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What is your zodiac sign? find your twin!! (i’m aquarius ♒️)
i recently posted a video similar to this, and many people like it..so i’m doing it again!!

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just gotta get through friday & it’s march break😩😩😩finally😩😩😩
today was not good. i had a late start and went to my crush/bestfriends/ex’s house & i found out something. i was not happy & i was a whole mess. basically i cried majority of the day but i’m ok now ig.
my friend saw me crying in the morning & the whole day he’s been checking up on me and asking if i was okay. like wtf??? that’s new. usually nobody cares enough to do that to me when i’m having one of my breakdowns. that definitely made me feel better
shout out to gabriel✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼

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Love this! comment an inside joke and don’t explain it..🤭
- i’ll start “and eaway” “chicifila” “cheesecake” ya i know..weird

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@zenspiredesigns ‎•‏⁎:◦✩| ♡
i stayed home today 🤠

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Which one do you think is cooler? 💁‍♀️
fave greatest showman song? 🎶 -
cr: @musersthings

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💙tire crush compilation💙

should i post more videos like these or stick to slime? let me know in the comments!

follow me @bongo_slimes for more!!

🎥(@life_satisfy )

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