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Just wanted to let you know that i find you very palm-ising💛😂 and that @pupstylestore is doing a huge birthday giveaway on their page! everyone go wish them a happy first birthday🎉

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A fun-filled weekend of overeating and annoying my shihtzu cousins suki and stanley. i barked at stan on the regular to assert my dominant status 🙌🏻 #bossdog #divadave #shihtzu #shihtzuparty shihpoo #crazypuppy #instadog #puppygram #dogsofinstagram #shihpoooftheday #cute #puppy #lifelover

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Looking at some ants🐶

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Sleeping cutie. 😪💤😴

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one small positive thought
in the morning
can change your whole day 🙌🏻
happy new week friends ☺️
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The sun's out and not only do i get to stretch my legs, but also show off my cuteness on this friday. 🐶

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🌟dream team🌟 i loved my first trip to the beach! i got to dig in the sand and mummy didn’t tell me off, i got to run in the sand dunes and then up and down hills in the woodlands and i even got a bit of daddy’s fish and chips 🙌

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The doctor found multiple spots of “severe” damage on my liver, so i’m going to be looked at by a soft-tissue specialist on tuesday to make sure the biopsy is done by the absolute best doggy doc as possible. they also found a potentially malignant mass in my spleen, so i’m going to get my entire spleen removed to be on the safe side. please say your puppy prayers for me! 🙏🏼 on a lighter note, how good does my hair cut look? 😍#dapperdog #lookgoodfeelgood

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