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Tulum mexico tip: did you know that tulum has beachside mayan ruins? the 13th century tulum ruins are the most visited archeological site in mexico after teotihuacan and chichen itza! you don’t need an organized tour to see the ruins if you’re staying in tulum. grab a taxi, pay the approximately $3.50 usd admission fee and explore!

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Summer is coming... and italy 🇮🇹 is calling 🥰
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Stunning view from nusa penida island✨
tag someone you'd go here with.👇
📷 @josemostajo 🐺

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Looking at this view and walking along the pier i 120% felt like i could live in this city. the weather was incredible, they had so many vege and vegan treats at the markets and the ocean was crystal clear. need i say more!? this is definitely an iconic little spot for sydney. is there anywhere you’ve travelled to and felt like you could live there!? let me know 🌞 .
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After i took this photo at and was sitting on the beach watching the sunset, a little old lady positioned herself gingerly in the tree, and her husband proceeded to pull out a little point & shoot so small he had to squint to take her photo and it was the cutest thing i have ever seen. only kind of “influencing” i truly aspire to 😂😍
let’s discuss 🍵! what do you think of the word influencer? rants approved. 🍿

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🌸☀️sweet sunsets☀️🌸• i’d say one of the best feelings in the world is to soak in warm, toasty water on a cold, snowy day 😌 but there’s only one other way to top that and it’s to enjoy it with the one you love 🦁💕
📍location: hrunalaug hot spring 😌🔥
i found out about this little gem while i was researching on interesting local spots in iceland! this hot spring can be found on the main golden circle route and makes for a super fun and relaxing pit stop to end a long, tiring day. highly recommend coming here and trying it out, the whole group of us felt like it was one of the highlights of our trip ✨ .
(i realised there’s been a lot of interest in the place and this post wasn’t very informative. i’ll include more detailed info in my next post! xx)

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April showers bring may flowers 💦🌷😊 you can't really tell (especially since i edited the sky to reflect my mood) but
1) it's pouring rain here, 2) my shoes are completely soaked, and 3) my @herschelsupply rain jacket is entirely waterproof 🙌
both the jacket and weekender bag are #herschelsupply 💕 #welltravelled #ad

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Never look back, unless it’s for a pic 📸

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