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It has been a cold, windy and wild couple of days in melbourne. but the blossoms are fighting back, reminding us that spring is on her way.
it never ceases to amaze me how slowing down just a tiny bit allows me to connect with with the wider natural world.
the trees and flowers are telling us that the grey clouds will soon be on their way, replaced by sun, warmth and springtime abundance.
today i only found a tiny pocket of stillness and quite to slow down into, my morning dog walk around the neighbourhood. but that half an hour, with a cup of tea and dan the dog, was enough to bring a small sense of calm and readiness for a day in the office.
what daily activities do you do to slow down? i’d love to learn some more helpful habits and practices.

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Вчера ходили летать. Иль учится, я позирую😂. Это уже второй наш летательный аппарат. Первый был куплен, вытянут из коробки, запущен и все. Иль мне позвонил - Кася, ура, у нас есть коптер!!. И через десять минут - Кася, это пиздец, нет у нас больше коптера🤣🤣. Новый аппарат умеет возвращаться в точку запуска. Для таких как мы это важно😂.

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Effektfullt silverklot som gör sig väldigt fint i naturen. placera i trädgårdslandet, vid husknuten eller i vatten då klotet flyter. finns i två storlekar

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no water
no life
no blue
no green


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Instead of begging him to sleep for 30 more minutes we get out of bed and go for morning walks. it’s kind of weird that i can have a full on conversation with a human i made 3 years ago. he told me during our walk “mommy, you love daddy huh.” i said, “ yep i do how’d you know?” he goes, “you kiss everyday.” these little eyes see everything. the home is where they learn to love. then again i scared the c**p out of him to the point of tears when i removed my eye makeup tonight. can’t win them all!
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Thank you @twentyventi we feel so honored to turn your beautiful images into prints every month.

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The smoke from the fires is crazy! we have over 500 fires burning in bc and over 3600 firefighters from all over the world trying desperately to control them. my daughter went to get the mail this morning and said her eyes were stinging from the smoke. 👀 i can't imagine what it must be like closer to the fires.🔥😳 we've got diffusers running in every room so we're breathing easy thank goodness. 🙏 eucalyptus and peppermint are awesome respiratory support for times like this, and purification is amazing for cleaning the air. 🌿

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Glad to be walking out of monday 🙀✌🏻

the greatest things that came out of today....

a) i didn’t become a “cruella deville” mom 🐶 .

b ) i was in the right frame of mind when my husband got home from work .

c) everyone is alive, healthy and i would say thriving 🤷🏻‍♀️😏🙋🏻‍♀️

oh and also i drank most of my liquids through forms that contained caffeine ☕️💁🏻‍♀️ 🥤
how’s your first day back going ?!?!? .
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Today was all about #selflove and #gratitude it lead to a beautiful place. in the midst of it all i found me and it was a beautiful quiet. i got to drop the judgmental ego that tends to show up thinking it knows everything and whats best for everybody. i woke up at 5:30am completed 20 minutes of yoga, i did not stress about the endless piles of work in my office. i put my son's first before emails and enjoyed a great breakfast with them. i went and enjoyed a massage at my spa and had a great conversation with my employees about her. i went to physical therapy progress is being made. i am wading through the noise and finding my peace. i have not felt this in my sobriety yet. i am beyond excited to see what transformarions self-love and gratitude bring into my life.

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Today’s urban adventure: east village | chinatown | eau claire | stephen ave | ramsey | inglewood ✨ cc: @yeoldepaigeboy

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The children's story goldilocks (and the three bears) has been used in various contexts in sociology, psychology and economics for example, to help illustrate the concept of the "just right" amount. you remember the story-not too hot, not too cold, not too soft, not too hard, etc.
this year i have been doing quite a lot of thinking along these lines (too much time on my hands?). the goldilocks analogy applies to so many aspects of my life eg time spent nurturing relationships with others, number of clothes, tending to the needs of growing plants, time spent on social media at the expense eg of my "to do" list. what about yours?
how do we decide just what amount is "just right" in each area of our lives? and how does this change over time as our needs and concerns change?
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Busy day today! out and about this morning, 10+ over for dinner tonight and i’m about to make crackers for afternoon tea for the kids 👭
what have you been up to?
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Fresh buko juice 🥥
dahil holiday ngayon chillax muna mga peeps 😜
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Good morning lovelies 🤗 i have been dreaming about wallpapers 😂 #boråstapeter #thistle is that a sign? have s great tuesday 💛 #interior_delux#whiteinterior#thedustypoppy#mywestwingstyle#whitelivingroom#interior_and_living#inspohome#neutralhome#whitecottagefarm#vackrahem#scandinavianstyle#rusticdecor#simpleliving#farmhousedecor#cottagestyle #interiorismo#interior444#kitchendesign#kitchengoals#köksinspiration#köksdetaljer#keittiössä#keittiössätapahtuu#countrykitchen#brickwall#scandinavianstyle #interior4u#inspirasjon#inspirasjonsguidennorge

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Such a darling 💘

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It’s a daily practice, a skill, even an art.

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Can we get some ice cream now? 🍦🍦🍦

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