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Digging through scrap piles, sometimes there’s gold to be found. that’s how the collage work comes together, pieces tossed aside find one another and create a whole new kind of magic.

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These colours created by @samorn_sanixay make my heart so happy ❤️ the colours are all from eucalyptus leaves 🌿 (photo by @samorn_sanixay and more details about the dyes in samorn’s original post on her page).
samorn is a contributor in volume 3 of plants are magic magazine and shares her technique for pounding flowers to make prints on fabric. you can order the magazine in print and as a digital download on www.rebeccadesnos.com
i find these shades of red and pink so enjoyable and even calming to look at 💫 (i can only imagine how beautiful the fabric is in real life!) there’s something about the graduation of shades that gives us a feel good factor. what do you feel when looking at these colours❓

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So autumn is well and truly upon us. it's always a matter of perspective, do you look at it as a time of cosiness, scarves, pumpkin desserts and misty mornings or do you just look up at the sky after you've slipped on a pile of wet leaves 😁⠀

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“and we'll all go together ⠀
to pluck wild mountain thyme ⠀
all around the blooming heather ⠀
will ye go, lassie go?”

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Nuxis, il paese dell'acqua.

sa canaredda al tramonto.
se capissimo l'importanza di ogni singolo elemento che costituisce il nostro ambiente naturale, potremmo considerarci specie "umana" a tutti gli effetti.

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We visited some beautiful gardens whilst we were in france and i found these sweet little flowers! i was amazed how many were still going strong, roses were still blooming too! it's a complete different story at my allotment... i got home to find nearly everything killed off!!! x

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So i just found out that yesterday was international rural women's day. i never thought that would be me. yet here i am, celebrating one day late, in my happy place 💚
the vegetable patch is looking a little overgrown as i'm letting the parsley go to flower to give food for the bees, self seed, and then turn it into mulch for the garden beds.
#internationalruralwomensday #girlswhogarden .
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Upcycled clothes with avocado dye.
look at this pink! ❇️

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Golden hour 🍁. that time between day and night, when the sun is at its lowest before disappearing altogether. it is a momentary beauty, that reminds me that life is too short to not be present in all the moments and experiences we have.
if you're struggling to slow down and connect to what's going on around you, then my latest blog post is definitely worth a read. it's the season for change, so it can be difficult to register all that is going on, but once you do, i promise it feels amazing.
the link is in my bio my loves 💛.
tote bag from @homeofmillican.

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Estou no caminho certo! #avante#muitoeu#sentidodavida#slowbeauty#slownaturemoments#slowliving#esteticafacial#saudedapele#greenbeauty#bodymindsoul#@instplenitud

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We are being delayed in painting our house but all these cloudy rainy skies are providing me with some spectacular colors to aim for. ✨

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I'm looking forward to more grey day late autumn/early winter wanders with this one, in all the autumns and winters to come.

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