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My mentor @lisasasevich, released her “108 places to speak and get new clients” directory. i downloaded mine yesterday and i was shocked at how many places that i can speak at where 1) i’ve never heard of the association or 2) they’re right here in my backyard and i have never taken advantage of the opportunity. if you’re looking for places to get booked for speaking, grab your copy. link is in bio. #entrepreneur #speaking #getbooked #speakers #speakinglife

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Life has a way of sending wonderful surprises when you least expect it! 💕 this beautiful new friend was the first to invite us into her home, and she quickly won me over with grace and charm. i am thrilled to be introducing heather to you as my fiery new teammate and health seeker! she loves people fiercely, and i believe the lord has wonderful plans for her journey! please help me give her a big warm #teamredeemed welcome!! 👏🏻⭐️🎉 #healthandhappiness #healthcoach #mompreneur #changinglives #freedom #speakinglife #belief #empower #hopedealer #sahwm

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Dear forest home moms (& sons!) - i can’t wait for you to arrive. #grateful #speakinglife #mothersoncamp #godrocks #foresthome

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All women want is effort & consistently. #speakinglife to an all male graduating class. #ebrahimaseem

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Speaking engagement at ribault high school in jacksonville fl! #ribaulthighschool #ribault #freewayrickyrossbooktour #therealrickross #speakinglife

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I still bump 90a and 2000s r&b like it just dropped. #sundayride #goodvibes #speakinglife #beautifulworld

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Dear forest home moms (& sons!) - i can’t wait for you to arrive. #grateful #speakinglife #mothersoncamp #godrocks #foresthome

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Pink is like the flagship color for many womens’ conferences. now i’m not a #pink girl but i will pull out an item or too to show support for pretty pink loving sisters. mirror mirror gcw conference 2018 💕

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So yesterday i was at the post office and i had asked the lady helping me how her day was. she said she was having a good day but lots on her mind. of course i asked her what was going on and she just starts sharing all thats going on in her life. then while i am talking to her, the guy behind me over hears our conversation and jumps in and then we are all talking. what were we talking about you ask? social media and the effects it was having on their kids. these parents were feeling at a loss because their kids are being badly affected by social media. one girl has a eating disorder, the young man is looking at pornography, and these parents are so worried about their kids. it breaks my heart the affects of social media on anybody really but young teens, they are comparing themselves to a false reality, they are isolating themselves because they prefer the false reality, and they are trying to compete with something that is not real. social media can be used for such good but unfortunately the other side of it is destroying alot of lives. all i could do is pray for those parents and those kids in that moment but i want to do more. for now i will keep being real, speaking truth, and sharing my experiences and my prayer is that someone will be encouraged and they will leave knowing they are loved ❤

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Years ago before i started coaching and public speaking i thought all i had to do was watch a lot of tony robbins and other life coaches to figure my way out. (lol) "nobody is doing it how i'll want to do it" is what i thought to myself. then i found out just how wrong i was when the reason nobody was in it because no one paid for it. things changed for me personally and my business when i hired coach. now i hire a coach, mentor or trainer for any ambition i'm going to take on. i know what it's going to cost me not to have these experts walking me through the process. that's a cost i know i can't afford. makes sense? #publicspeaker #callforspeaker #corporatespeaker #fearcoach #speakingfear #courageous #onstage #performer #speakerlife #speakerbae #speakinglife #speaktome #wellsaid #iagree #speakup #nosilence #paytospeak #sayitloud #proudtospeak #talkup #fearcoach #fear #couragecoach #courageous #investinyourself

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It’s time! conference weekend. 3 years ago about this same time of year i was searching for change in my life. i was thirsty for more of what god had for me. i found this conference. i remember asking for prayer because i sought more connectedness and community with women of faith. honored to speak this saturday to the wonderful women who will be in attendance. shout out to @mrzjoihayward for serving women in such excellence. i know i’m going to see you so give me hug this weekend.🤗

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Every so often i have to drive by to remind myself of who i am and where i belong! there's so much in me that i have to give and i know my creative behind the scenes side is gonna take me places. i wrote mr. @tylerperry a letter last year and its still very close to my heart and i still mean every word i'm one of his missing links and i know one day we will meet and work together. the stories we could write together....oh my gosh! yesterday, i ended up in front of here on accident but this accident was enough to remind me....tonya don't you dare stop pushing....your time is so close. the process that you're enduring will truly help write stories one day. so i will continue driving by, i will continue speaking our connection into existence. i will continue praying for his continuous peace and success. i will continue being me. without a shadow of a doubt, tyler perry will know my name one day and we will work together. universe, i trust you to do what you do organically. #speakinglife #speaklove #dreamsareneanttocometrue #organically #grateful #patience #tylerperry #connections

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Storms make trees create stronger roots and such is true for the resilient people of st.maarten. i shared with you in a global storytelling for global development episode that i am in the caribbean sharing knowledge on how youth can get engaged in post hurricane recovery. this is an instagram with intention challenge for you? these images were taken at a hurricane struck and abandoned property on the island. i walked past this house while exploring the island talking to locals on how they build back better st. maarten. a family of five created their memories and now there is nothing left except stones that cover the aftermath. how can we turn their tragedy into opportunities? what we are your thoughts? #instagood #instaquote #speakinglife #hurricane #recovery #soakupthestories #storytelling

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#authenticity & #vulnerability connect you to your audience. they make you real, human & relatable. find out how @harriet_wc shares her journey in a way that #inspires others & grows her #brand & #business. saraharcher.co.uk/thespeakingclu… #entrepreneur #coach #wellbeing #toastmasters #publicspeaking #speakinglife #speech #businesswoman #toastmastersinternational #strengh

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Watch how you speak, it not only becomes a habit for you, but also for your child. if you are constantly angry and lashing out on your child, that’s what they hear when they try to be themselves. if you are constantly pointing out what could go wrong, or all the things they should fear; that becomes what they hear when they want to try something new. #imagine a world where people believed in themselves, loved themselves, and accepted themselves. parents (and future parents) we can create that world tomorrow by #speakinglife to our children today! #ourchildrenarewatching #parentingtip #parentingencouragement #relationshipcoach #healthyparent #healthychild #lifeanddeathinthetongue #encourageyourchild #empoweryouth #raisewholechildren

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I’m the she-e-o of this whole operation! b***h i’m the boss! 💅🏽🤳🏽 #youhavewhatyousay #speakinglife #ceo #jlarae’sbagsandaccessories #putmeonthemap #imcomingforeverythingtheysaidicouldnthave #youreadyv #letsgogetem

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👉a little story time today👈 ____________________________________________ 🙋this photo was taken on the day of my graduation at my university where 40k later, i finally recieved my bachelor of commerce with a major in hospitality and tourism management. i also had a leadership position already lined up for me. yay? i suppose this statement is supposed to make me look more qualified? 🙅 i was probably the skinniest i've ever been from work, not sleeping right and not eating right. mentally meh not quite there and now had to think about paying off school debt. now, don't get me wrong. i loved the people i worked with and i recieved education that not many people in the world are blessed to recieve. however, my intentions behind the choices i made were not the right intentions. ______________________________________________ 🙋i went to university and, to be honest, just chose my program because i didnt know what else to choose and it's what you're told to do - go to post secondary. i s****d at science and math 😂. so, business was my last resort. 🙋i worked my a*s off and just grew in the field i chose because in my mind that's what society deems successful. you know, full time job, benefits etc, so you can pay off debt, then save for a home, then get married, have kids, then retire and then die. 🙋now, i'm here. back at square one. and it's the happiest i've ever been. ______________________________________________ 😕 so, what's my point? 🙋my point is, before you make choices, make them with the right intent. don't put yourself into situations you'll regret down the road so you can say in a conversation "i did this, this and this and now i have this". it's not worth it. ______________________________________________ 💛 at the end of the day, i'm grateful for my opportunities & experiences i've had. but, this time around - it's my turn to make choices for me, not for society and not for a conversation.

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#throwbackthursday to yesterday’s fun #photoshoot! • • these black and white raglan sleeve tops are so funky and easy to wear and definitely makes a statement! part of the aw2018 range and will be available from the 10th of april 🤗 • • meaning: “to wear your crown.” rev.3:11 • • mua @miasmakeup model & #brandambassador @claricepieterse >>>this is a behind the scenes pic and the photographers pic’s will be coming soon! • • #dresswithapromise #wearyourcrown #crownwithbeauty #hadassaclothing #momfashion #comfortablefashion #comfortableclothes #blackandwhite #raglansleeves #momboss #momlife #speakinglife #walkinyourpurpose

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This really hit me hard 💯 learned from it and growing through what i thought would hold me down. i know what i am capable of and i refuse to settle 💓💓💓 #speakinglife #lovetolove

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Last month at img. . thanks for the head shot! . @jyburpee . @chrisheadshots . #publicspeaker#speakinglife#pushentrepreneur#entrepreneur #livelife #baller #roofing #roofinglife #youngentrepreneur

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