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Happy birthday to my sweet girl!! the big 12 today!! you are amazing and i am so very proud of everything you have accomplished!! #twelve #sheisalmostastallasme #happybirthday

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How is this little girl getting so big? #sheisalmostastallasme #loveher

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This sweet girl turns 9 tomorrow!! how in the world did i blink and now have a 9 year old! 😩❤️ #nineyearsold #timeslowdown #lastdayasaneightyearold #sheisalmostastallasme 😐#iamnotcrying #playgroundpark #kidsmania

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I can’t believe you’re 11 already! 😩happy birthday to my beautiful niece josie-lee, love you so much 💞

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I was able to spend some time with my big girl this weekend. i love my jayonah even though she works my nerves. she is getting so big. #sheisalmostastallasme #shewillalwaysbemybaby

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Our girl is officially a teenager today! oh my goodness, where’s our little girl? she may test us daily and is the hardest girl to get up in the mornings...but she gives the best hugs, loves fiercely, and works hard to do better each and every day. we love you hailey!#thirteenyears #wherehastimegone #sheisalmostastallasme

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Happy 11th birthday to my first born baby!

i never knew how much i could love, persevere, or be consistent until you! i would stare at you in wonder. god trusted me to care for you. you were perfect in every way-and still are because you’re you!
i remember thinking, it’s me & you girl, forever. i recall the comfort felt in knowing your daddy & i were in this together, to be the best we can for you.
i’ve never felt a calling like motherhood. i never know joy like this before. your birth also strengthens my calling as a wife. i needed your daddy to be the best parent i could be. at the same time, i was driven to be his biggest cheerleader-i knew he’d be the best dad. we’ve grown closer as we stumble and succeed through parenthood.
lilyana paige, i’m my best me because i’ve been blessed as your mama!
#unbreakablebondsincebirth #shewillmovemountains #sheisquirkybutamazing #sheisalmostastallasme #beautybeyondcompare #waitingforherlettertohogwarts #9and3quarters #thiswaytotheministryofmagic

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Happy 13th birthday to my mariah! i took her and some of her friends to the mall...😅new experience, good times! i love who she is becoming and the confidence that she has in all aspects of life. i can’t wait to see what god has planned for her! love you baby girl! ❤️ #bdaygirl #loveee #sheisalmostastallasme #weshareshoes #teenageyearsbegin

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Our beautiful bella had her 5th grade farewell yesterday evening. she has and is growing up so fast and is becoming an even more sweet, kind, and compassionate young lady every day. she has so many great things in store for her in the future, but time needs to slow down!! #babybella #notsuchababyanymore #butshewillalwaysbemybaby #5thgradefarewell #nene #bellaboo #sheisalmostastallasme 😭😭😭

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So excited to see what the future has in store for you. i promise to be with you every step of the way and to be the best big uncle ever!! #sheisalmostastallasme 😭❤️

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So proud of this girl today was her dance recital she has been dancing since she was 4 hard to believe! she did amazing as always! i love my girl! #emilyrose #dancer #dancemom #sheisalmostastallasme #proudmother

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With my mini me #twining #sheisalmostastallasme #sheissobignow😩 #imgettingold #astrosfans⚾ #lovemylillady💋❤️💞

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