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God has big plans for me but he has no budget. 💍💎✈️🧭
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Shoulder sound like a bowl of rice krispies? 💥we are reposting a classic for you guys... try out these quick exercises!  a little activation and strengthening can go a long way toward minimizing pain.  if you are experiencing pain, clicking, popping or snapping in the shoulder give it a go.  comment below and let us know which of the three worked the best for you! ⁣

the first exercise strengthens the external rotators, infraspinatus, teres minor, mid trapezius, rhomboids and if you scoop the armpits forward like we always tell you to it will hit the serratus as well.  do not allow the shoulders to shrug up toward the ears.  keep them down. ⁣

in the second exercise you are hitting the infraspinatus, teres minor, and supraspinatus.  make sure you are keeping the elbows at shoulder height, not above.  if you have pain, keep it lower than shoulder height.⁣

in the third exercise you are once again hitting the infraspinatus, teres minor, and suprapinatus.  if you push the hands in together during the “swimming” it will activate the subscapularis also.  same cues apply.  keep the shoulders down and keep the elbows at or below the shoulders. ⁣

🔆visit http://moveu.com to use our quick fix exercise library, our forever fix program, our merchandise store, etc.  fix yo shit.🔆⁣

-💻written by katie goss @moveukatie⁣

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