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If you could speak another language, which would it be and why? •
i hope you’re all having a rlly rlly good day and if not, i hope this video will brighten it up at least a tiny bit, love youuu so much💖💗💘 (i think i’ve already posted this but tbh i’ll never stop posting this video so)

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Harry signed this for a fan aghnsdk there's a possibility of a future biography from harry omg

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Get yourself a gucci boy like wow

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It’s currently 5am and this is my first morning shift for the next two weeks and i’m already exhausted l**o - amy

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Harry with a fan via cassidy_jansen_

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Cassidy_jansen_: we’ve only been home a few hours, and i can’t stop reading these. don’t forget me now harry. see you again one day. love you 😘❤️

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