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There's a partial solar eclipse over south america & antarctica today. learn when & where to see it at our link in the bio! #outerplaces

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The space shuttle orbiter atlantis photographed from the iss. #outerplaces

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End of an era february 16, 2018 something has ended in your life and yesterday's solar eclipse in aquarius will bring new beginnings. the effects will last up to six months. like chapters in a book, life has eras that begin and end. the cycle of beginnings and endings is affecting you right now. it’s important to be very gentle with yourself during times of change. think of the butterfly in the cocoon, dormant in preparation for a rebirth with wings. you’re in a similar state right now. so please practice daily self-care. don’t feel guilty about saying no to extra activities—so that you can rest, heal, and prepare for the next era ahead. request an oracle card reading, an astro chart, a numerology report, an akashic record report at [email protected]😇 #endings #endofanera #newbeginnings #solareclipse #love #money #selfcare #oraclecardreadersofinstagram #astrologersofinstagram #friday #prayersforflorida

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Seeking the spiritual love and oneness of the universe. new moon mediation this evening @ #skc 8:15pm. the double doors have been opened to accommodate the popularity of the tuesday evening classes. however, one still needs to book one week in advance to secure a mat! next tuesday 27th evening classes will open on the app @ midnight, tonight! #stayuplatetobookin! #gongbath #tibetanbowls #bodytuningforks #meditation #newmoon #solareclipse #bethelight #bethechange #consciousliving #yogaeverydamday #sueyenwan

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***#newvideoalert!!*** we just had the 2nd eclipse & new moon of the year in the wild a*s sign of aquarius ♒️😜. click the link in my bio to learn more...also head over to #sunshinehaze on @youtube to check out your #tarot forecasts for this lunar cycle! #newmoon #aquariusnewmoon #aquarius #zodiac #horoscope #solareclipse #curlyhairdontcare #hat2daback #tarotreadersofinstagram #astrologersofinstagram

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The energy of the new moon/solar eclipse that we just had on 2/15 in the sign of aquarius brought us a higher frequency of divine feminine energy 💓it has been coming in strong and bringing a much needed shift ☀️🌚 as a solar eclipse, its effects can impact the coming six months! in the sign of aquarius, friendship, fellowship, group activities, social pursuits, group projects, trying something new, humanitarian efforts, or joining a group can be in sharp focus, prompting new beginnings with these matters. ✨ this eclipse aligns with mercury, forms a sextile with uranus, and loosely squares jupiter. this is a time for seeing the facts or results more clearly, but we should watch for a tendency to go overboard with our expectations or promises. as a venus-saturn sextile occurs at the same time of the eclipse, we are bound to remember what’s promised now for some time. this is a period when we might solve problems that require thinking “outside of the box”; look to the future with a brand new, positive, and hopeful vision; brainstorm and socialize; focus on extending a friendly hand, receiving support, or expressing platonic love for those around us; give our emotions and passions a “break”, as we develop more objectivity and some detachment from past haunts; learn how something (or someone) works; revitalize ourselves through experiences that are new or simply different; reach out to people in our social circle and in our community; and recognize the value of our friendships and social networks. some level of detachment and distancing ourselves from our habits and attachment to the past can help us break away from destructive behaviors that are holding us back. with this potent aquarius energy, we have the chance to make progressive changes in our lives. ~cafeastrology.com #solareclipseenergy #solareclipse #divinefeminine #spiritualgoddess #spiritualgoddessrevolution #spiritualawakening #findyourbalance #youaredivine #spiritualbadass #spirituality #spiritualgoals #astrology #heavilymeditated #riseup #spiritualliving #goddesstribe #spiritualwarrior #awake

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"a crowd of strangers, from every walk of life, came together to be in awe of an incredible, astronomical event. we all looked up together. i left the mountains that night a changed person." -'we all looked up' tommy wallach . #solareclipse2017 #solareclipse

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Günaydın güzel insanlar 🌎dememiz o ki ; tekrar ettiğimiz şey ne ise onu zihnimizde canlı tutar, güçlendirir ve büyütürüz. İnançlarımız gibi duygularımız da aynı kuralla işler. yani hangi duyguyu tekrar ederseniz o duygu pekişir, güçlenir ve büyümeye başlar. büyümeye başlayan duygularımızın tersi çökmeye, zayıflamaya ve etkisizleşmeye başlar. bu nedenle kendimize dair inancımızı ve başarı duygumuzu tekrarlarımızla güçlendirmeliyiz. onlar bizim zorluklar karşısında mücadele gücümüzü artıran enerji kaynaklarımızdır. bir insan kendini adadığında ilahi takdir de o yönde hareket edecektir. tüm olaylar diğer bir olayı desteklemek için oluşur ve aksi takdirde hiçbir zaman ortaya çıkmaz. bir akarsu boyunca oluşan tüm olaylar sadece bir karardan doğar. durumlar, oluşumlar ve maddi destek bu şekilde elde edilebilir. elinizden geleni ve hayal edebileceğiniz her şeyi yapmaya hemen başlayın. cesaret; deha, güç ve büyüyü de içinde saklar. yazının devamı profilimdeki linkte #instagood #solareclipse #instagram #instagood #instaturkey #photograpy #man #woman #astro #astrolgy #astroloji #gununkaresi #istanbul #love #bestfriends #foto #tagsforlike #instalove #solarecilpse #solarsystem #space #photooftheday #photography #solareclipse #gunestutulmasi #kovaburcu

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Solar eclipse 2017 🌒🌙‼️‼️ #solareclipse #cool #amazing #moon #awesome #beautiful

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A painting, or expression i created of a tree representing life line. the lighting representing life surprises.yet the suttle brightness of the moon is hope.🌚 #solareclipse #tree #life #lighting #supernatural #love #art #omahaartist #arttherapy #artgallery #avenuedesarts_hk #surrealism #surealart

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Gerhana matahari parsial di langit buenos aires apa yang terjadi pada bagian atas matahari? pekan lalu, bumi bagian selatan disuguhi pemandangan gerhana matahari parsial, di mana bulan menghalangi sebagian wajah matahari. gambar yang ditampilkan di atas ini diambil menjelang akhir gerhana di pantai uruguay yang menghadap ke buenos aires, argentina. dihiasi siluet pulau farallón di latar depan dan gedung-gedung di buenos aires yang bagian bawahnya tak terlihat karena bumi bulat, gambar ini tampak begitu menakjubkan. matahari yang tampak besar disebabkan karena sang astrofotografer mengambil gambarnya dengan lensa tele. oh iya, gerhana matahari berikutnya adalah masih gerhana parsial, yang akan terjadi pada pertengahan juli 2018 dan terlihat dari beberapa wilayah di bagian selatan australia. kredit foto & hak cipta: fefo bouvier. temukan foto alam semesta terbaik setiap hari di apod.infoastronomy.org. #apod #apodindonesia #solareclipse #gerhanamatahari #infoastronomy

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To all my beautiful friends, i am so sorry i have been mia the last week. i am getting stuck into all your orders this week, just had some emotional digesting/healing to do since the new moon solar eclipse! should have taken my guides more seriously when i was given this message last week: “brace yourself because the #solareclipse may affect your mood- feeling off balance, annoyed, anxious, frustrated, and confused. it could feel like the rug is being pulled out from under you, and everything you thought was stable and secure is suddenly up in the air. you can think of eclipses as a new or full moon on steroids. they pack so much more energy and punch than a normal lunation of the #sun or #moon. in fact, they feel like they are three new or full moons rolled into one. an #eclipse may even bring on an event that seems 'fated' in some way. eclipses tend to get truth to the surface very fast, like a geyser of water forcefully rising to the surface.” • • yup, definitely felt like that for me!!!! it’s actually a good thing because comfortable people generally don't initiate #change, and change is the only way to learn and grow. guess it was my time to shed my cocoon and turn into the butterfly i was always meant to be! 🦋🦋🦋 #newmoonsolareclipse #newmoonbreakdown #finallyshedmycooon

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Saint louis, missouri. 21 august 2017. time lapse of the solar eclipse last fall. #photography #photooftheday #timelapse #solareclipse #instagood #urbanphotography #urbanexploration #stl #stlouis #stlphotographer #stlphotography #nikon

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Via @science_insider: parts of the us will get to see a total solar eclipse on august 21. while the entire country will get to witness at least a partial eclipse, the lucky people who live along a 70-mile-wide streak will be able to see totality – when the moon crosses between the earth and the sun, completely blocking out the sun's light. for those who plan to watch the total solar eclipse in person or via livestream, there are a few key stages to keep an eye out for as the moon makes its way across the sun. for more on the eclipse and how to watch it safely, visit our instagram stories. 📷: rick fienberg / travelquest international / wilderness travel #solareclipse #eclipse #glasses #stage #moon #sun #science #sky #earth #totaleclipse #august #solar #corona #crescent #totality

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