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“you” - saeyers. bloomington, indiana-based @saeyersjams recently released this effortlessly smooth track, adding it to their catalog as only their third single they’ve put out so far. the vocals, looped synth and guitar riffs make for an easy-to-listen-on-repeat type of song. we can confidently say this is a project worth keeping on your radar this year. checkout the full track and the other two singles on this months playlist. link in bio ✌🏻#chillwave #bedroompop #dreampop #shoegaze #lofi #surfrock

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Our debut e.p. ‘ease’ is turning 2 today.

we recorded and mixed these 4 tracks ourselves as a demo in our living room, these were intended to stay only demo tracks but we decided to release them anyway because we liked the way they sounded.

the girl on the front cover is actually monica, our friend who runs a cat shelter and her boyfriend max was our first guitarplayer before jan joined us.

the vinyl of this e.p. is long gone now and
we wanted to maybe remix these songs but we’ve lost all the og tracks.
anyway, maybe one day we’ll repress or re-record because we still really enjoy playing dizzy and sway live.

thanks to everyone who was there and stuck with us from the very start 💜
peace ✌️

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One time we played la at 1a and somehow you all stayed up to pack the place and we are so very grateful for all of you champions. 🥀 // @nxtvre
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trying to buy my friends [ep] available on spotify/itunes/amazon/etc⠀

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