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I’m so thankful for these two amazing guys. 🌹

the dad who raised me & the dad who is raising my babies, i love you both so much and am so thankful for you. #happyfathersday ♥️

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Words could never express the love i feel for my earthly father. i’ve been blessed to have had a representative of our heavenly father in my daddy.

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@steph_fusco_ #speakinglife & we love it! what a beautiful reminder from @ezermagazine. speaking with kindness is something i’ve struggled with lately. it’s so easy to speak life to someone you love, but not so much the people who make life feel a bit difficult. our words have the power to lift others up, and the power to tear them down. how are you using your power? i have abused mine. ephesians 4:15 says to speak “the truth in love.” i was speaking what i thought was truth, but it was not coming from a place of love. just because it’s true, it doesn’t mean it is necessary. so, i choose to start again. to refocus myself back to the call, which is to love others and speak life to them.
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Happy father’s day:

this marks the first father’s day that has come round without me having my dad around.
we may not have had the best relationship but what i do 100% know is that he stayed around when he didn’t have to, he choose to be ever present for my mum, siblings, grandchildren & more, he cared in the best way he could.

now that he is in heaven even though he is missed greatly we know he is in a better place and at real peace.

so to my dad that is gone, we love you, miss you and know that you are smiling down on us. we salute you and say thank you.

to those who also don’t have their dads around we say take heart, be comforted by god’s presence to know that you still remain loved and accepted.

to those that feel abandon or left out, you are far from the truth as you are truly loved cared for and accepted just as you are as there is a heavenly father that welcomes you with open arms.

fis wishes you father’s a very happy father’s day and salute you for doing your best. it does matter and keep sticking around.😉 may god bless you all and continue to guide your every steps.

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From "guilty to graduate". from illegal trips up and down 95, the streets, shootouts, jail, and prison time in sussex, powhatan, and augusta. i still have a ways to go up this spiraling staircase called life. but no matter what your past or present circumstances may be. anything is possible if you believe. #speakinglife #tct #ncct #classof2018 #godsplan

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You never know with this girl. ⚡️ smiling because she’s planning world domination? or smiling because she’s wearing christmas pajamas in june 🤷🏻‍♀️ something tells me it’s both.

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Created to create ✨🌹⚡️✨🌹✨✨🌹⚡️✨🌹⚡️✨🌹⚡️ #wildwallflwrs ♥️ this is your sign. just do it.

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Our hope is in christ jesus. we have no other. when we allow ourselves to hope in anything from this earth we will be disappointed. stand firm upon the rock which is jesus.

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I started likin' the look like i ain't had no money
yellow taxi seats over maybach seats
just to remind me, just to inspire me
to stay focused, it's a real sick society
just 'cause i got your support don't mean you're buyin' me #nas #everything #barz #speakinglife

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I am a thinker.
so when i first learned the foundations of faith the practice of confessing and declaring god’s word was a struggle.
now don’t get me wrong i prayed and i would repeat verses during devotion but i was horrible at consistently speaking scriptures that held the keys 🔑 to my growth.

i would think about them in my head or whisper them when a life challenge came. i asked god, “why am i struggling?” .

but faith works by speaking .

it comes to us by hearing but it is activated by speaking.
thriving begins with declaring what you want to see happen in your life every day...shucks multiple times a day!

consistent speaking paired with action = thriving. what are you speaking today?
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Morning beautiful souls! the enemy attacks all areas of your life. pay attention to what's going on around you. misery loves company. those spiritually connected can see what other's can't. one things for sure i am wise. sending peace and love to you ❤😙 #morning #butterflyspeaks #inspire #encourage #empower #buildingothersup #speakingtruth #speakinglife #peace #light #love #highervibration #positivevibes #positiveconnections #inspirationalquotes #wisewords

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So up until about three years ago, i took no pictures of myself ever!! my last professional picture was my high school graduation and before that...seventh grade!

i was always told while growing up that i’m not cute, my nose or hands or b**t or feet were too big, and etc. i convinced myself that i had “a face for radio” and i use that jokingly to this day. 🙄

but i now realize that the only way opinions can have any effect on me is if i give those opinions value. if i were to ohhhhhh....ignore thoughts that didn’t originate from my brain 🧠 💡. and perhaps only focus on what came from my mind and god’s...i wouldn’t be so ashamed of me anymore. so here i am years later removed from that mindset.

may you all be inspired to live your life and not someone else’s conjured up idea of what you and your life should be. 🙌🏾

own your actions | create your 😊🙏🏾

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One of them ones @ahchdarak 🗣#speakinglife

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In our society worry seems to be part of our dna.
i’m the first to admit that many times i fall in the same trap. but hear what the wisest man to ever walk the earth said: observe the wildflowers of the field grow they don’t labor or spin thread.
they are beautiful just because he provides for them. clothed by his majesty with color and beauty, as are you.
he will get you through the fields on earth. trust and believe jesus.

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Life can throw you for a loop when things happen you were not expecting. surprises always open the door of opportunity to succeed or fail. some will have the emotional, intellectual , financial and relational foundations to weather the storms; some will not. but the sun rises and rain falls on everyone the same. if your foundation is on the rock, the winds will b**w the storms will come but you will not be defeated. if your foundation is built on sand, the storm will b**w you away. build your foundation upon the rock that is christ jesus. he will sustain you during the stormy surprises of life. (matt. 7:24-28)

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Morning beautiful souls! just breathe and know that eventually everything will align itself up. sending peace and love to you ❤😙 #align #truth #awareness #believe #faith #hope #butterflyspeaks #inspire #encourage #empower #buildingothersup #speakingtruth #speakinglife #peace #light #love #highervibration #positivevibes

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I use to #underachieve now i want #me and #everybody connected to me to #begreat so i joined the #team follow my bro @omarsharif201 join the #movement #ccity 2 #coatsvillepa #pastateofmind #theblackmanisgod #alphaflight #soar #cerebalassassin #streetcouture #culture #gq cut the q still a #g #quietstrength #controlledchaos #speakinglife stopped looking 4 #jesus when i realized i always was #christ

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