting2017 and building an environment that you can actually enjoy... the journey is where the happiness is.
everyone who climbs a mountain wants to climb another. ✅ be your own boss
✅ work around your schedule not your bosses
✅ decide if you want to work or spend time with kiddos
✅ travel during off peak seasons (for me this is killer, going to disney and not waiting in lines...)
✅ sell from the internet using social media, and the internet (welcome to the 21st century)
if is what you make it.
when will you start building your own dreams and not your bosses?

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I was a speaker @keystodms on monday and it was a blast!!! got incredible feedback from the audience 🥰 many of them mentioned how they not only loved my content but also my passion and enthusiasm for the topic which got them excited about it too! after my hour long talk one woman from the audience said her hand almost fell off from taking ferocious notes lol 😂 the next day one of my lovely interns @carlyyhancock asked me how it went and i said i totally rocked it! 🤪 ladies, confidence is everything! this was my very first presentation where i got a whole hour for myself instead of sharing the stage with other panel speakers, but i wasn’t nervous at all. i was honestly surprised at how calm i was - in fact i couldn’t wait to jump on stage and knock people’s socks off lol 😆 just a year ago i wouldn’t have even gotten in front of a video camera let alone dared to go on stage and talk for a whole hour! it’s so crazy how when you challenge yourself and your fears... they melt into the background! of course it took being a panel speaker first to gain the confidence to be a main speaker and before that i did interviews over video chat and before that i was just a scaredy cat 🙀 it’s a process you just need to keep climbing the stairs! i challenge you to challenge yourself this month to something that would normally scare you. you got this!!! wearing a dress from my brand new business fashion store @ladybossblogger.shop 👗 #elainerau #ladybossblogger .
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This year has been so good to me and the honor belongs to god i’m grateful.....❤️ #thebestishere #speakinglife #womanofgod #queen #livingmybestlife #lovingme #selfcare #happiness #peace

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