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#speakinglife @redcafe - never feel bad for doing good by others who think they got over on you as well as took advantage of your kindness. never regret doing it outta love. those l’s are not losses they are only lessons. those people didn’t leave or desert you. god removed them. they were bad for you, your energy, as well as your journey. don’t hate them or be mad at them. thank them for opening your ears and eyes and just pray for them. keep pushing for greatness. 🌍 #protectyourenergy 🗣✅

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Turning out to be my most favorite movement 🥰

after monday’s wod, tried out rope climbs again. my first one was last friday, tbh, the oc in me kept playing my first rope climb post on loop, why?, just plain looking at what i can improve 😄

rope climb day 2, here we are. i was able to touch the knot. this was round 2 tho, the first attempt wasn’t able to docu, eto talaga yung rope climb na “bidyo” purposes. kaya coach was saying “you did this already”, which is a mindset i use back when it was race season for me 🏃🏼‍♀️ (pangpalakas ba ng loob ganyan) it’s quite effective, doing something for the first time and telling yourself “kaya ko toh”, then trying it again and telling yourself, “sus, nagawa ko na toh 👊🏼”

thank you again coach @dino.boom ! for helping me unlock a skill then upgrade it! 👊🏼 di ko nalang alam pag ako na lang mag isa 🤔 😳😄 but my takeaway from coach this night was if you focus and listen then do your best to do the proper form and follow the techniques, you will be just fine. for someone my height this could be quite a fall, so safety first. coming down properly is as important as climbing up the rope.

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This year has been so good to me and the honor belongs to god i’m grateful.....❤️ #thebestishere #speakinglife #womanofgod #queen #livingmybestlife #lovingme #selfcare #happiness #peace

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Love monday nights at hope city school of supernatural ministry❤️ do you have your brothers back? speaking life and love over them? #myextraordinarylife#hopecity#speakinglife##wordshavepower

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🎤🎤giving them the best that we got...always!
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So lucky to have met eddie from @warnerbrosentertainment who’s passion for movies was infectious & who i must thank for the tour of the @theellenshow studio in los angeles. 📸. @finnhartnett #warnerbros #ellendegeneres

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I love every little detail!!! from the packaging to the thank you cards @the.house.of.roushey is so intentional and talented. all the details that go into every ornament means so much! thank you thank you thank you!! this year for my children’s ornaments i decided to incorporate my journey. during my pregnancies i held unto scriptures that would help me focus on the truth of god’s words with out letting fear grip me. this started right after we lost our first born. the holidays can sometimes be a tough but gentle reminder of his loss. we chose to believe in the midst of loss, life still remains, that in judah god would be known. so now when i share these ornaments with my littles i can let them know the truth of his word that i spoke over their lives while i carried them. thank you @rousheylife for making these special pieces ❤️ #handmadeornaments #creativepeople #christmastraditions #speakinglife #mypromiseandmyjourney #mybabies #1in4 #christmasornaments #amothersprayer #speakingtruth @toolboy81

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One of the best aspects of what i do is to invite people to sponsor a child through @compassion international for $38 a month. it truly, absolutely, changes the life of a child. to see the outpouring of compassion and generosity of people in the audience who chose the sponsor a child is an incredible experience. it’s so exciting to anticipate what’s in store for both the child and their sponsor. i love it.•

one of the hardest parts of what i do is to send back the packets of children who don’t get sponsored. it breaks my heart and makes me wish i could do more.•

•so, before i send these packets back, i wanted to invite you to sponsor a child. you can pm me and let me know if you want a boy or girl or if there is a specific area of the world you want to reach. i can help you with the process. it’s super simple.•

i am passionate about compassionate international because i’be seen first hand how effective they are. i love supporting their vision to rescue children from poverty. i feel humbled to be part of the ci family.•

•anyway, thanks for considering sponsorship this christmas. if i can send back a few less packets, it would be amazing. ❤️•

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Just stop by to remind you that god has not changed his mind about you.
peter 2:9 but ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, peculiar people.

jeremiah 29:11 for i know the plans i have for you, plans to prosper you, not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
fix your crown & adjust yourself you are royal.

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Did you know that the root of rejection is the cause of insecurity that brings forth negative personality traits?
did you also know that rejection can start in the w**b - not being wanted by your mother or being abandoned by your father as a child?

as a child, these insecurities are developed and when the issues are not healed as a child, these insecurities are carried into adulthood!

there are many who are masquerading these feelings of pain and hoping for that big day to be internally free!

there are many who want to be healed from these insecurities of rejection that develops trust issues, identity issues, doubt, anxieties, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, anger, jealousy, bitterness and self-pity!

always know when you humble yourself to god and develop a genuine and personal relationship with him, he is a god of healing, forgiveness, restoration, deliverance, transformation and a god that breaks every chain of bondage from your life.
you deserve a life of freedom, love, peace, joy, self-control and identity in christ!

on my first live ig appearance, i will speak for the very first time on this topic to bring hope and inspiration for those who need a little boost. i will keep you posted on when to prepare for my first ig speaking appearance! stay tune and be blessed! 💜

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